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    How to take a printout of photos in correct sequential order?

    Have a query about printing photos in a sequential order? Looking out for advice on how to get ordered print? Scroll through this page for responses from our ISC experts who will give inputs on how to print correctly.

    My boss recently launched a book of all his published articles and I uploaded the function's photos on the computer. I have been taking printouts for him to distribute to friends and colleagues. He also wishes to send off four of the main book launch photos along with a complimentary copy of the book to various educational institutions. These four photos, though, are not getting printed out in the proper sequence as required.

    Please see the image -
    Printout of photo image sequence

    Photos no.1 (opening the ribbon which wraps the gift paper of the book) and 2 (Chief Guest holding up the book) should be on the top and photos no. 3 (the Guests of Honour each holding up a book) and 4 (audience in the hall) should be below. What is happening is that photo no.4 is on the top left, then photo no. 3 on the top right and below are photo no.1 on the bottom left and photo no. 2 on the bottom right. Hence, subsequently, we have to cut out the photos and re-paste them in the correct order. We wish to avoid this. So the advice I am seeking is: At the time of selecting them for a printout, is there some feature wherein the sequence of the printed photos can be chosen? Is there any such option for sequential arrangement prior to taking a printout?
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  • There are some apps available in the play store which are useful to make a collage of many photos in one page. This can be done in a mobile itself. After making the collage in one page by moving and placing the photos in desired design, it can be printed.

    Another simple way which comes to my mind is copy and paste all the four photos in one A4 portrait page in a blank word document in your laptop and then select these photos and resize them and relocate them by selecting and dragging and you will have them in the desired fashion. For exact alignment the ruler function should be on, in the vertical and horizontal direction.

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  • Photos would appear in the order of selection. Ctrl + Click on the photos one by one in the order you want them to appear in the grid.
    The order of selection does matter if you are using Windows Explorer Print tool. The photos do appear in the exact order of selection.
    If you want to make a mass selection, click on the first photo, shift+click on the last photo, the order in which photos are arranged in the windows explorer, shall be applied to the Layout as well.
    To make the customised arrangement of multiple images on one sheet, it is better to create a print layout manually (MS Powerpoint, Word to begin with. Photoshop, Corel Draw or ACD See would be even better).

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  • As per the advice which was given by Umesh, I placed the four photos on a single Word doc and adjusted the margins as per the requirement in the book's first page where they will be pasted. It worked perfectly. I don't know why I didn't think of this simple step when I have done it quite a few times earlier when it was required to print out multiple photos to a required size!

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