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    Career Guidance in IT field after a gap of six years

    Confused about whether or not you would be able to get an IT job after completing your academics many years ago? Know from experts which IT fields are best to get a secure job now, even after a long gap since your last academic degree.

    I had completed B.Tech, in 2012. Is it possible to enter into the IT field now? If it's possible, which field of technology do I have to choose? Which are the technological fields in the current times which would provide me with a job within 3 to 4 months? I am in a lot of confusion so please guide me.
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  • I would suggest that you let us know more details for better guidance, namely:
    (1) In which field have you completed your B.Tech. course?
    (2) Did you do any other short-term or long-term course, even any Diploma course?
    (3) Do you have any job experience in other fields?

    Though I am not an IT expert, I had read some time back that data analysts and developers for websites, software and mobile apps will always be in demand. There has also been talk about how artificial intelligence is the next big thing in the world of technology.

    You could check out the career sections of reputed companies in the IT field to get a general idea of the kind of vacancies that are now available. Accordingly, perhaps it would be advisable to first update your skills in the relevant IT fields in which you are interested in and where your B.Tech. qualification would be acceptable as eligibility criteria. Maybe a short-term recognized certification course would help you to establish a stable career.

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  • Many of the IT companies prefer freshers are one year before pass outs. They will not consider people who completed 5 or 6 years back. The top companies like HCL, TCS, IBM, Infosys are very particular. So I am not sure of that. But What I suggest is try to take up some good computer certificate courses.
    The chances of entering into IT field depends on the subject what you have studied in your B.Tech. But you have not mentioned the same in your questions. So giving a correct is difficult. Anyhow, I am suggesting some courses which will enhance your chances of getting a job.

    1. Web designing is a good course for working independently. These courses deal with various elements of making and maintaining a website.
    2. VFX and Animation course will be dealing with various topics like visual effects, animation, 3D technology, graphics etc. But with the increased demand for VFX and Animation professionals, this course has become popular once again.
    3. Hardware and Networking courses are also good for getting a good placement.
    4. Software and Programming Language courses are also good for job procurement. One must learn programming languages like Java, C++ etc. Software developers are in much demand in IT companies.
    5. A tally is accounting software. Tally is trusted by many big companies and the Government to store and transfer financial statements.
    6. Microsoft Office and Typing courses is a simple course. It is meant for the person who doesn't know much about using computers. It covers topics like MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint etc.

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  • IT companies are are very particular that the aspirants must be a fresher ones and the maximum gap of unemployment should not exceed more than a year after they have passed out the qualifying examination. So at this juncture you have to acquire some certification course which are in demand in the different fields such as Software - programming, MS office, Hardware - Networking course , Talley accounting etc.
    It would be better to join either APTECH or NIIT for the specialisation of any of the languages such as Java, C++, Oracle etc so that you can develop the latest skill in any one of the languages.
    Hardware or Networking courses of the duration of one and half year will be helpful to you in gaining immediate employment provided you choose a right institution having their direct contact with the employers.
    Talley - accounting - course are much in demand in the financial sectors and to have a certification in this module would take hardly a year and the scope of employment is substantially high.
    Keeping in view of demand of the private tution, you may join a professional institute and start teaching the candidates interested to qualify the Engineering test. Choose any one subject out of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and such an involvement would prove to rewarding one in course of time.

  • You have done your B.Tech. about 6 years back. You have not indicated your occupation during this long time. That is required by us to know about your experience and proficiency in a particular area before we suggest certain career paths at this juncture.

    Anyway, in absence of that vital information I can mention some options to you and based on your capabilities and experience you can think of pursuing those career lines for yourself.

    As you have shown inclination for IT/ computer areas, first I will take up this. In this area a lot of advancements have taken place and there are various entry levels depending upon the skills one has acquired.

    The basic level is for routine computer management and office work like creating documents, excel sheets, presentations etc and managing the files in computer for quick retrieval which is more akin to a digital record keeping job.

    For such work a certificate course in Basic Computer Course will suffice.

    If your potential is higher then you can go for courses in web design, software languages, system management, repair and maintenance, JAWA, software testing, TALLY, digital marketing, VFX and animation etc. You have to pinpoint your interest and aptitude and then go for the certificate or diploma course in the selected branch.

    IT is not the only area for career making. There are many different career paths today which can be chosen and pursued.

    There is a boom in hotel and travel industry as more and more people are traveling for seeing the places around the world. Indian tourism industry is also doing good. You can consider doing a certificate or diploma course in travel and tourism and join some reputed travel company or even a good hotel.

    Please remove the notion from your mind that you are an engineer and can do only engineering jobs. It is not like that. A hard working person can be successful in any career line.

    Have you ever thought of working in insurance and risk management area. This is basically a commercial arena but after doing some basic course you can very well apply jobs related to it. There is going to be good scope in this niche area in future.

    What about joining a business house where there are jobs related to management of inventory and sales. This does not require any specific skill. With experience you can learn the tricks of the trade and can start your own retailing or supplying in future.

    If you have some interest in commercial area then doing a quick course in GST will give you an edge to apply in various business entities.

    If you have got interest in teaching then you can think of joining tutorial institutes and if your proficiency in teaching is established, you will be a sought after person soon.

    I want to mention that whatever line you choose for your career, take it seriously. Today there is a lot of competition and people are excelling in all the areas. One has to be very hard working, dedicated and focussed for his goals.

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  • There is no age constraint to get private jobs at least. First thing first , are you computer science engineer?
    If Yes , then you need to do some technical courses with certification. Usually prefer demanding language courses like .NET and Java.
    If No, then you need to do some non technical courses like Testing with certification. If you are really keen to learn languages then you need to get into some really good institutes like C DAC.
    Other choices than IT are to get into Teaching field. You are still have opportunity to opt for govt jobs so try for it as well. There are very good positions in government for Civil and electrical engineers. All the best.

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