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    Which is the best course for Class 12 pass person of 20+age

    Searching for a suitable short-term course in computers for 12th pass people who is over twenty years of age? Learn from the expert answers provided at this page which course you could opt for in order to have a good future ahead.

    My last qualification is Class 12 and my age is 27 years. I wish to know which would be the best short-term course which would give me a good career. I like the computer field the most. Hence, I would like suggestions related to it about a 6-month or 8-month short-term course.
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  • What are you doing all these days after completing your 12th class? Are you employed anywhere or doing something on your own? Anyhow after 12th, there are many computer courses which will give you a better chance to get a job in the field of computers. A few such courses are mentioned here.
    1, Diploma in Animation- It is a multimedia level diploma. In this diploma 3D animation, animation and gaming course are included. The animation is known as the heart of games but the animation is also used in the presentation of graphics.
    2, Diploma in Web Designing & Development - It is a recognition course which gives training about web designing. Web designing is a specific field of IT in which aptitudes required for planning a site and related angles are included. This certificate is intended to give ideal data and abilities to deal with various programming that empowers the contender to plan a site.
    1. Diploma in Graphic Designing & Advertisement - This course will take care of industry demand for advertising art executives and graphic designers
    2, Diploma in Interior Designing - If one can learn interior designing course then he/she become an interior designer and get a good job. Interior designer is a person who plans, researches, coordinates and manage projects.
    3. Diploma in Digital Marketing - Digital marketing is a way of marketing through digital devices.
    4. Diploma in Game Designing & Development - This will give you insights about designing and developing computer games.
    5. Certificate Course in Web Designing - This course includes HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, models, image carousels.
    You can select any one from the above. I know people who made a diploma in interior design and going a good work and earning a lot. You can try that if you have an interest in that field.

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  • Assuming that you might have done your 12th class at an age of 17 or 18, you must be doing something during the last 9-10 years. That information would have been helpful for us to suggest you the future course of action.

    Anyway, let us not dig the past and as you have indicated that you have some interest in computer line then there are many specific sub areas in that where you can see your capabilities to be fully utilised in return for an appropriate financial compensation to you.

    As I am not aware of your experience and knowledge in the computer field so we will start from the lowest job position to other better avenues in the computer area.

    The basic work in computer starts from the data entry or typing type of work for which the only proficiency required is a good typing speed associated with some knowledge of word processor, excel sheets and may be power point for office presentations. These jobs come under the category of secretary or office help jobs. These are for beginners but they can become a good career option if one is laborious and has patience to sit with the boss till late in the night or may be on some holidays also. Simple computer courses of a one to two months duration are sufficient to make one aware of the basic office softwares in use. For example a one month certificate course in 'Office Automation' consisting of Basics of computer, Windows, MS Office, Communicating using Internet, Web Browser, Communication and Collaborations, Making small presentation etc will be sufficient for the above purpose.

    The next level is of computer system management in which the computer set up in the workplace and its day to day management right from checking of the battery back up to peripheral devices including the availability of consumables for a smooth functioning of the computer network in the office. Of course in case of breakdown you are not supposed to repair it rather you have to call the repair and maintenance people for the same as the computers in any workplace are generally on AMC. To get this type of job a certificate course in 'PC Assembly and Maintenance' consisting of Basic of computer and I/O devices, Study of monitors, memory, Hard disk and motherboard I/O ports, Graphic card, Installation of printer, modem, OS & scanner and Networking fundamentals is sufficient.

    Let us go up to the next higher level of knowledge acquisition which is the 'Certificate Course in Web Designing'. This is a good area and very interesting for those who are interested in the World Wide Web that is internet. This course generally comprises of the elements like - Introduction to Internet & Web, HTML, DHTML, JAVA Script, Flash PhotoShop, CSS Project on Website Development etc. This is a bit imaginative and creative type of work and may require some practice and hard work before achieving a particular level.

    If you understand that your capability is much above these then you may have to go one step ahead and go for the courses like - Interactive multimedia development, Animation and creative design, Certificate course in programming language(s), Certificate course in financial accounting (like - TALLY), Certificate course in PC, Hardware & Networking

    So depending upon your present calibre and aptitude you have to choose from the above lot and then apply for a commensurate job in this area of computers.

    If due to some reason you are not able to pursue your desire of working in computer areas then do not feel discouraged as there are many other job options right from office assistants to help staff in companies and industries and do not shy away from the small jobs. In fact small jobs are the one where you get a lot of learning and experience and then only you can switch to other better jobs.

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  • It seems you had you sat idle for around 8-10 years after doing the 12th class from your post or you completed you 12th at the age of 25 years. Anyways that's the past now. As you have mentioned that you have an interest in the computer so you should do something in IT field only as you may be able to do better in it. There are lots of courses available in the market in the computer after completion of 12th standard and all these courses are helpful in getting jobs. It may happen that you may not get a high salaried job in the starting but you may get once you gain experience. Here are a few courses :

    Diploma in animation and VFX.
    Diploma in web designing and development.
    Diploma in digital marketing.
    Diploma in graphics advertisement and designing.
    Diploma in software engineering.
    Diploma in game designing.
    Diploma in mobile application and development.
    Auto cad.
    Video editing and VFX.
    Web design training.
    Hardware courses.

    Apart from this one can do BCA from an open university like IGNOU or on regular basis. Then can pursue MCA depending on the interest.


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  • As your age is already 27 you may not be eligible to apply for various posts in junior level like office assistant, postman, storekeeper etc.

    You can think of joining some business house as salesman or inventory management or managing misc outside work for them. You can also think of supplying the household items to the houses in your locality.

    If you have interest you can think of supplying home made food to the houses. Now a days many families require this service and if food is home made and less spicy you can capture the market for it.

    You can also consider the distribution of merchandise from warehouse to the individual shops in which you can earn good commission.

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  • Even though, there is a little bit late in deciding a career from your end but it does not mean you cannot start a fresh in this area. Only the passion is to be developed in a particular module fascinating you.
    Since, there has been a considerable gap in initiating your effort, you may not got immediate benifit in getting a job in the IT area but there are certain short term courses yielding you a chance of gaining employment in a private - firm. You may think of the following certification courses for the prospects of the job-
    1) Diploma in Animation,
    2) A certificate course in the computer - language such as C ++, Java, oracle etc.
    3) A course in Hardware and Networking can provide you a job in the maintenance area of computer.
    4) Web designing course etc.
    These courses should be taken up with the reputed institution such as NIIT, APTECH etc for better familiarity with the programming.
    You can even think of your engagement in other fields as well such as undertaking tutions of the kids studying up to class seven standard. Your sincere interest in this area will offer you ample oppurtunity to earn substantially in the upcoming time.

  • A short-term course of the duration of 6 months-8 months won't provide you throughout your life. I am providing the link of an article giving details of some lesser-known courses which provide gainful employment. Please check the following link. It may help you.

    Know about some lesser-known technical courses with good job prospects

    If you want specific guidance, kindly indicate your desired profession/interest. The Members of ISC would definitely provide further guidance.

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  • There are very few 6 month courses after 12th / HSC. Have you had taken computer science in 11th and 12th?
    Important is what you were doing till age of 27 year? If you have no computer learning background then you have to start with ABC. There are state run courses like MS-CIT try for them. You can quickly run and be a tutor as well. If you really want to learn programming then you need a diploma to complete. Please plan for it.

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  • Hope you have opted for the computer as a major group in the 12th standard and passed with good grades.There are lot of computer courses to learn and practice after school and before getting into the college of your interest. Basically to start with the computers are to know what type of course you are interested in. Since you are 27 years old you might have came across a lot about computer courses for yourself of your interest. But even though there are basics about the computer the, This is for both the operating system for Windows and Mac.
    MS Office Applications consist of
    Microsoft Word - Full featured word processing program.
    Microsoft Excel - Its a Spreadsheet, that can be used for calculation, graphic tools, pivot tables, and macro
    programming language support for both operating system.
    Microsoft Power Point - Its a Presentation program.
    Microsoft OneNote - Free form of Note-taking program for windows.
    Microsoft Outlook - Its a email program for both the operating system.
    Microsoft publisher - Its a desktop publishing program, for windows operating systems.
    Microsoft Access - Its a database management solution, for windows operating systems.
    Skype for Business - Its an instant messaging client and unified communication application.
    Microsoft Info Path - Its a program that allows you to design, distribute, complete and submit Electronic
    forms. Its also choosen to add the infopath Web part to a Sharepoint online site.
    Windows 8 Apps - Office Applications, Excel,word are also in the Windows 8.
    Office Mobile for ipad/iphone - includes all Microsoft Office Application for Mobile.
    Office Mobile for Android - includes all Microsoft Office Application for Mobile.
    Office Mobile for windows Phone - includes all Microsoft office Application for Mobile.
    Office Mobile for windows 10 Tablets - Includes word mobile, Excel mobile, powerpoint mobile. Microsoft Application are also included.

    Data Entry - This need typing speed in the computer. Data Entry may be like filling forms,insurance forms,medical coding from a prescription. This have a standard salary based on the
    number of the forms filling online.

    These given below employment for Hardware, Networking and IT industry.
    1. "Certificate course in PC Hardware & Networking" --- This course gives the basic knowledge in computer hardware and peripherals for installation, PC assembly, troubleshooting and Maintenance
    including system management. Also helps in understanding taking backup and to undertake disaster prevention, a basic knowledge of TCP/IP networks work group, internet, intranet.
    The student will be as a 'Service Technician'
    Duration of the course is 80 hours. Minimum fees for this course will be 4000/- with a minimum eligibility is 10+2 pass with basic knowledge of computer.

    This course has a outline of
    1. Introduction to PC Hardware - 4 hours
    2. Hardware installation and configuration -4 hours
    3. PC debugging, troubleshooting and Maintenance - 4 hours
    4. Software installation and configuration -4 hours
    5. Networking Basic and configuration - 4 hours
    Theory - 20 Hours
    Practical - 60 Hours

    2. "Certificate Course in Network Administration - This course gives a description and execution of network administrator duties and utilities. From this student will learn to implement server organisation, user rights, user addition, maintenance of security and user accounting.

    The student will be as a 'Network Technician'
    Duration of the course will be 80 hours. Minimum fees for this course will be 4000/- with a minimum eligibility is 10+2 pass with basic knowledge of computer.

    This course has a outline of
    1. Introduction to Computer Networks - 2 hours
    2. Networking Hardware - 5 hours
    3. Computer Topology - 3 hours
    4. Network Protocol - 3 hours
    5. Network Configuration - 6 hours
    6. Network Models - 6 hours
    7. Types of Networks - 5 hours
    8. Transmission Medias - 3 hours
    9. Basic addressing - 4 hours
    10.Server Installation - 4 hours
    11. Basic network troubleshooting -9 hours
    Theory - 50 hours
    Practical - 30 hours
    Total - 80 hours

    3. "Diploma in Computer Application and Network Administration" - This course gives a latest knowledge in computer application and networking.

    The student will be as a 'Network Administrator'
    Duration of the course is 200 hours. Minimum fees for this course will be 10000/- with a minimum eligibility is 10+2 pass with basic knowledge of computer.
    This course has a outline of
    1. Computer Application - 20 hours
    a. Basic of Computer
    b. Microsoft Office 2010
    c. Installation of Operating System
    d. Installation of Application Software
    2. Computer Hardware and Peripherals -30 hours
    a. Assembling of PC
    b. CMOS setup
    c. CD Rom
    d. Printer,keyboard,SMPs
    e. PC Troubleshooting
    3. Networking -30 Hours
    a. Networking Fundamentals
    b. Network components/Hardware
    c. Network Configuration /Setup

    Theory - 80 Hours
    Practical - 120 hours
    Total 200 hours

    4. "Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance" - This course gives a latest knowledge in understanding of fundamentals of PC assembly.
    The student will be as a 'Service Technician'
    Duration of the course is 80 hours. Minimum fees for this course will be 4000/- with a minimum eligibility is 10+2 pass with basic knowledge of computer.
    This course has a outline of
    1. Basic of Computer, I/O devices -2 hours
    2. Monitors (CRT/LCD/LED), Memory - 6 hours
    3. Hard Disk (SATA,USB, Solid State) - 2 hours
    4. Study of different types of Mother board - 4 hours
    5. Study of different Buses - 2 hours
    6. I/O Ports, graphic cards - 2 hours
    7. Installation of printer/ modem / OS/ Scanner - 4 hours
    8. BIOS Set up - 2 hours
    9. Recovery & Trouble shooting - 2 hours
    10. Preventive maintenance and Anti Virus - 2hours
    11. Networking Fundamentals - 2 hours

    Theory - 30 Hours
    Practical - 50 hours
    Total 80 hours
    5. Diploma in Laptop maintenance and Wi-fi Networking - 6 months
    6. Advanced Diploma in Laptop Maintenance & Wi-Fi Networking - 1 year
    7. Certificate Course in Networking Technology - 6 weeks
    8. Computer Hardware Maintenance and Networking - 3 Months
    9. Diploma in Chip Level Technology - 6 Months

    Software Programming: There are few list of Programming Languages Java, Fortran, Basic, Pascal, Swift, Visual Basic, Lisp, APL, Elixir, Scratch, caml, kotlin, SNOBOL, Golo, thinBasic, Swift, cuneiform, Hermes, PL/M, Janus.
    The most famous languages are C,C++, Java,Core Java, EJB, structs, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, PL/SQL. If you are able to perform programming language to an intermediate level and obtain a certification in one of these languages ,with experience and able to handle the situtation your package is much better without a degree in the software industry. You can start as a fresher and earn a handfull of money.

    HTML, DHTML, XML,Java Script, VB Script, ASP are the most basic languages used for web designing.

    Graphics Designing : These certificates have a duration from 6 months to 1 year. These also offer a good package for the freshers with atleast
    one year of experience in industry.
    1. Certificate in Photoshop
    2. Certificate in Indesign
    3.Certificate in Illustrator
    4.Certificate in Photoshop for Fashion Design
    5.Certificate in Graphic Design
    6.Certificate in Flash, Dream weaver
    7. Certificate in 3ds Max
    8. Certificate in motion design
    9. Certificate in CorelDraw
    10. Certificate in Adobe Bridge
    11. Certificate in Adobe InDesign
    12. Certificate in QuarkXPress
    13. Certificate in Adobe After Effects

    Apart from these nowadays the advancement are the Certificate in the Application Development and the certification in the Mobile Application Development certificate in Programming in the Cloud Computing are the hot courses now.

  • your career should tally with your field of interest. As you already have chosen the right field for yourself, you should first start with a C.C.A (Certificate in computer application).
    It will include the basics of everything.
    Depending upon the one that attracts you the most, you can take your studies further in that subject.
    Today computer is a must in everything. For that you should first decide, whether you want to work with the software or Hardware.
    Software will have a huge competition, while Hardware will have a bit less.
    If you have a knack in working with tools, you can choose Computer Hardware and get enrolled in one of the basic courses in Computer Hardware. That is a stream that has heavy demand in the market, while the software sector is over-saturated.

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