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    Does a letter in a name of a document matter

    Is there a mistake of name in any certificate? Wondering if this will create a problem in campus placement or in document verification? Find responses from experts here for your query.

    I currently pursuing my BTech 4th year. I did an internship in my 3rd year and I have got a certificate but unfortunately a letter in my surname is missing.
    Can I keep the document while applying for campus interview?. Will there be any problem in document verification?
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  • At the time of registering for B.Tech. you must have given your correct surname and the college authorities must have this in their records. So first thing is please check with your college or university office about this. If there is a mistake like that then immediately give an application for rectification of mistake in their records by producing copies of your educational credentials and birth certificate or Aadhar card etc.

    This correction is very important as the certificates which are yet to be issued by the college to you after successful completion of your degree should bear the correct surname otherwise you will face difficulty at the time of document verification at a later stage in your career making attempts.

    If the mistake is only in the internship certificate then immediately request in written to your college office to correct it and issue a corrected certificate to you. Till that time, you can show, the present certificate along with your educational credentials and the application which you have given to the college for correction, to any such agency which is coming to your college for campus selections.

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  • It may not be a big problem as only one letter is missing from your surname. This certificate is also not for verifying your name or date of birth. It is only to say that you have done your internship. So it is not a serious issue.
    But when we have a certificate it is better to have the name correctly. You might have done your internship in a company and certificate might have been issued by them saying that you have done your internship with them. You please contact the concerned person from that organisation and request him for the correction of the same. You can show him a certificate in which your name is correctly printed and give him a copy of the same.
    If you obtained your certificate from your college or through your college, you have to apply in writing to the college placement officer and explain the mistake in the application. He will definitely arrange for the same and get you the correct certificate.
    You can start the process immediately and meanwhile if you want you can use the existing certificate as it is. There will not be any problem.

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  • As it is a certificate of internship, it may not create much problem.
    However you can get it corrected by contacting the concerned organisation.
    But please bear in mind that at least the prime three or four documents should be properly consistent and exactly same recordingyour name, parnts name etc. This consistency is needed in all your further matters.
    So if there are some inconsistencies in any major document like your birth certificate, SSC/Degree certificate, Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport etc, then please take steps to make them alright and ensure that all these documents bear your name and your parents name(the full expanded name) consistent and exactly same in all these documents.

  • If it is due to a typo mistake then you can get it corrected from your university office or Dean's office from where it is issued but if it is like that only, in the university basic records then it is a matter of concern as they will be issuing you an incorrect surname in your degree certificate also.

    As a precaution, I will suggest you to apply in written for this correction and as they may ask the correct reference of your surname, so please keep ready those documents with you or alternately attach a copy of same with your application.

    This way, you will be able to avoid any hassle of document verification later in your job pursuits.

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  • As the mistake has appeared in the internship - certificate and so it does not pose so much problem. There are two ways of tackling this issue - either you don't produce the same during the course of document - verification or get it corrected from the source from where the mistake has been originated.
    You need to approach the officials with other valid certificates under your possession for the ocular proof. Your PAN CARD, Class ten certificate etc would be sufficient for the officials to take them in confidence for the correction - purpose. This may take a couple of weeks but correction will be made in your favour.

  • Even a small gap between name will make problem. My name was written as rama chandran and they made me as female in my diploma certificate and later corrected on my request.
    Accordingly you immediately get the certificate/s corrected by approaching the respective authority in person. If correction is to be made by the institution situated far you can write them through registered post with acknowledgement due. Postponing will make further delay.

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