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    Best schools in Trichy for those with inability to understand the local language

    Want to get admission for your child in a school in Trichy but worried about the medium of instruction in the local language? Check out this Ask Expert page to know whether the inability to communicate in the local language would create issues in studying in a school in Trichy. Also learn which are the best schools in Trichy.

    I'm from North India and I wanted to admit my child in the 9th standard in Trichy. I would like to know if there would be any language issue for him in Trichy, though it is said that schools over there are English medium ones. Some of the schools I have already enquired for the same, but would like to know which school would be best for my child in that city.
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  • There are many good schools in Trichy where the medium of instruction is English and there is no compulsion that the student should study local language. The following are a few good CBSE schools where there will not be any problem for the people who can't understand the local language.
    1.Cauvery Global School: It is a good school with the following facilities. Science Lab, Computer Lab, Art and Craft Room, Music Room, Dance Room, Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Math Lab, CCTV, 3D Lab, Library, Cafeteria, Hostel, Transportation, Smart Classroom, Language Lab, Medical Room, Audio Visual Room
    Address:13th Cross, Vayalur Road, Bharathi Nagar, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620017, India
    Phone: + 0431 – 4060485
    2, Aurobindo International School: This also one of the best schools.
    Facilities: Science Lab, Computer Lab, Art and Craft Room, Music Room, Playground, Math Lab, Library, Transportation, Language Lab, Medical Room
    Address: SF. No: 208 – 2 & 3, Near Sri Vekkaliamman Temple, Fathima Nagar, Woraiyur, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil
    Nadu 620003, India
    Phone: +91 431 276 0795
    3. Kendriya Vidyalaya No1: You can try this school also.
    Facilities: Science Lab, Computer Lab, Art and Craft Room, Music Room, Dance Room, Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Library, Smart Classroom, Medical Room, Audio Visual Room
    Address: Thiruverumbur Rd, Thuppaki Nagar, Tamil Nadu 620016, India
    Phone:+91 431 258 1247
    4.Montfort School: Facilities: Science Lab, Computer Lab, Art and Craft Room, Music Room, Playground, Math Lab, Library, Transportation, Language Lab, Medical Room
    Address:15, 12th Cross Rd, Balaji Nagar, Kattur, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620019, and India
    Phone:+ 91 – 431 – 2534047, 2534049
    5. Campion Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School: This is certainly the best school in the city.
    Facilities: Science Lab, Computer Lab, Art and Craft Room, Music Room, Dance Room, Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Math Lab, Library, Cafeteria, Hostel, Transportation, Smart Classroom, Language Lab, Mess, Medical Room, Audio Visual Room
    Address: Promenade Road &Bharathidasan Salai, Cantonment, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620001, India
    Phone:+91 7305397514 | +91 7305397515

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  • Trichy provide a number of schools where the local language would not create problem in sustaining educational activities. These institutions provide English as the medium of teaching so that the pupils understand the subject matters with ease and with the best guidance provided by the teachers, they could improve the basics of the subjects. Some of the leading schools providing best inputs in relation to the different subjects as a medium of English are as follows-
    1) Aurovindo Public Schools
    2) Kauvery Global School.
    3) Kendriya Vidyalaya Trichy
    4) Montfort School
    In addition to the schools listed above, there are other schools as well where your child would not have problem with respect to local language since the teachers take pain to provide the pupils the best inputs with English - medium. You may surf such schools through Internet.

  • There are many schools in Trichy where the medium of teaching is in English and your child will not have any language problem there.

    Some of these schools are -
    1. ER Higher Secondary School, Chintamani, Trichy.
    2. St. Johns Vestry Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Cantonment, Trichy.
    3. Ponniah Higher Secondary School, Palakarai, Trichy.
    4. St. Joseph Girls Higher Secondary School, Ponmalaipatti, Trichy.
    5. ATNRCM Vasavi Matriculation High School, Tiruchirappalli, Trichy.
    6. KAP Viswanathan Higher Secondary School, Thillai Nagar, Trichy.
    7. MAM Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Siruganur, Trichy.
    8. Seva Sangam Girls Higher Secondary School, Cantonment, Trichy.
    9. Periyar Maniyammai Girls Higher Secondary School, Periyar Nagar, Trichy.
    10. RC Abbot Marcel Higher Secondary School, Sembattu, Trichy.
    11. The Higher Secondary School For Boys, Srirangam, Trichy.
    12. Sri Vaijayanthy Vidhyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Srirangam, Trichy.
    13. Sri Jayendra Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chintamani, Trichy.
    14. Boiler Plant Boys Higher Secondary School, Tiruchirappalli, Trichy.
    15. St. Joseph Anglo Indian Girls Higher Secondary School, Cantonment, Trichy.
    16. Vidiyal Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Valavandankottai, Trichy.
    17. Carmel's Matriculation School, Woriur, Trichy.
    18. SAMS Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Crawford, Trichy.
    19. Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Woriur, Trichy.
    20. Periyar Centenary Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Periyar Nagar, Trichy.
    21. ADAMS Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Indira Salai, Trichy.
    22. BHEL Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Thiruverumbur, Trichy.
    23. Kajamian Higher Secondary School, Khajanagar, Trichy.
    24. SBOA Matriculation School, Kulavaipatti, Trichy.

    The above schools are in different different areas in Trichy and you can choose one out of them as per your convenience.

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  • The Top 10 CBSE Schools
    1. Kamala Niketan Montessori School - established in the year 1991, Medium of instruction is in English, with 6.5 acres located at the heart of the city, with good library, Science Lab, Computer Lab, playground.
    It also offers education from pre KG to Class XII,co-educational institution, certified ISO 9001:2008 Certification. The school has a facility experiential learning of XSeed system till class VII.Evaluation based on the CCE system. XI,XII standard school offers education to Biology group, Computer Science group and Commerce group. The school provides latest teaching and learning methodologies along with special Coaching to senior seconday students for IIT-JEE,AIEE,NTSE,SAT.

    2.Montfort School - established in 2006,run by chrisitian religious congregation of the Montfort brothers of St.Gabriel, offers education from LKG to class XII, CBSE curriculum.Computer science is a compulsory subject from class I to X. Activities such as Dance,Painting,Music, Quiz,Elocution are also been conducted by the school.
    The school has Science lab,Computer Lab. Its also has many clubs such as Eco Club, Language Club,Adventure club, young scientist's forum, Quiz Club, Social Work Club, Maths Club and karate club, NCC. It also has kids park and playground. Games such as Basketball, Football, Kho-kho,Volleyball, Shuttle,etc. This school also has transportation facilities.

    3. Sri Vignesh Vidyalaya - established in the year 2006 and its been run by its own trust Sri Vignesh Educational Trust.its a Central Board of Seconday Education,offers education from class I to XII as per CBSE Curriculum.The school also has computer education. This school also has special coaching for JEE and AIPMT(IIT/NIT and Medical Entrance Exams). T.I.M.E institute conducts special entrance exam coaching. The school also has swimming,dance,music facilities. This school has spacious classrooms
    and well equipped laboratories for physics, Chemistry and Biology with all latest equipment, also the school has the Computer lab with LAN Connection, good auditorium along with the latest audio systems. The school also has transport facilities, swimming pool, playground, recreation rooms.

    4.Alpha Wisdom Vidyashram - established in 1993, run by the Alpha foundation for Education and Research. Co-educational institution, offers education from class I to XII based on the CBSE curriculum. This school also has physical fitness, emotional intelligence, knowledge, skills, spirituality, creativity and development. This school has unique methodologies. Also learning programms to provide deep knowledge on the subjects like English,Mathematics and Science. Special coaching for JEE and AIEEE along with their higher secondary subjects.It also has Music, dance and sports, with good facilities and infrastructure.
    Also has spacious classrooms, audio visual smart classrooms and multipurpose activity hall. Labs such as science lab, robotics lab, i create labs are also availableto enrich their practical knowledge. Sports such as Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, soccer, Frisbee, Athletics, Karate, Chess,etc. Clubs such as film club, theater workshops. Infirmary is available inside the campus to conduct health check-ups. This campus has CCTV surveillance system, along with fire extinguishers are also inside the campus.

    5. Kendriya Vidyalaya No 1 - established in the year 1966, offers education to students from class I to XII based on the CBSE Curriculum.Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,an autonomous body under the Government of India, manages Kendriya Vidyalaya. Grades such as XI and XII, offers education in two sreams Science Stream and Commerce Stream. School gives equal importance to academics, sports, games, conducts competitions on activities such as dance, music, eassy writing, poem, recitation, creative writing, Skit,etc. Clubs such as scouts and guides are also available. This school campus has activity room, spacious classrooms,
    medical room, smart board classrooms and playground. This campus also has interactive learning, the campus has two smart classrooms with digital resources like LCD projectors, computer and audio-visual equipment. Well-equipped physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab, junior science lab, multimedia room and three computer labs. Large play area and facilities for indoor and outdoor games such as Cricket,Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, kho-kho, kabaddi, Football and Basketball,Chess, Carrom and Table tennis.

    6. Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Vidyalaya- established in 1969, spread over 1.23 acres land and has 2 four storied blocks -R.V block and jagad Guru Block,affiliated to central Board of Secondary Education.This school is a co-educational institution pre-primary classes to grade X as per the CBSE Curriculum. Subjects like Language, Mathematics, Science and Social.The school also conducts Spoken English Classes and the students are also given knowledge on Computer Education.
    Indoor games facilities, dance room, gym and music room. Also facilitates library,well equipped laboratories such as physics,chemistry, Biology and computer along with playground and transport facilities.

    7. Sri Sivananda Balalaya - founded in 1997, affiliated to Central Board of Seconday education. Its a co-educational institution, offers education from pre-KG to class X as per the CBSE curriculum. The school conducts many events, Competitions and acitivities regulary. Physical,emotional,intellectual,mental and spiritual values are been developed among students. This school has two campuses in Trichy, one at the Vayalur road and the other one is at Krithika Gardens, Adavathur. Office of the management and pre-school classes are at Vayalur campus.
    Campus at Krithika Gardens, Adavathur is very large and has all the classes from pre-KG to X. The school is part of the green school project, both the campus installed with Solar LED lamps.This campus has spacious classrooms and smart classrooms along with seperate library, science lab and computer lab. Games, sports and arts are also availabe at this facility.

    8. Rajaji Vidyalaya - established in 1980 by Bakshina Bharat Hindi prachar Saba, Tamil Nadu. Co-educational institution affiliated to central Board of Seconday Education,New Delhi. This school offers education from Pre-KG to class X as per the CBSE curriculum. Subjects like Tamil, English, Hindi, sanskrit(optional), Mathematics, Science, Social, Computer and General knowledge subjects are given to student. Training on music, physical education, spoken English, Karate, yoga and Arts are also given to students.
    It has digital classrooms with latest technology. Has library facility, lab facilities for science, Maths and computer. Indoor and outdoor game facilities are also present. Transport facilities for students from distant places are also provided by the school.

    9. Sri Akilandeswari Vidyalaya - was started in the year 1975, affiliated to the Central Board of Seconday Education, New Delhi.The school offers education from pre-primary to class X as per the CBSE Curriculum. Co-educational institution with English medium.The students are evaluated based on CCE System. Practical education on computer are given to students. This school has good infrastructure with spacious classrooms, along with well equipped laboratories for science,Maths and Computer. Audio visual lab, along with interative learning and teaching environment to both the teachers and the students. This
    school conducts regular medical check-ups to the students. Includes textual studies, the school encourages the students to participate in the club and the literary activities. There are several clubs namely literary club, Eco club, Science club, Quiz club, Mathematics club, Consumer Awareness Club.

    10. Chelammal Vidhyaashram CBSE School - located in Musiri,Trichy, an affiliation to the CBSE board. This school has the secondary level as per the CBSE Curriculum. The school has the CCE System. They have partners who support the institution are NIIT eGuru, XSEED, Euro Kids, Educomp Smart Class, ZE Vidya, KARADI PATH,IECD,SRM CESD, Oxford University press. The school has spacious classrooms and facilitites for e-learning. The school is well equipped with science lab, Computer lab, library and multipurpose auditorium. The school has playground for primary and secondary school children. The school has facilities
    for sports such as table tennis, football, basketball, badminton, skating and tennis.The campus also consists of generators,fire protection system, filtered water.

    If a student is able and capable of studying in the CBSE school, the entrance exams will be much easier along with practice the student will be able to gain much knowledge about the education system and entrance examination passing for medical and engineering will be much easier.

    IGCSE Schools in Trichy

    The St.Joan of arc International SChool
    Adhavathur P.O, Others, Trichy - 620102
    Established in : 2005
    Curriculum : CBSE, IGCSE
    School Type: Co Education School

    JAIHIND International School
    No 4 Subramanium Building, Bharadhidasan Salai, Contonment, Thiruvanaikovil, Trichy 620005
    Established in : 2005
    Curriculum : ICSE, IGCSE
    School Type : Co Education School.

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