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    How to get my google Adsense account approved?

    Have a query about google adsense account? Searching for detailed information about how to get the ad sense account approved? Find advice from experts on this Ask Expert page.

    I am a new member of Indian Study Channel. Can someone advise me on how can I get my Adsense account approved by Google? Is it necessary for me to have my own blog or website to get the account approved? If it is not, then how? And how is it possible to make money from ISC if I dont have an approved google adsense account? What should be my approach till the time my adsense account is approved by google?
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  • If you are having your own blog or your own site or even if you are a member in ISC you can apply for Google Adsense account. Only thing is Google Adsense has certain parameters by which they will asses your site or your presence in ISC before approving your entitlement for it.

    In ISC, if you have published at least 10 articles and you are a gold member then you are eligible to apply for it through ISC and once approved, you will be having a Google Adsense account associated with it. Now, whatever activities you are doing in ISC, whenever someone visits that page then that person will be viewing some advertisements in between or along the sides which are being floated there by Google Adsense. Through this scheme you become involved in the entire process and Google Adsense will share some revenue with you. Please remember that if you want to earn through Google Adsense in this mode, you should have a very good level of activity in ISC. For example, every month you should submit 1-2 articles, take part in forum discussions not only responding but initiating your own posts, submit information regarding schools, colleges, courses, question papers etc. Try your hand in job posting and answering questions in this section.

    In addition to this you will also have plenty of opportunity in ISC to take part in various competitions and contests where cash awards are given to the winners. Depending on your activity levels and quality of contents you will also be awarded cash prizes time to time. There are some weekly and monthly prizes also for the quality contributors.

    Once you are eligible in ISC to apply for Google Adsense there is a process which you can follow and apply online for it. If you are interested to know about that then go to help section and you will get all the details of that process. If you have some doubts or confusions you can raise a post in forum section where experience members will help you in this regard.

    Sometime Google may not approve our application in spite of our eligibility. In such cases we can not do anything but only wait for that.

    I am a diamond member in ISC and active here for last 2 years. A few months back I applied for Google Adsense account for me through ISC. So far it is not approved. It is showing status as pending. They do not accept any reminders or query in these matters so we have to only wait.

    So, do not bother much but either you increase your activities here or go for your own blog or site elsewhere and then apply for Google Adsense. Please remember that as per my interaction with my friends it is easier to get Google Adsense account approved while working in sites like ISC rather then going for your own blog or site which is already a over crowded area.

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  • Now that you have joined ISC, you continue contributing quality articles on good topics with good English. There are certain minimum parameters to complete before to be eligible apply for adsense through ISC. Though the final and sole authority to approve adsense is Google, ISC can help you in guiding and facilitating for that. For more details and tips please read Google adsense under Help Topics .

    I am giving a couple of links for easy reference.
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