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    What is the natural remedy for dry skin in winter?

    Interested to know about the natural remedies for a dry skin in winter. have a look at this ISC page to know more details about this.

    Winter season usually starts by the month of November and dry skin is the major problem in dry weather. So many moisturizing and cold creams are available in the market, but they are little costly. I am using coconut oil, is is working nicely. What are the other natural remedies for dry skin in winter?
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  • Yes, there is a problem with the dry skin in winters and it should be taken care of. Here are few home remedies for the same:

    ~ Coconut oil is perfect for dry skin in winters. It not only moisturises our skin but is also antibacterial and antifungal and protects our skin from any infection.
    ~ Aloe Vera is boon for the skin. One may apply the gel on the skin and leave it overnight and wash off in the morning. This will give a glow to the skin.
    ~ Honey is helpful in making skin smooth and glowing. It can directly be applied on the skin. It moisturises, heals the skin. It is also anti-inflammatory and is very useful for the skin.
    ~ Petroleum jelly is made for this purpose only and is not very costly. One may apply it in the night before going to bed and no need to wash it in the morning as our skin will soak it automatically.
    ~ Drinking milk is also helpful and reduces the problem of skin dryness.
    ~Sun flower seed oil is also only of the thing which is very helpful for skin.

    So one may use any of the methods which can be applied directly on the skin.


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  • Kindly apply pure coconut oil on your hands and feet once during the morning and during the night as well. Also use of fresh rose leaves made into a paste and applied to the face once a week is a proven remedy. Similarly, you can also try applying a little curd to your face and washing it off after fifteen minutes.

    Do not throw away the orange skin after you eat it. Dry it in the sun, powder it thoroughly and then mix with a little bit of fresh lemon juice. This paste is also supposed to work very well, according to experts. You may try this too.

  • Coconut oil is a common remedy for dryness of skin in the winter season. It is very effective also. There are many other options for keeping the skin moist. Some of them are as follows -

    1. Take fresh milk cream, gram flour and turmeric powder in 8 : 16 : 1 proportion by volume. Mix well and apply on skin. Wash after 20 minutes. It keeps the skin moist for quite some time.

    2. One of the cheaper option is to use ordinary vasline and apply it lightly on the skin. It is a bit sticky but serves the purpose.

    3. Another good one is take glycerine, rose water and fresh lemon juice in 2 : 2 : 1 proportion by volume and mix well and keep in a bottle. Apply this to the skin. Simply glycerine is also a skin moisturiser.

    4. Cleaning the skin with lemon juice and then keeping flat cucumber pieces for sometime makes the skin moist.

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  • There are many cheaper natural remedies for getting the moisture in the skin in winters. Some of them are already covered above.

    Papaya, especially the fully ripe one, is a very good remedy. The meshed pulp of the papaya is to be put for half an hour and then to be washed with lukewarm water. Another is ripened banana which is to be meshed and put almost the same way as papaya.

    In villages, people simply apply a little bit of sesame oil or coconut oil or even mustard oil to treat the dry skin condition. Mustard oil may give some smell so sesame or coconut oil may be a better choice.

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  • Avoid exposure to cold atmosphere and wind. Cover skin with proper clothes.
    Avoid frequent washing of exposed parts like hands.When doing so, mild warm water.
    Use some oil coverage protection to the skin especially the portions prone to more exposure to air and atmosphere.
    Use skin friendly oils like coconut oil and rub them as mild film over the skin.
    Do not use abrasive action for scratching when itching.
    Use comfortably snug and fit clothes that does not make marks or lie loose.While not exposing the skin, also allow the skin to 'breathe' also.
    Use locally popular, traditionally time tested oils in preparing foods suitable for the season.

    In sensitive and soft areas like area around eyes use unadulterated milk cream when convenient, and wash off with mild warm water after some time.
    If you feel oil is inconvenient or uncomfortable staining, then during those situations use the moisturiser with minimum chemicals. Avoid using soap frequently. Use saps which have more TFM and less soda. Use soaps which are PH neutral if available easily.

  • Natural remedy for dry skin and its answers been given by many. I would like to add few more on this though few of those details might be already available.

    Coconut oil tips and detail is given by some. I would suggest you to drink plenty of water and fruit juices this time which many misses during winter that creates little issue if not during winter then upcoming summer.

    Drinking plenty of water or fruit juices during winter may let you go for loo often but however your health including skin will be alright in the winter. There will be no health issue even in upcoming summer too.

    The next one is, Vaseline is the cheap and best for skin treatment though there are many skin cream available around. Sometime some skin cream gives allergy to some, so, Vaseline is the most suitable and safe for all after coconut oil's external application.

  • I hope this helps to maintain skin.

    Things to avoid :
    * Avoid being in air conditioned place.
    * Avoid soaps or face wash.
    * Avoid chemical products like lotions to keep moisture in skin.
    * Avoid makeup products that affects skin permanently.

    Things that helps :
    * Adequate water content is required.
    * Use natural bath powders (eg. mixture of rice powder, gram powder, green moong dal powder, etc,.).
    * Go for NATURAL coconut oil, Almond oil, Olive oil and Aleo vera gel.
    * Kasturi turmeric helps skin problems and provides natural glow.

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