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    How to share a Google Maps location on WhatsApp?

    Want to know how to share location or google maps on WhatsApp? Looking out for a detailed step by step procedure to do so? Find responses from experts on this page regarding sharing location or taking a screenshot.

    Recently a relative was visiting and asked us to share our home's location via WhatsApp. We had no clue so just gave her directions. Is there some way to pinpoint our home on Google Maps and share the location exactly as it is shown there via WhatsApp? Is there some link feature for that or we need to simply take a screenshot and share that? A step by step precise guidance would be helpful. Moreover, I do not even know how to take a screenshot, so please explain that as well.
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  • There is one simple way to send your location through WhatsApp.

    When you are chatting with your friend then you are writing in a small box. If you see in the right side of this, you will see a paperclip (U clip) which is meant for attachments.

    You click this paperclip icon and then options will pop out on the screen like document/ camera/ audio/ gallery/ location/ contact etc.

    It is the 'location' icon which you have to click and it will show your present location on the Google Map. There will be a 'send your current location' message on the screen and you simply click it.

    The location map will go to your friend with an indicator on it pertaining to your location.

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  • You can do it in the following way.
    1. Open your WhatsApp App.
    2. Open the page of the person to whom you want to send the location.
    3. In the right corner of the writing bar on that page, you will find a symbol of Jump clip.
    4. Click on that symbol.
    5. Down below the options like Document/Payment/Gallery/Audio/Location/contact will get displayed.
    6. Click on the location Icon.
    7. Then your present location will be shown on Google Map
    8. There will be a message on the map saying that Send the present location.
    9. Click on that.
    Your location map will go to the person and your location will be highlighted on the map.

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  • It's very simple to send your location on WhatsApp.

    Just click the name of the person in WhatsApp whom you want to send your location.

    Now click on attachment icon (clip) then a box will open having an option "location" there. Click on it then you will find options "share your live location" and "send your current location" click any one of them and send. The recipient will receive the message and will come to know about your current location.


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  • Above members have given instructions to share a location on WhatsApp in android devices, but it is different in iPhone. Here I have given instructions for sharing the google map location in iPhone.

    1. First, open the WhatsApp in your iPhone.
    2. Then click on the name of the person to whom you want to send the location.
    3. Now, click on the "plus" sign which will on the below-left corner of the screen.
    4. You will be prompted with options of adding photo, document, location, contact etc. Click on Location.
    5. And then click on "share current location" option.

    Like this, you can share your current location with anyone in WhatsApp in iPhone.


  • WhatsApp offers a simple way to share your location.

    At the right side of the chat box, within a conversation with a particular contact, there is a paper clip like icon representing attachment.

    Once you click on that paperclip icon it will open up with a dialogue box with options like document, payment, gallery, audio, LOCATION and contact.

    Click on the 'location' icon which will redirect you into google maps and locate your present location. There you will find a 'send your current location' option displayed on the screen, and as you click on it, your location will be shared with that contact immediately along with a red water drop like indicator on it showing exactly where you are.

  • I am giving these steps for iOS / iphone. Members have already given steps for android.
    In whatsapp ,
    1. Go to chat whom you want to send location. On Left of text box there is + plus symbol , click on it and select 'Location'.
    2. It will show your Live location. In there you will see options like 'Send Your Current Location' and other location matching similar. As soon as you select any of the it will share that location in chat box.

    Other way is to go to google map app and search your location. A pin will be dropped on that location.
    Select that pin and click on that location name. It will show details of that location. Here on top right corner you will see a square with up arrow , click on it, you will get options to copy,add to shortlist etc.
    Click on Copy and you can use this now to paste any chat ( whatsapp,hangout etc) to share your location.

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  • In WhatsApp, open into anyone's message whom you want to share and there is an attachment option for sharing various type of data such as you text/doc file, an audio file, video file, link, and even location. So click on the location option. After tapping or clicking into location option, then your google map opens and tells which location you are in. After these, your location is shared.

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