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    Is it possible to do M.Plan. or M.Civil after B.Tech?

    Keen on pursuing a course in design planning after completing a graduate course in B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering? Know from experts if it is possible to pursue a postgraduate course in planning after having done graduation in a different stream.

    I am currently in the third year of B.Tech. in Hyderabad. I am actually interested in designs but unfortunately entered in the field of electronics and communication engineering. So can I pursue an M.Plan or M.Civil course after B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering?
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  • There are some universities in India and foreign universities offering M. Plan course for B.Tech degree holders.
    The Harvard University, USA is offering M.Plan. The eligibility criteria are as follows.
    Individuals who have completed a four-year Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree or equivalent in any field are eligible for admission. Preference for admission is given to applicants who have completed a balanced undergraduate education that includes study in the arts, sciences, and humanities. Similarly, many foreign universities are offering this course. You can go through the university web page to get all the details and take a decision.

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  • It is not easy to get admission in M.Plan or M.Civil course after B.Tech in Electronics and Communication as it is a different stream.

    There are some colleges or universities which may consider the application if you have done at least 2 semesters of civil engineering during your B.Tech and that should be evident from your mark sheet.

    You can try by applying there. It does not appear a sure shot method but only a try as you will have to convince them about your civil engineering knowledge based on those 2 semesters.

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  • It is not possible to get admission in M.Plan or M.Civil for a B.Tech Electronics student. Otherwise also it is difficult to switch stream after a full fledged B.Tech in Electronics and Communication to Civil Engineering.

    Still you can try in some private universities if they can accommodate after taking some test or like that.

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  • This Member earlier also asked the same question in a different language. But the answer is the same. It is not possible to take admission in M.Plan. or M.Civil [as far as I know, there is no course like M.Civil. |The name of the course is M.E(Civil)] after completing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, in any UGC-recognized University in India.

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  • You need to search the universities offering you M. Plan course after your B. Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. In fact there are a few universities having the cirriculam of M.Plan. These universities will be looking out the aspirants having passed out the candidates with B.Plan and as such the aspirants having different streams other than B.Plan would have to pass some stiff test organised by such universities.
    You may surf out the net for the possibility of your admission in other foreign universities where you will get entire details of fee - structure, eligibility- criteria and other relevant details in connection with the course.

  • As members said it is not possible why don't you try for other options which provide management studies in similar areas. I recommend NICMAR full time courses. They offer placement as well. So go through there eligibility criteria through following link and also read their respective course details.

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