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    Looking for a Course in Direct & Indirect Tax

    Interested to know the various courses in Taxation? Have a look at this ISC page to learn more about it from our experts.

    I am a Commerce Graduate used to work abroad but now in Mumbai. At present I am working with a Tax Consultant but I need thorough training in Direct and Indirect Tax.

    So please advice what should be done, which Institute or course should I undertake.
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  • The area of Direct Tax (like - Income Tax) and Indirect Tax (like - GST) is very huge and there are many branches and specialisations in it. For a commerce graduate having experience, there is immense scope here.

    Now the first question which comes in the mind is whether you want to do a course for enhancing your knowledge and skills in this area as a regular course or side by side of your job by opting for a correspondence mode or online mode etc. These aspects are to be seen and you can there after decide to select the course type and the college or university from where it is to be done.

    There are many courses which are generally pursued by the students in this line and some of them are -

    1. Certified Accountant and Tax Consultant course - This is usually a 3 - 6 months course and students are trained in accounts finalization, online return filing and rectification of the returns. The break up of the training consists of Tally ERP Inventory Management, Salary Computation, Capital Gains, Losses Set off and Carry forwards, TDS and e-filing of taxes.

    2. Certified GST Consultant course - It is more and less as the above one but here the emphasis is more on GST management. The durations is generally 2 - 3 months.

    3. e-Commerce and marketing courses - This type of courses are advisable for those persons who have a knack for working in online sellers environment. This is emerging as a big area now. These courses are generally for 3 - 6 month durations.

    4. Diploma in Taxation - This is a comprehensive course generally 1 year duration. It covers everything related to taxation including legalities.

    Many colleges, institutes are now offering these courses and you have to find out in your area or any other convenient place which suits to you in this respect.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Your working experience of abroad doing the job of similar nature should prove as your valuable asset and a matchin qualification would open up your growth of your career. You may persue the following courses for your benifits.
    1) GST consultant course the duration of which is around three months will provide you all the basic inputs related to filing of income - tax, computation of GST and it's efficient recovery.
    2) Diploma in taxation - The courses of studies will update your skill in relation to taxation structure including ERP management. The duration of the course is one year.
    3) Aquisition of the course of CA - Though this course is somewhat difficult and demands your total involvement, this will provide a better prospects in terms of your future growth. You can take help of a renowned institution providing coaching in this field.

  • Can you please suggest a good Institute or University for Diploma in Taxation

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