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    Suitability of topic of condition of skill development in India as a research paper

    Keen on taking up the topic of skill development in India as a research paper? Check the suggestions below to know if this would be an ideal topic to take up for research and strategic tips on which aspects could be covered on this topic.

    Is the topic "Skill Development in India and Improvisation" a good topic for writing a research paper? Unemployment being a severe issue prevailing in India currently, I wish to do research and develop some strategies in the field of skill development to mitigate the problem. Good policies might lack implementation skills resulting in overall drainage of a glass breaking idea so I wish to do research on the topic and expert suggestions on working on this could make my views better.
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  • Skill development in India and improvisation is a good topic for research. India is having a severe problem of unemployment. At the same time, there are many positions in the companies for which suitable persons are not available. There is a big gap between the demand and supply. The number of people with qualification is more but the quality is missing. This is mainly due to the lack of required skills and skill development is the need of the hour.
    A study about the various skills required for the industry in India and how to see that these skills are taught to the youth so that they will be fit for the positions available can be carried out.
    For this, there are two ways. One is to reorganise the present education system and reorienting the syllabus to suit the need. The second one is to design new diploma and certificate courses for graduates and postgraduates in various subjects so that they will acquire new skills and enhances their chances of getting employed.
    Even after starting a career the employee has to enhance his skills and get acquainted with the latest trends in the field. They have to get the skills required. So the courses for these people also to be designed so that they can get updated in the skills required.
    So definitely it will be a good study. I suggest you go ahead and try to do a good job. All the best to you.

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  • It prima facie appears a suitable subject but what matters most is how you are going to present it and how you are going to elaborate upon it in your research work.

    What I will suggest is first collect some data regarding the skills required today in the industries and other workplaces and find out that against this what is the strength of colleges or institutions in our country which are training the students in various skills. From this exercise, you will get an idea of the gaps in our system and then you can think of measures to remove them.

    While doing this exercise you have to find out whether students are getting a chance to visit the industries or not while they are completing their degrees or diplomas. If not, then you have to give suggestions in that regard in the endnotes of your thesis.

    Another thing which is very very important is the analysis of the existing educational system and in spite of so many universities and colleges around why we are not able to fill the gap of skill requirement in our country.

    Then comes the social aspect of this where skill jobs are perceived differently in the society than that of the simple white collar job. Does it hinder anyway in the promulgation of skills in the youngsters? These are some questions which are to be taken up and their answers are to be incorporated in the research work.

    This type of research will require a lot of statistical data related to students and educational subjects etc.

    The research work requires a lot of efforts in digging out the references and background material from the reliable sites in the internet and from the books in a library.

    If you can get a learned guide for your research work who is an expert in this area of skill development and its application in our country then your project will be easier and your goal will be achieved in a precise way.

    I have advised you a few points from my side but the final success totally depends on your involvement and hard work which you can undergo to pursue this interesting topic for your research.

    Knowledge is power.

  • We lack suitable diplomas or degrees which could enhance the employment- skill of the the aspirants undertaking such courses. A mere post - graduation degree in Hindi, Sanskrit or Urdu would not provide the employment - security unless one undertakes some diplomas such as Dairy - technology, Talley accounting etc.
    If you are interested to undertake some Reasearch in this area, you need to identify the areas where the job- potential can be enhanced. You may take the help of research- guide having extensive knowledge of the different fields which are job - oriented. Such datas could provide you a deep insight where gainful employment can be achieved.
    You will have to meet numerous VIPs such as authors, editors of different journals, professors of economics etc to get some inputs how the present education can be modified for the better employment oppurtunities in the current market.

  • Umesh Sir Thank u for so many valuable points. My query is where can I track people who are pro in this department ?

  • Jha sir. Thank you. I want to ask from where do I begin ? I know with time I will go deep into matter and hopefully come with something innovative but currently all roads look the same and I am confused from which specific topic should I start !

  • #154074 (Thunderwoman):

    Skill development is a big area and we have got many institutions in our country providing training on that as well as guiding the people in this respect. Govt of India has also identified the skill development as a thrust area and in that respect it is going to be an interesting and remunerative field in the near future.

    Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India, conducts courses as well as PhD in the area of mainly agriculture and animal husbandry but one can find out the role of skill management and application of knowledge dissemination in that field. ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) is also linked in these programs.

    You can get a lot of information about the area of skill development by visiting the site of Skill Development Bureau, UGC, Ministry of HRD, Govt of India.

    Under the National Skill Development Agency of Govt of India there is one section called National Skill Research Division. It gives opportunity for specific research in this field after selecting a particular subject.

    In private sector IISD (Indian Institute of Skill Development) is also giving courses and opportunity for project works which can be considered as a part of the PhD.

    Of course, apart from this, the major universities in our country have PhD facilities for various subjects and theme based projects and you can enquire in some of those universities for accommodation of the theme as chosen by you. Only thing which I mentioned earlier also is to get a good guide which is the crucial factor for success of such an ambitious project.

    Knowledge is power.

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