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    Is this sentence correct? Please illustate the reason behind it if wrong or right?

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    I prefer him as much as them in social life.
    Is this sentence corrwct in terms of pronouns usage. If not provide detailed answer if it is correct explain how? With some example please give the concept behind this.
    And also explain how one should ifentify subject and object in long sentences.
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  • In my knowledge this sentence is correct in all respect. The use of pronouns is alright. There is no grammatical or syntax error.

    I will advise you to use certain tools like Grammarly or Ginger which are available in internet as free and are very useful for checking of your text. We are checking our articles and other material with Grammarly before submitting in ISC and it has been very helpful to us.

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  • "I prefer him as much as them in social life."------------------ The use of the pronouns 'him' and ''them'' in this particular sentence is fully correct. However, if we use a name (noun), then the sentence would be "I prefer Ramesh".

    The person/object who/which is governing the principal verb of a sentence, is the subject of the sentence. On the other hand, if we ask 'which' or 'whom', the answer(s) is/are the object(s) of the sentence.

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