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    Seeking guidance about whether to choose A.M.E as a career

    Planning to choose aircraft maintenance as a career? Worried about the job scenario and its scope in India? Check out this ISC aSK Experts page and get advice regarding its scope in India and its future.

    I am in class 12 and really wanted to opt for but aircraft maintenance engineering. I read some feedback where it said there are no jobs for people who did aircraft maintenance engineering in India. I really don't know whether I should go for it or no? Is there good scope in India? Do we get opportunities to go abroad with this career?
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  • Any domain is good and will give us a good career if we are really interested in that domain. If you have to excel in a field you should have a passion for that career.
    I will tell you an example. Two of my cousins are medical doctors. One cousin is very much interested in doctor course and he convinced his parents and joined in MBBS. He has done very well and obtained very good marks. Now he is a leading doctor in a city in Andhra Pradesh.
    The second cousin is not interested in that course but he was forced to join in the course. Somehow he managed and obtained the degree. He started his practice in a city again in AP. But his practice is not very good and he carries on somehow. Why I mentioned this is the interest of the candidate is more important.
    Next regarding AME,
    Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a good career in aviation. AME is a responsible and promising job in the aviation sector. Every aircraft need regular maintenance before takeoff of a flight. The AME is responsible for the safety, security and maintenance of an aircraft. There is a huge demand for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in India. An AME earns approx. 10 to 12 lakhs per year.
    You will have opportunities in the following. You will have many jobs abroad also and you can try for jobs in other countries also.
    Flying clubs/academies
    Private airlines
    National carriers
    International carriers
    Aviation corporations
    Engineering division of the aviation sector
    Aircraft manufacturing firms
    Aeronautical Development Establishment

    always confident

  • If you have interest and passion for Aircraft maintenance field then there is no reason as to why you can not pursue it. Generally people get success and rise in their interest areas because then only with that mindset, they can work hard to achieve it.

    As regards the scope of job in our country as on today, there is tough and cut throat competition in every area where a prospective career is anticipated.

    For example, if a student wants that he should get an opportunity of the job through campus recruitment then he should first fare well in the exam for the admission to a good institute and then he has to be in the top rankers there to be selected in campus recruitment mode. So the point is that one has to be in the list of scoring students to get instant success.

    So, if your passion is for Aircraft maintenance area then you have to work hard and do the required efforts to enter that field. There are two ways to enter there. One is get admission in Aeronautical Engineering and then after completing it, apply in the aviation sector whenever posts are advertised. Another option is to go for some select diploma course which may enable you to enter there albeit at a lower level. Do not worry for that as with persistent hard work people rise from a small position to quite big levels. Most of the jobs in Aircraft maintenance are related to Mechanical and Electrical disciplines.

    The aviation industry in our country is already flying in high colours and due to ever-increasing passenger strength it is poised to prosper further. The dynamic fare system has made it very lucrative even for the middle class people who are also trying to use it ones in a year during the lean fare period. The employees of companies and corporates are being sent by it to save precious time to increase the productivity.

    Seeing this scenario, I believe that there are good prospects in this field and you should wholeheartedly pursue it.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The responses did not portray the true picture. AME is a diploma course where an aspirant has to study in detail when the air craft should be handed over for the maintenance for both Mechanical and Electrical maintenance. In order to avoid the dislocation for its running schedule, maintenance is the essential parameter to be followed before the flight.
    A pilot would take up the responsibility for its operation once he checks the clearance of the maintenance - cycle.
    Hence you should not be misguided by such feed - backs appearing on some magazines causing upset unnecessarily. You need to visit the work - shop where the planes are being readied in course of maintenance. The maintenance - engineers from mechanical side has a long list checking the sound of turbine, propellor, sound free performance of the engine or to find the leakage in the tank containing in the aviation - fuel. This is indeed a careful study and maintenance has to be finished within the time - schedule under his leadership. Any lapse on his part may cause huge losses even may create mishap to the passengers.
    If engaged for the electrical - maintenance, you have to ensure the existence of proper soldering of the wires connected with the system, proper Voltage supply of the different components,behaviour of resistors, capacitors and transistors have to be looked into carefully for its efficient functioning and so on. The maintenance engineer of electrical has to approve green - signal before the flight is ready for operation.
    Hence your perception would be clear with your presence in the site.
    I think you would love to enjoy the maintenance operation of the aircrafts and dispel your doubt.

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