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    Should is send my child to CBSE school or Cambridge school.( LKG)

    Which school to be preferred CBSE or a Cambridge for joining in LKG? May look funny but parents need to search for a proper foundation at initial stage itself. Check this page to learn from our ISC page to know from our experienced members.

    I am very much confused. I want to give my child the best I can. As luckily he got his name selected in both Cambridge school as well as a CBSE school. Now I have to make a choose.What should I do? Should I send my child to CBSE school or Cambridge school ?
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  • CBSE and Cambridge schools are having different types of teaching environment and teaching aids and toys used by the teachers in teaching the kids. At this early age these differences may not matter much because kid has to anyway learn the basic alphabets and numbers only which is not a big deal.

    Ultimately the kid after growing up has to join some CBSE school or ISB school which are available everywhere so I will advise for CBSE school.

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  • Though it is only a beginning in school education, that is LKG, but the approach and curriculum and teaching methods are different in CBSE and Cambridge schools.

    The CBSE syllabus is more inclined to national culture, history and mannerism and the standard visual techniques of learning. One positive aspect is wherever the parents go in the country these schools will be available. So for those who are under frequent transfers, it is the ideal choice.

    On the other hand Cambridge schools are oriented towards English language and technical subjects and in longer run the students who complete their education from these colleges can get admission even in outside countries where these are well recognised. Cambridge schools are having advanced curriculum and variety of subjects from which a student can choose a combination.

    At LKG level the difference may not be substantial but as the kids get into higher grades the differences are significant.

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  • This particular question will get different answers. This is totally up to the guardians of the child/children. However, this much can be stated that if the parents/guardians want their children to appear in various competitive examinations in India, they should send the children to CBSE schools, because the questions of the competitive examinations follow the CBSE syllabus.

    On the other hand, if the guardians want their children to settle in the UK or or any other commonwealth country in future, they should send their children to Cambridge school.

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