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    Police verification for Goverment job

    Having a query about police verification before joining a Govt. job? Check this ISC page, our experts would clarify your doubts.

    I sign as a witness in marriage certificate of my friend.There will be any legal problem to getting any government job or my character certificate from police verification for Govt. job? If they divorce or anything happen in future there will any affect in my career?I am so worried about this matter.
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  • If your friend and the girl are at or above the marriageable age (21 for boys and 18 for girls) as prescribed in our laws then that is a legal marriage and your witness to it is a normal thing. You do not have any further responsibility in this matter.

    Tomorrow if one of them says that this marriage was not made and is a false thing then the marriage documents or entry in marriage registrar office or your witness will be helpful for the other person.

    You have no botheration in this regard and do not worry and free from this matter now.

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  • There will not be any problem for getting a job as you have signed as the witness for your friend's marriage. The marriage is done in the registrar office that means the bride and the bridegroom are legally eligible for marriage. The signature as the witness is to say that they are willfully married and there is no any pressures and forces from outside. Whatever happens after marriage you will not be responsible for those happenings.
    Your police verification will be to know about any complaints about you or any other illegal activities by you. As long as you are not indulged in any such activities there will not be any problem to get through the police verification.

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  • You were a witness to your friend's marriage with a lady. Both of them were adults at the time of marriage. So, you did not commit any crime by being a formal witness to this marriage. If in future they get divorced, your presence in their marriage would not be a cause for the divorce. So, please don't get unduly nervous.

    Police verification prior to Government appointment is done to check the criminal antecedents of the candidate. If you have not committed a major crime, your appointment will not be canceled. A minor offense like crossing the traffic light while the signal is red, etc. won't cause any sort of problem.

    Undue worry won't help you.

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  • No there won't be a problem if you give witness in your friend's marriage.

    Police verification in anything is required to check your character if you were not involved in any criminal activity. There is nothing to do with the witness given in your friend's marriage unless this marriage is done illegally. So better to keep this thought out from your mind.


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  • By being a witness of the marriage - ceremony of your friend, you have not Commited any offence attracting any legal proceedings. I think both the couples were within the age - bracket of marriagable ages and hence you should not be afraid of your step.
    In the event of your joining for a government - service, you are not likely to be questioned by the Police - personnel.

  • Being a witness to any such events, would not hamper your job opportunities during police verification before joining for a job. It is a formality to cross-check as to whether you were involved in any criminal offenses or any other un-todo activities. Your character and antecedents are verified in the local inquiry by the police and a report would be rendered to your employer by the local police.


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