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    Surname spelling mistake issue in government job document verification

    Are you getting ready for document verification process? wondering what to do if there is a name mismatch? Our ISC experts shall provide you advice to resolve this issue here so that you can take corrective action and appear for the document verification process.

    I am soon appearing in document verification process in RSMSSB for IA post. The issue I found is there is a name mismatch in B.Tech marksheets and degree as compared to my school marksheets and all other documents.
    Changing all marksheets and degree is long procedure and document process is going to be start in few days.

    Please suggest me what to do and how. Its very urgent.
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  • There are two ways.
    1. Approach the University personally and contact the concerned person and tell him the urgency. They will definitely do the needful. You carry with you when you go there all your certificates and show them the problem. Apply in writing by attaching your SSC certificate and highlight the mistake. Take a Xerox copy of your application and get the acknowledgement. They will do the needful and give you the corrected certificates in maximum 10 days time. This is the best approach. If you have document verification before the certificate comes you can show the acknowledgement and take some time for producing the corrected certificates.
    2. The second method is to make an affidavit. This can be done very fast and you can contact a good lawyer in your area. He will guide you regarding the procedure to be adopted. Once this document is made, you can take this and show at the time of documents verification.

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  • There is a mistake in your name in your B.Tech mark sheet and certificate but other educational credentials like high school and Intermediate are all right.

    So the normal course of action in such matters is to get the certificate and mark sheet corrected from the university office by providing your other correct certificates etc as a reference for correction. Sometimes they may insist for the other reference documents like Aadhaar card or PAN card or Voter card or driving licence or birth certificate to corroborate and find out your correct name so in light of this you should be prepared with all such documents whenever they are asked by them.

    As you are apprehended that it will take time to get these corrections got from the university office and you can not wait for the same so long then the other alternative is to go for a legal affidavit.

    You will have to take the help of a lawyer in this regard who will prepare a legal affidavit in this regard giving your personal details and the errors crept in your certificate and mark sheet and reaffirm your correct name therein by enclosing the copies of documents as mentioned above in proof of your correct name. Once this affidavit is prepared please check it thoroughly for any spelling mistakes etc and when satisfied take it to a first class magistrate in the court where you will be signing it in the presence of a first class magistrate who will in turn countersign it under his seal. Your affidavit is now ready to use.

    This is an important document and you have to keep it along with a copy wherever you are being called in for document verification.

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