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    Family responsibility and career

    Interested in achieving your dream of getting into the private sector? Torn between this dream and financial responsibility at home? Resolve your worries and achieve your dream by going through the advice provided by our ISC experts here.

    I am 23 years old. I live with my parents. My father is a daily wages labour. Basically I belong to a very poor family. I have completed my graduation in 2015. I wish to start my career in public sector for which I had been preparing. unfortunately, owing to poor condition of my family I had to give up as I am the only son of my parents and there is no earning person in my family.
    My father is not able to manage his work now. He is more than 55 years now. As of now, I have started working in private sector and currently I have been working in a private firm.
    However, my heart doesn't let me go away from my career dream that I have been dreaming. I have my desire to go again with it. I always get stranded in this.
    If I start preparing for government competitive examination. I had to pay much time for its preparation as without preparation nothing can be achieved in this regard. Then again the poor condition of my family does not let me to be focused on my preparation work. There is no one to support me and my family. This is rather a tough situation for me. I am unable to take a call as what I should go with, responsibility of my family or career dream.
    Can you guide me?
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  • You are presently working in a private organisation. You are a graduate. You want to work in a government organisation.
    What I suggest is while working in a private company, try to improve your qualification by private study, night college study or online study, based on your interest and the money involved. You have not mentioned your field of study and work. So I am not able to suggest you a specific course. Once you get a masters degree, you can try for lecturer post in government colleges and universities.
    Even jobs in private organisations are also good and they will also pay good pay. Only thing is you have to prove your capability and you have to work hard. So if you concentrate on that line you will get jobs in good companies and you will have good promotion prospectus also there.
    Your hard work and commitment are required for both the option. Take a decision and strive in the line selected. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • It is not your story but million of students and working people face this dilemma. If you are not married then you can think of spending time in competitive examinations. Join coaching and speed up your studies. Don't give up easily as later on you will feel guilty. Right now whenever you get time just focus on studies what you wish to become and attempt each time. More you attempt more you will be comfortable. Best is save more and look for job which gives more time for study and atleast give earning to feed your family. Future would be great for current suffering. All the best.

    Life Is Beautiful

  • Making a career is the biggest challenge of the day and for a person from the poor family it is a much more difficult task. I understand your plight but please remember that human capacities and capabilities have no limits. There are innumerable examples in the history where poor people rose to startling heights and cadre in their life. You can only compensate your financial condition with hard work and determination.

    You have to work by day and prepare for your competitive exams in the remaining time. It has to be managed that way as there is no other go. Public sectors have their own exams and for that one has to prepare thoroughly for answering the questions regarding English, Logical reasoning, GK and Aptitude test. You will have to get some books or as internet data in mobile phone has become quite cheaper you can get the model papers or question papers from various free sites including this site (ISC) where you have asked this query.

    Are you aware that there are many rich people and some non Govt organisations in our country who as a measure of philanthropy help the poor but prospective students to get their goals and ambitions in life. Why do you not explore that possibility in your area and if you show them your academic credentials and acquaint them with your poor condition, one of them may come out to help you seeing your sincerity of the purpose. Please note that you have to convince them about your seriousness of the purpose and not that you are asking money as charity from them.

    I am not advising this to you for the sake of encouragement and motivation but to get you realised that with hard work, determination and persistent efforts anything is possible in life and if you believe in it you can seriously start working in that direction.

    My grandfather died in an early age and my father was the eldest son having two brothers and two sisters to look after and there was no source of income for the family except 3 months requirement of grains from a small piece of land. My grandfather had no money with him. He was somehow managing with petty religious jobs here and there. It is a long story that how my father completed his class 10 with the help of a nice Samaritan in the area and got a job, got his two brothers educated, looked after his old mother, got married his two sisters, got married himself, built his own house in the nearby city and things like that. It took him about 30 years from completing his class 10 to building a house in the city. It was a continuous journey of struggle and hard work. He died at the age of 95 in the year 2017 (last year).

    So there is no substitute for hard work and if there is a will there is a way. Come on, you can do it

    Knowledge is power.

  • It gives a great pleasure that you have passed out graduation despite of many odds in the family. What I need to stress upon you that you should be firm determined with your planning and should move accordingly. I have enlisted some of points for your benifits and should be looked into for your growth in your career.
    1) You need not be over sentimental with the condition of your father, once you achieve a stable career in executive grade in any established sector, family - worries would subside.
    2) you need to select the field where you want to move in the Government - jobs such as Probationary - officers job in Banking, Executive cadre in LIC or for the Management - trainee job in a public - undertaking.
    3) Once you make up your mind for a particular job, you need to prepare the same thoroughly by clearing the written and oral examination of the post. For better preparation, take the help of the professional institute. The institute can provide you numerous tips to solve the questions set in the examination in short cut method thus enabling you to solve the questions correctly.
    4) Focus on enhancement on your English - speaking and be acquianted with the current news and the efforts made in this direction will help you to achieve your mission.
    5) Plan your endeavour in such a way so that there is no dislocation in carrying out present assignment.

  • As the eldest son, in a family with difficult financial situation, and almost placed in similar situation(some four and half decade ago) I can very well understand your predicament. (In fact I had to face the similar situation of taking a choice just when I was twenty). It is definitely a big battle going on inside your mind. A battle between utmost ground reality and a young man's dreams. As a youth in twenties naturally you do not have the season and experience to take an unattached decision. That is why you have asked the question.

    First let me appreciate you for the practical and relevant decision taken by you in joining the first job you got and to support the physically weak father and take a reasonable responsible role in helping the family.
    As of now you have done the right thing expected of you.

    But that doesn't mean that you have to shed and sacrifice your youth dreams- that of a career in public sector . You can earmark a certain slot of time everyday for the preparation for tests. If you are sincere and hard working and focused on your goals, you can definitely achieve positive results. In fact, having a job in hand will give you more confidence . You have still a few more years to reach the maximum age of eligibility to join a public sector career.

    A lot of people have achieved great heights coming from much more difficult circumstances than you. For the present, work sincerely and with dedication in the current job. Probably there may also be scope for a better and bright career. Simultaneously you can allot some time regularly for preparation for career changing. Some elder and experienced colleagues in your workplace also can help you in this.

    Even right now there are some opening s in banks and government services announced in newspaper and employment portals. You may peruse them and that can lead you to some good opportunity.

    Don't worry now. You are on right path now. A little more time will give you more light and clarity . Best wishes.

  • Since you have not indicated your basic specialization in graduation, I presume it would be either some Arts degree or Science degree. Please do not worry. While your condition is similar to millions who are in a similar situation, there is still huge hope for you to go ahead, without any huge investment.

    Please do join with a good friend and start a small catering business from home. You just need a good cook. All vegetarian dishes do have big scope and a good market. This will help you to earn some money and this will help you in meeting essential expenses. Simultaneously, please go over to the nearest centre of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India and straightaway register for the ICWAI course. The fees is very reasonable.

    Once you pass the inter level course, you will be eligible to get a very good job. In the meanwhile, please do note that to pass every set of three papers, you need at least fifty percent pass in each subject. So, you need to work very hard. Please keep only the end in mind. Do not bother about your present financial condition. Once you are able to pass the inter examination you will get a very good job with high salary. All the very best.

  • As per your poor financial condition, you have to continue your private job as you can not afford to leave it for preparing for any competitive exams.

    Whatever efforts and preparation you want to do can be done in the after hours of your job only.

    You can think of joining evening classes to increase your knowledge by undertaking certificate courses in the area of your interest and aptitude and with that acquisition try to shift to other better jobs.

    Public sector jobs are the most coveted ones and there is a big rush for them. You have to work very hard to compete there. It is true that with determination and continuous endeavours you can fulfill that objetive.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • I am very pleased to get this overwhelming support and the ideas that I have been suggested. indeed I would be firmly determined and dedicated towards my job and duty and above all my family responsibility. I would do all my best to elevate myself in this journey of life. With all your overwhelming support, I am now very confident. I convey my sincere gratitude to all of you who have shown me the right path and supported me at this miserable moment.

  • This is not only you but everyone face this problem. These days private jobs are also good. You didn't mention from which stream you completed your graduation. If you have done if from science then you have many options open for you.

    It's better if you go for B.Ed course and try to get a teaching job (government or private) as that will help you. As far as teaching jobs are concerned one has to devote less time and get many holidays so you can prepare for the exams well. I know it's hard but you can't still continue your studies while working in a private firm as people do that.

    I understand that it tough but that's the way you can take responsibility for your family and make your career.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

  • Dear Mr. Bharat Kumar das, your problem as detailed above is almost a problem faced by a good majority of youths in our country. As an answer, in a nutshell, is work hard. The choice is yours.
    You have mentioned that you are a graduate, but did not mention which subject you specialized. What about your village/ town where you are residing. Are there many lower middle class families? If so there will be school going children, who need some help in their subjects of study. Why don't you help them, in the way of giving a tuition ? It will help you to earn a small income. Also you can find time to prepare privately for a PG programme. Within two or three years you will become a Post Graduate, which will be a stepping stone to other job avenues. Until you get a job you can expand your tuition by incorporating plus- two students also. Naturally it will help earning more.
    If only more details are made available, Perhaps, more clear route can be suggested.


  • You need to create a balance, so you do not end up being bitter about your circumstances. It is not really difficult, given that you are well aware of the facts, as they are.

    Look at the positives –
    1. You know exactly what you want from life
    2. You are not shirking responsibilities (you are a good son)
    3. You aren't unemployed
    4. You have age by your side
    5. You have basic education

    You remain disillusioned, despite all this.

    It is a good thing to have dreams; it is a positive attribute. Half your battle is won, when you have plans, for the way you want your life to progress. You know you want a Government job, but fear how to go about it. You know your destination, you just have to chalk out the route to get there.

    Not everyone goes through coaching centres. If you have the focus and the inclination to achieve something, you can do it on your own steam. A strong resolve gives you that added push, to rise against the odds.

    Continue with your job, focus on your dreams and set aside the monetary condition of your family. At present, you are doing everything in your ability to help your family. Once you shut negative thoughts out of your mind, you'll be able to better focus on your goals.

    Dedicate a few hours each day, to prepare for competitive exams. Study material and mock tests are available, for free, on online platforms, such as this - Make the best of them. Join online study groups where group discussions can be of help, to you.

    Others can only motivate you, the struggle remains your own. My advice to you would be to find a way to realise your dream. Yes, that would mean, tiring and trying times. But you've got to do, what you've got to do. You have come so far, despite, your humble background. That shows your dedication and drive. Don't give up on your dreams and don't give up on your potential. Push yourself. Life isn't always easy. Create your destiny, it is in your hands.

    Good luck!

  • Let us come directly to the solutions. I would try here to help you in planning according to the commitments you have, and then squeeze out some time to pursue your dream career.

    You have to first dedicate some time to think in a constructive manner.
    The main challenge for you is Time Management.

    Let me help you with that as well.

    To start with, you need to de-clutter your mind. This way you won't feel unnecessarily guilty of being selfish. All you have to focus upon is time management and make up your mind to take the hardship and face the challenges with a brave and determined heart.

    That will come when you will realize that by pursuing your dream career, you would not only satisfy yourself but will elevate your family status to a large extent.
    That doesn't mean you have to leave your current job and start preparing. You can do BOTH at the same time.

    Utilize the time you get, make a routine, study whenever you are travelling, at night, in holidays and whenever you get an opportunity. The task is yours.

    Study doesn't necessarily mean dedicated hours. Study means an understanding of things and memorizing them. For these preparatory days, you need to sacrifice your free time a bit and concentrate on studies, if you are really keen.

    Today, the internet gives you access to knowledge at your fingertips. you don't need to visit libraries and invest hours to get access to the study materials. Make use of this to the fullest.

    If you succeed, you know what you will gain, if you don't, try again.

  • It is very nice to hear that despite having a poor background, you completed your graduation. And now you are doing the job in a private company. If you have dreamed of doing a job in govt sector then you must try for that. Human being has unlimited capacity. History has been evident where many poor people made world history. Even today, there are a number of youth in our country achieving great height despite many difficulties. So, you should make a balance between house responsibility and career. It is true that getting a govt job is not an easy task. For that, you need to study thoroughly and will have to dedicate yourself. After doing the job, you should prepare for the exam in the remaining time. I think financial issues would not come on the way of preparing exam as there is a lot of study material available on the internet for every field.
    Always keep in mind Swami Vivekananda saying" Awake , arise and not stop till Goal is achieved".

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