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    How to send WhatsApp stickers?

    Want to send a WhatsApp sticker? Wondering whether to do so from the whatsApp service or download from the internet and use them? On this Ask Expert page you can go through the advice provided and send Christmas whatsApp message with sticker.

    A friend had sent a Merry Christmas sticker with her WhatsApp Christmas greetings. How to put such stickers? I could not quite understand from my friend how to do so. Are they already available in the WhatsApp service or do I need to download them from the Net? Please explain step by step for easy understanding.
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  • Stickers were already available in many popular apps like 'hike' or 'wechat' etc.

    Now Whatsapp has also introduced it for Android as well as iOS.

    Most of the people have nowadays got the latest version of Whatsapp in their phones. So first thing required is in case you are having older version of it in your phone then go to Google App Store and update the Whatsapp in your phone.

    Now when you are messaging to your friends you will see the usual emoji icon near the text box. Click this icon and it will open up the emojis and there is a new section for stickers from where you can select any one of them and then send it in the usual way as you send the text.

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  • The following are the steps:
    1. Open your WhatsApp app
    2. You will find an emoji icon in the space where you will type the message.
    3. Click on that icon.
    4. down below the page you will get an indication of stickers. Click on that.
    5. Various stickers will get opened.
    6. Press on the sticker which you want to send.
    That's it. The sticker will be delivered to the person you want on his WhatsApp page.

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  • Thanks for the accurate guidance. I was able to locate the stickers and also found the feature to access and download more stickers than those already featured in WhatsApp.

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  • It's very easy to do that.

    Click on the contact then click on the emoji icon and there at the bottom you will find the symbol of sticker click on it and use sticker as per your liking. Also to upload more stickers click on the + sign as per your choice and use them where you want to use them.


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  • To send a sticker to your friends on WhatsApp you have to follow these steps:
    In the WhatsApp app, select the contact conversation to whom you want to send a sticker. Just above the chat box, where you type the message you get Text Icon, Emoji Icon, and Next to that you will find the Sticker Icon, showing a square shape with the right bottom corner pulled up. Once you click on that, below the chat box, you will find the options of stickers, click on each to see, what are there. choose the one you like and send with a message you like.

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