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    IQ test of children to know the overall personality

    How to check and improve the IQ levels of child? Check this ISC page to know more from our experts.

    I want to test the IQ of my child because he is showing good abilities in some areas, but weak in certain areas. I want to know how the brain functions and is responsible for overall behavior and personality. I want to know how to choose career path for the child. What is the way to test IQ and whom should I meet. Any large hospitals are engaged in testing the overall intelligence?

    So, please advice me so that I can get right guidance to raise my child properly
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  • IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test is generally based on the answers to a set of questions and it is an approximate way to find out the intelligence of a child or a person. The questions are not fixed and in every test they are to be changed to avoid the biasing of the mind.

    Psychologists have devised many ways and methods for taking up a IQ test to asses the mental faculty of a person.

    There are various sites in the internet where sample tests are there for assessment of the IQ. You can yourself see them and get the child through that test and in the end an assessment will be there. Do not disclose the questions to your child beforehand. Some of the most common sites for this are -,, and

    In the colleges and universities the Psychology students undertake many practicals where IQ is calculated. For this they take an object person to ask him questions and based on the answers they draw certain conclusions about the IQ of that object person.

    In some colleges they are assessing the IQ of the students as a routine. You can enquire in some nearby colleges and get it done for your child.

    Depending upon the method used the calculated IQ may slightly differ from method to method. The range of IQ: 90-110 is considered normal, less than 90 is taken as slightly retarded and 110-120 is considered above average.

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  • IQ test is not fool proof. It can be rigged. Something as small as disinterest to answer can also get you low marks thereby giving wrong indication of mental health. The best bet is to meet Psychologists. They can personally judge the child's behavior. You needn't worry much about your child's health. Could just be a slow learner. But do opt psychology before going for IQ test. You can even take a IQ simulation test online. No big deal, there are many websites that provide you with questionnaire similar to that of IQ exam's. But basing health on it won't help. Only proper care and observation can help you and your child better. Consider a local psychologist.

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  • There are question papers which are made especially to test the Intelligence quotient. The scoring of the test paper decides the IQ level of the kid. Not only the written test, but various verbal psychology test can also be carried out to judge the IQ level.


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