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    I was in tirupati temple and saw tulsi plant and left my purse there.what does it mean?

    Interested in interpreting a dream of visiting Tirupati temple and leaving the urge there? Searching for the significance of this dream and its correct interpretation? Scroll through its page and get suggestions from experts and decide the meaning of this dream.

    I had a dream in which I was walking through the queue with my two cousins. It didnt look like actual tirupati temple in my dream. On the way in the queue, there were tulsi plants in which we were tying something to it praying what we want. (I remember what I prayed)
    All three of us were doing the same. And then while tying we placed our purses near them which we forgot to take it back home. We were trying to contact the temple to get our purse back as i had my credit card and some papers in it. (Nothing other than that, no identity cards or anything).
    Then I woke up! It was weird. I dont know what the temple, tulsi plant and losing purse there signifies!!
    Please pour in your suggestions!
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  • We, as human beings, are always thinking and pondering something in our mind. It could be about a religious place or qualifying in some exam or getting success in life or earning quick money or having good reputation in the society or safeguarding our possessions and things like that. All these thoughts wander in our mind and some of them remain trapped deep in our consciousness.

    Psychologists believe that these thoughts manifest themselves in our dreams and as there is no particular sequence or order in that, they may sometimes appear as weird also. In day time when we are awoke, they are subsided back in the inner self.

    New researches in Psychology are bringing new explanations for this but basically these are the manifestations of our subconscious self.

    One can correlate these frames in our dream sequence one to one to the actual events in life though there will be some illogical and broken parts in the dreams which are yet to be explored by further researches in this area of psychology and para science as they call it.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There are examples where a dream came true. It may be telling of a future event. The dream may become true in our real life due to,
    1, Coincidence
    2, Inaccurate memory
    3, unknowingly jointing known information together.
    These dreams may motivate us to act in a way which may change our future.
    We often don't remember our dreams. The exact reason for forgetting the dreams may not be known. It is better to forget them. Otherwise, we will not be able to cope up in our real activities concentrating more on these dreams. We remember many dreams which we are dreaming just before we get up. This may be due to the reason that some of the brain activities will be turned on back at that time.
    Many people never believe these dreams and just brush them aside. Some people may take them as an indication of our future activities and take precautions required.
    A dream of visiting a temple and worshipping there is an indication that something good is going to happen. So it is a good indication. Forgetting your purse is an indication to you and caution to you to be careful with your belongings during your way out of your place. You should be careful in your journey if you are anything planning for travel.
    But if you ask any proofs and theories for this I may not be able to show you and it purely goes as per your beliefs.

    always confident

  • Dreams are the results of our working of subconscious mind and it is difficult to interpret them. Though they will be containing events from our real life only but there will be distortions and aberrations in them.

    The eminent psychologist have done a lot of analysis of the dream patterns but still there is no logical way to explain them fully.

    It is believed by many researchers in the field of psychology that dreams are sometimes result as the manifestations of our unrealised desires and aspirations.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Think about this that have you lost your purse recently ? Or lost credit card , papers? If yes then our mind always push us to think about ways where it could be lost. Do not be anxious and be little bit cautious for next few days when you roam outside. Some people who has habit of misplacing things might get such dreams. It is common thing with most people.

    Life Is Beautiful

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