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    Asking about a email I got and it is right or not

    Are you worried about a spam mail? wondering whether it is right to get few crores of rupees and a luxury car? go through this page and get advice from experts for all your queries.

    I got an email and it was written that your mobile have won 3 crore 36 lakh rupee and a Chevrolet cruse car at Chevrolet award UK.After some days I got an another email and it was written that " Our agent John martin is coming India to give your prize. On 5/12/2018 John called me by 9811413499 and told me to submit Full name,mobile number,address and a valid I.D proof. He also asked me to pay the custom clearance fee 18,500 Indian rupee in account number: 918010075372588 which is of Neraj kumar in axis bank New Delhi branch.
    Is it right?
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  • No. Never believe any such messages. They are all deceiving. They will ask your bank details and many other details. Never respond to such emails. Many emails and SMS messages will be sent to many people. They say you got a big amount as a prize and they ask you the details. Don't pay any money. Don't give any details. All fraud messages. Just ignore. If there are any attachments please don't open those attachments also.

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  • These are the perils of digital and online advancements where hackers and frauds are doing all sorts of mischiefs to cheat people.

    If possible do to open such messages and simply ignore them. These people are deceiving the gullible persons and making out some money in the process. Use your common sense to decode such fraudulent messages. They want to give you a huge amount but do not have Rs 18500 with them for custom clearance. It is also funny that he is bringing the award to your doors. Take utmost cautions with these messages.

    Last year someone called me telling that he was talking from a special branch of Reserve Bank of India and if I do not confirm my debit card details to them for verification they will simply block it as a safety measure. I told him to block it and hearing this, he disconnected the phone.

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  • Please do not fall into such traps. Simply delete such emails. Mark them as spam and then delete them.
    Responding to them or clicking on any links suggested by them can lead you to land in troubles . You may not only lose money , but may have further troubles. If there is some hacking also, then you may be indirectly helping to be a lead to make your other contacts also victims.

    Hence never bite on the baits such as the one narrated above. There may be many other variants for such frauds . Prevention by prudent caution is the best safety precaution for anyone. Sometimes your anti virus software can signal you about these frauds or nuisance as treating them as spam mails. Hence keep your antivirus updated. Install antivirus software with protection for internet and email facilities and keep them always updated.

  • It is called Spam. Just move this mail to spam folder. Usually mail of such kind gets automatically moved once you personally move them to spam once. So bottom line is , it is fake. There is nothing free in this world especially money. So be very careful and then believe in someone. Before making move search number and address on google and then decide.

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  • Such calls are fake calls. They will ask your bank account details and will make you bankrupt. Also, they asking you to pay 18.5k which they will receive but won't deliver you the things they promised. They are duping you so be careful and fall in the trap of such people. I have seen people being robbed by such companies.


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  • The best way to deal is to ignore such calls or tell the caller that you will go to the bank to enquire about any problems. Do not provide your bank details and your card information. Also avoid calling back international numbers. If someone close belongs to abroad then its ok but you should aware about international calls. They used internet softwares to call so that no one can track their location or number. No banker will ask to provide for any card or account related details. Banks mostly communicate with account holders via email or at max, might ask you to visit your branch.

  • Please stay away from such emails and calls. My suggestion is reporting them as spam.
    These are people who are trying their best to hack your personal financial details. Moreover, when they are asking money from you for no reason, simply don't fall, into such traps. Several cases has been registered where people have fallen into such traps and have lost thousands of money.
    One more thing to note, if they ask you to click on any link within such emails, never ever do that. They will hack all your details, including your internet and WiFi details, and then it won't be difficult for them to hack your bank accounts etc.
    If it has gone to the level of calls where they are asking you money, there is no doubt about the fraud, for which you should take immediate action against them. Please lodge a complaint to the police against such numbers, otherwise, your privacy is at risk.

  • Funny but true these type of mails & messages are very frequent nowadays.
    Types of mails & messages with a subject
    1. 100% free just click on the link.
    2. 50% money will be paid by company if you just click or share the above message.
    3. Win iPhone by clicking on this link.
    4. Win a Amazon coupon by clicking here.
    5. Get 100% discount on Flipkart items.
    6. You are lucky winner & won 1crore & Benz car.
    7. Just by paying 1000rs you will get access to free Amazon purchases.
    8. Win bumper price by clicking on the spin wheel.
    9. Need Cash? Exclusive Citibank Offer For You!
    10. 70% off on Full Body Checkup , Free Home Sample Collection.
    11. Sale: Grab Solar LED Home System @ the lowest price!! Buy Now!!
    12. Premium Homes at Just 29.99 Lacs in Chennai. Near SIRUSERI IT Park. Enquire Now

    We should not actually click/open such bullshit messages or links.
    Even if you try to find out from where the mail has come. The sender is unknown like it shows

    Spammers will try not make you fool by inserting a program & make sure you will not reply easily and don't allow you to know about them.
    That's why they insert unknown email addresses in the sender.

    Spammers know that we will try to know about them but they will divert us by inserting such a messages which attract us by saying you won 3crores & in from address they insert a known brand name.

    They say you just pay 5000 and your car will be delivered to you at your door step and says if you pay using internet banking or debit card there is instant 10% cash back. Soon after you click the link & try to pay the amount they will record the bank details.

    We actually have a option to report them by clicking on report option in Gmail, but they try to hide the details & make sure they don't easily found.

    You can complain to the spammer's Internet Service Provider (ISP), if they found they will loose the connection & they will charged for doing spam. That's the reason they will not provide correct sender details. For knowing such spammer details we have a softwares like SpamCop.

    Why they want to give you 3crores & car gift at a amount of 18,500 rs.
    If they are getting why can't the agent itself pay to company and take those bumper prizes.

    It's all bullshit messages, please ignore & report such mails and sms.

    Good day..!!

  • Its a scam and they will loot you. Why would someone gift you something for doing nothing? We need to work hard whole day physically and mentally to earn something for a living. If they already mentioned that your mobile has won a prize, then why did they ask you to share your mobile number again. They try to make money from you promising a grand prize which is never presented and we end up being looted and fooled.

    One of my known person landed up sharing all the details and paid INR 1 lakh to receive INR 3 crores and they could never get the amount back. They could not go for a case also as doing that was an additional expense for them. Who can help us if we pave way for others to loot us easily?

    We need to just ignore such emails and not share any information / We should report such spams and scams to Police Authorities immediately and should create awareness among our circles and help each other fight against such spammers.

  • Lucrative offers for getting huge prize money alert by SMS or in the email are not new things. Few marketing companies or individuals used to collect personal data for marketing purposes. However many of them are scammers also. They try to offer you lots of money in exchange for your personal details like phone, email, postal address, etc. Many people also fall into the trap and sometimes lose money also.

    When this type mails come, verify the source of this sender.Whether it is coming from any agency or individual email ID. If any individual is sending this type of message, treat as a spam mail and block their email ids so that in future they could not contact you.

    When you will get this type of email or SMS scammer are trying to know your personal details like name, postal address , bank account, etc. Sometimes they said please spend the processing charge to get the fund. Never fall into this type of trap, you will get not a single money and rather you will lose your money.

    Be careful about this type of messages and never share your personal details, because your personal details may be used to fraud your online banking and other online accounts also. If you are affected in this type of scam , report to the nearest police station.

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