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    Query about MPSC Exam form regarding aadhaar error

    Are you filling MPSC exam form and facing a name mismatch issue? Looking out for detailed resolution to ensure that the form is not rejected? Check out this page for responses from experts and decide further course of action regarding whether it is required to change the name.

    My name on aadhaar, license, PAN card, passport does not match with that mentioned in my 10th certificate.
    After filling my MPSC form I am getting message that my aadhaar details are not matching y with my profile.
    Will my form be rejected? And should I change my name from aadhaar card or my 10th result?
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  • Your name is not correct in your 10th certificate and that is creating this problem. What you have to do is immediately take up this with your education board office and apply for correction in it and request for issue of corrected certificate at an earliest.

    Meanwhile you have to give your correct name (as per Aadhar/ PAN/ Passport etc) in the MPSC application so that they do not see any mismatch in the data entered by you there. Can you edit your application there? If not, you have to request them, may be online only, to cancel it and then fill a new application form. Find out the procedure in this respect and accordingly correct it.

    Once this part is done then you will have the problem at the time of physical document verification during interview or counselling. Hopefully by that time you will be able to get the corrected 10th certificate from the education board and same can be produced by you.

    Suppose, there is a problem from your education board office in issuing that corrected certificate then you have another option of going for a legal affidavit in the matter.

    What you have to do is to consult a lawyer and get a legal affidavit prepared in the matter where all these details regarding your qualifications and personal details along with the error crept in the 10th certificate are mentioned and a copy of all the related documents (Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport etc) are to be annexed with it which will make the part of the affidavit.

    You have to sign this affidavit in presence of the first class magistrate in the court who will countersign it under his seal and affirm it after seeing all the documents. Please note that it is a solemn oath taking type of document and you should check it thoroughly and ensure that no wrong or misleading information is given there.

    Please keep this affidavit with you and present it with your all the documents including the incorrect 10th certificate at the time of the document verification.

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  • The error does not imply for your name. It could be date of birth and phone number.
    Do not panic , if is allowing you to submit form then you are eligible to give exam. Worry about this after exam.
    Mean while reassess your profile and make sure your name as on Aadhar, date of birth and phone number matching. If not then update your profile. At any cost you do not need to change your name on 10th certificate if it correct. Instead change it on aadhar. If anything did not work then you can produce affidavit that both names are same when they validate documents.

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