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    Engineering project of metal matrix

    Have a query about project of metal matrix? Looking out for detailed information about heating and cooling stir-cast to a specific temperature? Find responses from experts on this page for answers to your questions.

    1 How much weight of al6061 sheet is used to stir-cast it and mould it into a cylindrical shape of 12mm diameter and 120 mm height.

    2 If the a16061 is heated at a temperature of 800 c then after cooling and moulding does it comes out at same input weight or does it decrease?
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  • AL6061 is an alloy of Mg and Al and it is industrially available in the following sizes -
    Thickness in the range: 0.3mm-300mm and Width in the range: 100mm-3500mm.

    Now you want to mould it in form of a cylinder of diameter 12mm and height 120mm. The volume of such an cylinder will be (using pi*r^2*h) we get about 13.6 cc (cubic centimetre).

    Now depending upon the type of sheet (thickness wise) you purchase the weight will be there. I do not have data on the density of this product but taking the Aluminium density as 2.7 gram/cc the weight required for moulding one cylinder will be 13.6*2.7=36.72 gram.

    So you can purchase about 37 grams of the sheet for one cylinder. You can choose the thickness as per your moulding requirement.

    For example if you want to make 1000 cylinders then you have to buy about 37 kg of the sheet.

    For the second part of the question you have to refer to the technical sheet of this alloy which one can access after logging in the concerned sites and making a buy inquiry. I can give the name of such a site as

    Once you surf the net, you will get many other such sites also where you can put a buy inquiry along with your doubts. There is also live chat in some of these sites.

    Knowledge is power.

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