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    Name variation in 10th certificate and graduation degree

    Facing a name variation in any certificates? Worried about what do in case of document verification for government job? Check out this page and get advice for how to resolve this issue and correct the name in the certificates.

    I have a name mismatch in my 10th certificate and in my graduation degree certificate.
    Is this going to create any problem in document verification?
    And if please suggest any solution.
    And also is there any chance to correct the name in my graduation degree?
    I passed from Delhi University (2013-16 batch).
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  • There is a mismatch you said but in which certificate the name is wrong you have not mentioned clearly. Anyhow you can get it changed in your degree certificate from the university you have studied. Many Universities are having online correction methods. Otherwise, you can get it corrected by applying to the university through the college you have studied. You have to apply for the correction in writing through the college you have studied. They will forward it to the university office. It is better you be in touch with the concerned department in the university office and follow up personally. They will correct the name and send back the certificate to the college. You can collect it from the college.

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  • Yes, the mismatch would definitely create problems in the future, if not rectified.

    Now, the question of rectification comes. First, you have to check which documents of yours (including AADHAR Card, PAN Card and Election Id Card) contain your correct name. Thereafter, on the basis of these documents, you apply for rectification. As for example, if your Graduation certificates indicate your name wrongly, apply for correction with photocopies of the documents which contain your correct name. As you have passed Graduation recently, in all probability, the University would rectify the mistake.

    If the University declines to do so, you have to sign an affidavit indicating your correct name and also stating the wrong name indicated in your Graduation certificates. You have to publish advertisements in one English and in one Hindi newspapers. You will have to preserve the original affidavit and the advertisements permanently.

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  • Any mismatch in the name is a big problem at the time of document verification. You have to get it corrected at an earliest.

    The usual course of action is to apply for correction to your education board office and to your university office for the respective certificates relating to class 10 and graduation.

    Whenever you have to apply for such corrections in the mistakes in your educational certificates then you have to give some reference document as the authentic proof of your correct name. This could be an Aadhaar card or PAN card or driving license or Voter card etc and this is to be provided along with your application for correction. You can also enclose the copy of your other certificates like class 12 etc to impress upon your correct name.

    Sometimes, they may levy a fee also for doing these corrections and you have to deposit it as per the procedure.

    Now as sufficient time has gone and you have not attempted the correction in these certificates, it is possible that your educational agencies may not agree for it due to various reasons. In that case you have other option of going for a legal affidavit.

    A legal affidavit is also a useful document in such cases as you can present it to the verification authorities to convince them.

    For this you will have to approach a lawyer who will prepare a legal affidavit as per court procedure bringing out all the details of your certificates and the errors crept therein. This is to be signed by you in presence of a first class magistrate who will also countersign it under his seal.

    Keep this document with you wherever you go for attending the verification session.

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  • The name in all the certificates and mark sheets should be same otherwise it will create problem at the time of document verification process.

    You have to approach or apply to the respective education office under which your college falls. You have to give a detailed application mentioning the error in your name. You have also to provide them authentic documents where your name is correctly spelt. It could be a birth certificate or Aadhar card or your school identity card etc. This is an important step because they have to see an authentic reference for your correct name so that they can issue the certificate in the correct name.

    For both of the incorrect certificates you have to apply separately to the respective offices.

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  • Regarding any mismatch in respect of name, the same has to be corrected as soon it is possible any delay made in the correction - procedure, will create much inconvenience later on. You have not indicated the certificate which calls for the correction.
    In all the cases be it the Board - level or the Univesity, a request is to made to the concerned agency with the forwarding letter of the head of institution with the requisite amount of draft to be enclosed along with the application. You need to mention the academic session and Registration number for the easy tracking of your case. The mistake originated from their side would be corrected though it may take some time.
    The other option be to approach a lawyer helping you in the process of affidavit. Once the affidavit is signed by the Rotary - magistrate. This needs to be published in local as well as in a reputed English News Paper for wide publicity. You will have to produce this cutting in the event of document - verification.

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