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    Name mistake of my father and mother in documents

    Is there a name mismatch in documents or certificates? Worried if it will create any problem in future? Resolve your worries by going through this page where our ISC experts shall provide you with advice.

    My father's and mother's name is wrongly written in all my documents and certificates as compared to that written by my father mother.
    Will I face some problems in my job or in future events for this type of name mistake?
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  • It is very strange to see that there is mistake of that type in so many documents. Probably you did not notice it earlier.

    Anyway what about their names in their respective Aadhaar card or PAN card or Voter card or driving license etc. I presume that their names are correct in those documents.

    Now there are two ways to address this problem. First is to contact your college and university or their offices and request them to issue the corrected certificates and mark sheets and issue them to you. It looks like a mammoth work to approach them for each and every educational credential you hold but it is the one of the normal course of action which is being taken by all the other people who also face such problems of name mismatch in their certificates/ mark sheets.

    The other alternative is to go for a legal affidavit. You will have to take help of a qualified lawyer in this regard to get a legal affidavit prepared by him in which the details regarding your personal data and the mistake in each and every certificate/ mark sheet is to be mentioned clearly and precisely. A copy of some reference document like Aadhaar card or PAN card of your parents will have to be enclosed with this affidavit. Once prepared, it is to be signed by you in presence of a first class magistrate who will also countersign it under his seal. You have to keep copies of this affidavit whenever you go for an interview or such thing where document verification is a part of the selection process.

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  • All the documents have the same mistake or different mistake in the different certificate?
    Is it a simple mistake or a big mistake?
    if these two points are known we can have a better understanding of your problem.
    However, any mistake in the documents is to be corrected.
    You can approach the problem in two ways.
    The first one is to contact the concerned authorities through the institute you have studied through written application forwarded by the school or college you have studied. You have to approach SSC board through your school. Then Intermediate board through your college and then the university through the college you have studied. The concerned institute will forward your application to the board or university. They will do the needful and send the corrected certificates back to the institutes and you can collect them. it is time taking process and takes a longer time.
    The second option is to go for an affidavit. For this, you have to contact a good known lawyer in your area and he will guide and see that you will get the affidavit done. This will be done quickly. You can carry the copy of this document when you go for the document verification along with your original certificates.

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