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  • Want to know treatment of Right vocal fold palsy

    Have a query about issues in vocal cord? Looking out for medical opinion and treatment? Check out this page and get answers for all your queries.

    Earlier on August 2017, all on a sudden my daughter's voice went hoarse & thereafter on examination of MRI & FNAC it was detected that her right vocal cord has been paralyzed along with a lesion at her parapharyngeal space. That my 14 years daughter had an experience of Right Parapharyngeal Extracarnial Meningioma with right vocal cord palsy & undergone treatment procedure of tumor excision F/B right medialisation thyroplasty on December 2017 but nevertheless she has facing with voice & swallowing problem. Whenever she tries to eat & drink, a heavy cough creating a havoc & her voice is hoarse.
    What can I do now for her treatment at this stage?
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  • Even after treatment the voice and swallowing problems persists means still the problem is not completely eliminated. The following are the ways generally followed by any doctor.
    1. Voice therapy is similar to physical therapy for large muscle paralysis. The patient has to do special exercise and some other activities to strengthen their vocal cords as suggested by the therapist.
    2. The otolaryngologist may apply bulk injection of t fat collagen or some filler into the vocal cord. This will bring the vocal cord nearer to the middle of the voice box and make it easier for the opposite cord muscle to move. This will make the patient feel normal while coughing or talking.
    3. If both vocal cords are affected and very close to each other, breathing will be more difficult. The doctor makes a cut in front of the neck and an opening is created to the windpipe. A breathing tube will be inserted so that the patient can breathe with air.

    Already you are in contact with a doctor, I suggest contact him again explain him the problem in detail so that he will do the needful. There are many ways and your daughter will become normal. But be doing whatever the doctor advises and if you feel you can have the opinion of another specialist explaining him the total history.

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  • This type of meningiomas are rare and sometimes difficult to diagnose also especially in children where many parts of body and brain are still in developmental stage.

    Though operation and extraction of tumours is a necessary evil in such conditions but the patient is to be managed with a multidisciplinary approach.

    The patient's vocal capacities are affected in such cases and it takes time to come back to normal conditions. The expert surgeon may prescribe certain exercises of the vocal chords for early rehabilitation.

    Post operative care and medication will also be prescribed for a longer period till the hoarseness of voice and associated ailments are decreased considerably.

    In medical science each such case is unique in itself and the surgeon with the diagnosing aids can only guide the patient. Be in touch with your expert doctor for future course of action. These rare cases require a lot of patience and persistence by the patient as well as the family members.

    Knowledge is power.

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