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    Online surveys and work from home

    Are you interested in earning money by working from home and filling online surveys? Want to know the genuine sites where you can earn through online survey? Scroll through this page for responses from our ISC experts.

    Though I have been active in ISC for around eight months now, except, where I used to write something ( not now), I do not know how someone gets my cell number or my email address, though I never share it with anyone.

    Every second day, some guy sends a mail, you can get paid for some work from home projects or taking some surveys. I really do not know anything about them, and these are still in my spam mail.

    What are really good online survey sites that really pay, and also carry good content? And what about these work from home guys? One organization seems to be headquartered at Erode, a big town near Coimbatore city, but they do not even have a contact number for guidance.

    Members who know something about these may please respond. Is it worth the time and do they really pay? In any case, I have miles to go even in ISC and am aware of this fact.

    How do these guys get the email address?
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  • It may look surprising but our email addresses are already available in public domain and anyone can get access to it. The process of capturing the email is an old story. Whenever people visit a fair or a fun place or a conference or amusement park etc then invariably in the name of registration or lucky draw or any such activity the email and mobile number is captured. So our email and mobile number is already captured at many places whether they are the reputed ones or not. From these data bases due to various reasons these email and mobile numbers leak out to the various agencies which require it for marketing purposes.

    In fact, some people are making money by illegally selling a bulk of these information online to the needy customers.

    Now coming to the working from home and online surveys, I have to tell that there was a time when they were very lucrative and paying also to the people completing their surveys. Today the internet is very much crowded by these online agencies which are inviting the people for surveys and promise to pay the member renumeration for it. The survey is generally used to assess the market for a new product and is a part of advertising campaign of a company. Today the rate of payment is also decreased and one should be careful to select the reputed company only after reading the comments of the user and ascertaining its reputation in internet articles and comparisons therein regarding them.

    One has to register in these sites and then login to start work. One interesting thing which I found about these online survey sites is that they will first ask all your data regarding your age, occupation, income range, family members and everything like that and then will give you only the select surveys which suit to your profile. Sometimes they will reconfirm your profile data and if you give a afferent data, you will be disqualified from surveying at once. So one should be very careful in this aspect.

    Many reputed sites pay anything ranging from $ 0.15 to 2.0 per completed survey and these surveys take about 15 minutes to 45 minutes to complete them. Most of these sites pay through Paypal account only after reaching a threshold of $10.

    Knowledge is power.

  • These days whatever we purchase starting from medical shops every shop is taking your mobile number and feeding the same in their system. They are sending SMS message regarding new products and other developments.
    In many places they want us to write feedback and where they want us to write our email address and cell number. Like this, in many places, we will be giving our mail address and phone numbers. So capturing our phone numbers and email addresses is not a difficult task these days.
    There are many sites where we can participate in online surveys and we will be paid for that. Many of these online surveys will give you points and you can redeem those points for purchases. They will not give you cash directly. There are some sites who will be paying cash also. But before starting on these sites you have to get convinced that they really pay you. Following are some of the sites where you will find online surveys.
    2. Toluna
    4.Panel Opinion
    5.Branded Surveys

    always confident

  • On line surveys are released by some established organisations and they want to see if the product pushed in the market will gain popularity or not. They would also like to know the people opinion regarding this product. Of course, they get an hefty amount for the publicity of the product and a meagre amount of it is being passed to the members engaged for the survey.
    Once you have been registered as one of members of such survey companies, they will send you surveys regularly. The surveys will take a minimum of 15 minutes where as the longer ones may take around an hour. The rewards are in terms of points. The accumulated points are redeemable if it reaches the threshold points. However even 1000 points redeemed will not yield an attractive sums. The surveys may suit to retired people or housewives intersted to pass their times with the surveys released from such surveys- companies.
    The prominent ones in such areas are as follows -
    1) Global Test Market
    2) View Fruits
    3) Toluna
    4) Survey Compare. etc.

  • These days it is normal that one can get easily your phone number or emails, or randomly they used to call / send emails. Most of them are already recorded as SPAM calls / emails.

    If you Google as "best paid online survey sites" then you will get a lot of websites, and it is not guaranteed that they will pay you as they said after certain steps.

    If someone gets free platform where slowly and reasonably can earn then never satisfies by anyone mostly. But when someone gives jackpot (fake) offer by collecting money from a person then assumes that it could be a genuine one and follows them., then later they suffer by wasting time, energy and investing money etc. on such offer. This cycle repeats often.

  • Generally the email applications will be secure and it is not easy to enter someone's email even for the professional hackers. At the same time our email addresses are not secure as we ourselves are giving it at many places either manually or through online sites. Similar thing is happening with our mobile number. It is available with many agencies.

    That is the reason why we are getting so many unsolicited messages and mail that our phone has become a junkyard.

    There are some apps where we can select for certain numbers to be ignored as incoming and we will not get the ring tone also when these numbers try to contact us.

    Regarding online surveys, what I know is that they are related to capturing a particular survey data from the public and use it for the business strategies.

    There are so many sites which offer surveys but we do not know their genuineness whether they will finally pay for the surveys or not.

    It is always a good idea to choose one after reading reviews and comments about them at a few places in internet.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • The trend of earning money from home by participating in online surveys is rising. even I have participated in a couple of them, but I got paid only once, that too after much persuasion.
    After that, whenever I tried to participate, I was not given access, saying I did not qualify for the survey, before even the survey has started.
    But I won't discourage you either.
    You can try your luck and keep participating whenever you get free time, as it doesn't cost you anything apart from time.

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