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    How many clicks are required to initiate earning through Infolink?

    Have a query about earning from infolink? Searching for detailed information regarding how to understand earnings from a report? Go through this page for responses from experts and understand how many clicks are needed to initiate earring from infolink.

    I have an entertainment website "Mohini Entertainment" which is monetized with Infolinks.
    But after some days. I have following Score in Infolinks Report

    Net Page Views = 1994
    Ad Views = 1920
    Ad eCPM = $0.00
    Earning = $0.00

    So friends, can anyone tell me when my report will show earning.
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  • The Ad Views refer to the number of times the visitor in your site has hovered over the ad. Ad Engagement is simply clicking of the ad.

    Now depending upon the type of ad the revenue will be generated either through the viewing of ad or clicking the ad. Different ad products will give rise to different revenue based on many factors like origin of the traffic, type of your site etc.

    In Infolinks, if the revenue generated is less than $0.01, it will reflect as $0.0 and remain like that till it becomes at least $0.01

    You can further contact the Infolinks support team at to clarify your doubts.

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  • Views and clicks on the advertisements on your website placed by Info link will give your earnings. When visitors engage with the advertisements of Infolinks on your web you will, you earn.
    Infolinks has a minimum payout threshold of $50. Your earnings should exceed the minimum payout threshold for your selected payment method before you start receiving your earnings.
    The rates per click will not be a constant factor. This will depend on the type of advertisement and the size of the advertisement and other issues. So the details about the size of the advertisement and amount earned for a click is to be obtained from their contact only. You can contact them through an email.

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