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    What is the price of flats in DLF Riverside Kochi?

    Are you looking for the price of the luxury apartments in DLF Riverside Cochin? Check out this thread to know more about the price details for buying a premium apartment in DLF Riverside, Kochi.

    I am looking for buying an apartment in DLF Riverside project in Cochin for one of my relative living in Dubai. They are coming in January and wanted me to find out the price of 4 bed room flat in DLF Riverside project at Vyttila, Cochin. But I could not find their price details on their website or any other places on the internet.

    Anybody know what is the starting price at DLF Riverside apartment project in Kochi?
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  • I am not from Cochin. But after seeing the question I searched for the information asked for and found some information about the price of DLF Riverside apartments in Kochi. The following is the information I got.

    1. DLF riverside Kochi is having 2BHK,3BHK and 4BHK apartments.
    2. The prices are between 1.92 to 2.98 crores.
    3. Sizes of apartments range between 2144 and 5177 sq ft.
    4. The project consists of a total of 176 units.

    Please check whether the information is useful to you.

    always confident

  • As per the information available in the internet, DLF Riverside Kochi is offering 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments in this project to its buyers. The approximate prices of apartments in DLF Riverside project are stated to be in the range of Rs 1.92 to 2.98 crore on an average.

    There are total of 176 flats in this project and their sizes range between 2144 and 5177 sq ft. The project is at a convenient place and can be accessed from the National Highway along with several prominent destinations in the city.

    The project is also located near the Kinfra Park, Info Park, Kakkanad Smart City and the Cochin Export Zone.

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  • The price of a premium 5-bedroom apartment in DLF Riverside Kochi is about Rs 4,75,00,000 (4.75 crores). You can call +91 99955 21810 for more details regarding DLF Riverside apartment, price and buying options.

    The project is in a very premium location in Kochi. If you are looking for an awesome premium luxury apartment in Kochi and want all the comforts in a quiet area, then the waterfront apartments at DLF Riverside is an excellent choice. Of course, the price is very high in DLF Riverside but they justify it because this is not meant to be a budget property. It is probably one of the most luxurious properties in Kerala. And the high price of DLF Riverside apartments is justified by the premium amenities available, the brand value and the location.

    DLF Riverside Kochi is a super luxury project in the heart of Kerala. If you look at the price of DLF Riverside, it is pretty high just because of the luxurious nature of the project.

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  • The riverside flats of Kochi ranging from 2 bedroom apartment to 5 bedroom apartment is quietly costly and is not meant for all keeping in view of its prices. The five-bed room apartment is as high as five crores whereas the prices of 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK are within the range of two to three crores.

    The prices are beyond the reach of common man due to its existence in a prime location where every modern facilities have been provided for a comfortable life of the occupants.
    The adjacent areas provide natural scenarios like numerous lively parks making the life quite enjoyable.

  • Sir, it is not clear if your relative would consider alternatives. Instead of investing such a huge amount on a flat at Kochi, if your relative can consider an alternative, on the way to Palghat on the main road, just after a superb place called Ettimadai which is 17 kilometres from the heart of Coimbatore City, your relative can as well buy a huge independent house. Remember, Cochin is just around 4 hrs n thirty minutes by car or by super fast trains from Coimbatore, which is as good, if not better city than Cochin. The airport is being expanded. Within say, eight years, there could be several International connections. As such, it is already connected to Dubai through direct flights.

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