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    Best institute for Nibosh IGC course in India

    Planning to become a Safety officer? Interested in doing Nibosh IGC course and taking up a job in the Gulf? Check out this Ask Expert page and get answers to knowing the best institute to take the course and also get a job.

    Which is the best institute in India for Nibosh IGC fire and safety course. I have completed under graduate and I am interested in doing safety course. And please refer about the scope of doing Nibosh IGC. Can Nibosh IGC help me to move gulf? Does institute help me get job after the completion of course?
    So please refer me an institute that help me complete the course and simultaneously help in taking a job as safety officer.
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  • Indian companies in the past are mainly asking for certificates issued from university or RLI for safety employment. But now there is a change in trend. you can find job postings post NEBOSH IGC as one of the requirements for safety job. MNC companies are also looking for NEBOSH candidates.

    For employment in other countries and especially the Gulf countries NEBOSH IGC is a mandatory qualification for beginner position.
    There are many institutes offering this course. The best institutes are as shown below.
    1.NIST Institute Pvt Ltd, Chennai
    2. Safety Professional, Chennai
    3. Hire You Safety, Chennai
    4.Craft Academy of Fire and Safety, Hyderabad
    5.Icon Institute of Safety Training, Hyderabad

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  • NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) IGC (International General Certificate) is one of the internationally recognised certification in the field of Occupational Health and Safety.

    This certification is recommended for the managers, supervisors and head of groups to manage their organisational work and functions more effectively. People working in occupational health and safety sector are immensely benefitted by this. NEBOSH IGC is a basic step for becoming a member of Tech IOSH and IIRSM.

    Generally this certification covers the following syllabus -
    1. Principles of occupational health and safety.
    2. Understanding, identification and prevention of workplace hazards and associated risks.
    3. Practical application of this health and safety knowledge in real life situation in the organisations.

    Some of the institutes giving this certification are -

    1. NIST - which has a presence in the places Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Vadodara and Vizag.

    2. SPP Limited - available in Chennai and Vellore.

    3. Red Hat Safety - Chennai.

    4. Green Group - Chennai.

    5. Safety Engineers Academy - Chennai.

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