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    Guidance in B Com after 2 year break

    Don't know what to do after completion of B Com course and there by a break? No worries, our ISC experts would guide you what to do and check this page to know more about it.

    I have done B.Com 2 years ago and currently I am doing nothing. I am confused and need help.
    I am planning to prepare for SSC and other exams.Firstly I want a job along with above exam preparation so which job should I pursue?Secondly should I do other course like CA, ICWA considering the 2 years gap period where I have literally done nothing and will I be successful?

    Thirdly should I do ITI and is it useful and if it is what is the best field to pursue?

    4.I don't want to do b.ed so is there any other useful advice and I am good at study so please could
    I receive some other valuable advice.

    5. also how I can get jobs in department like Employment office,CDO office etc.
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  • It is a big question that what you have done in the past 2 years. It's a natural thing to get confused among several options available to choose. But at the same time, you have to do market research at your level and you have taken a step to do that. As you very much doubt about your success you will be going to choose. I would like to suggest to have a SWOT analysis. SWOT(Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis will help you to know your strength, weakness, present job market opportunity according to your skill set and weakness. You will have a clear idea about your threats t get success in the chosen field. I strongly recommended the SWOT analysis. SSC exam is the recruitment body of central government to choose a candidate. Go with previous years notification to have a clear idea. If you want to have higher education and build skill set you may have opted for the courses like ICWA or CA which you can do while doing a part-time job. But I would not suggest the same to go with, as you have wasted the 2 years doing nothing. ITI is the option to add a technical qualification in you. If you have time to pursue the ITI go for it. Look any course is good if you deal with it positively. Your question represented the confused state of mind and you have bombarded with the many options which form a distorted picture. You first go with SWOT analysis with pen and paper, Analyse yourself thoroughly you will have a better I idea. Talk to friends and family who know you better.

    Well done is better than well said

  • You have not indicated from where you have done the two years Bcom course. As such you are eligible to do the ICWAI course.

    Please do remember, this fabulous course is as good as the ACA course. Put your heart and soul into it and once you pass the ICWAI inter level, you would be able to get a good job for not less than 3.2 lakh salary. You can then slog for another two years and complete the ICWAI course.

    Please do note that you do not have any alternative. Of course, the ACS course is also good. But without a professional course degree, you will be a big zero in the job market. Please do remember this simple lesson.

    Eighteen hours per day is the norm. You cannot relax. You could try some basic accounting job, with minimum salary. However, doing the ICWAI course full time is the best option.With five years of experience you should land in Mumbai, work in a multi unit multi product organization in their Corporate Office and gather vital experience. If you have work experience in a mutual fund, you can also become a good professional. However, only Mumbai offers you maximum scope. Don't be dazed by the accommodation threat. This is a lame excuse. Learn to travel two hundred j
    Kilometres every day. That kind of hard work is so essential for your success.

    All the very best.

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