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    Name mismatch in certificates

    Worried doubt a name mismatch in any documents or certificates? Looking out for advice for whether it will create any problem in document verification? Scroll through this page and get advice from our ISC experts for resolving this issue.

    I have anime mismatch in my 10th and 12th certificates. I am worried if this will create any problem in document verification or a government job. Can you suggest what can be done to resolve this issue?
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  • Any mismatch in your name is a matter of worry as it will create a confusion in verifying your credentials at the time of document verification when you are being called for an interview or counselling session.

    The best course of action is to get these documents corrected from the education board from where they are issued. For this you have to apply for the correction by providing them the proof of your correct name like in Aadhaar card or PAN card or Voter card or driving license etc. Generally, it takes some time but they will issue you a corrected certificate.

    If you are not able to get it done through the board office then the other option is to go for a legal affidavit for which you have to take help of a lawyer who will prepare a detailed affidavit where the information regarding the incorrect documents is to be provided along with the correct information supported by authentic documents like Birth certificate, Aadhaar card, PAN card, Voter card, driving license, School identity card etc.

    Once the legal affidavit is ready, it is to be taken to a first class magistrate where you have to sign it and then he will countersign it under his seal. Please remember that this affidavit is in the nature of an oath and you should not give any wrong information in that except the errors crept in your name in the said certificate. The reference and supporting documents will be attached with the affidavit and will be a part of it.

    Now, whenever you are being invited for any document verification session, you have to keep this affidavit with you for presenting it to the authorities there.

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  • Similar questions were asked by some members and there were answers to those questions. Did you go through those answers. If not go through them. You may be getting the answer.
    It is sure that any mismatch in certificates will be a problem during document verification for government job. So one should be sure that all their certificates are correct. If there are any mistakes actions required should be taken. If it is a mismatch between 10th and 12th certificates. The action to be taken will depend on the certificate in which the information is correct. Your question is not clear on this aspect. As such what I suggest you is contact a good known lawyer in your area and explain him the exact problem. He will guide you and see that an affidavit will be made with all correct details. He will see that all required formalities will be carried out and an affidavit is made so that you will have a legally acceptable document

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  • Name,father's name,Date of birth are the basic details which required till our last breath for anything to be proved and they should be similar and a correct one in all documents. The school certificate for seniors and birth certificates for youngsters become a valid one. As the date of birth is deciding matters in one's life till his end,much care should be taken in the beginning itself. School certificate,college certificates,aadhaar,Pan card,voter Id, driving license should tally each other. You immediately approach in person to the college authorities and get corrected. No correspondences will yield good result rather than personal approach. Your delay will make the matter more delay.
    The name,father's name surname etc., should be get verified even at the stage of collecting from school leaving itself as the same become base documents for the further studies as well for employment or anything.

  • Its matter of concern because the difference in any such mismatch is considered severe and you should get it corrected soon.

    The best way is to contact the board from where you did 12th as I assume your name is not correct in the 12th document. I think you may go to their office and file a complaint or may be you can do it online as you have the roll no written on the document. Yes it may create a problem when your documents will be verified if you get selected anywhere for a job or you apply for higher studies.


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