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    How to get YouTube channel subscribers quickly?

    Eager to get a large number of subscribers to your YouTube channel? Get useful strategic tips to increase the number of subscribers quickly from the expert advice provided below.

    Since YouTube has set a benchmark of 1000 subscribers, it has become difficult to achieve that count to be eligible for YouTube earnings. Can you please suggest a quick way to attract subscribers? I usually post one video bi-weekly and get 1000 hits within a month.
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  • You can try the following ways.
    1. You give the link in sites like Facebook etc. By placing it the social media there is a chance that it will get wide publicity and many people may see this.
    2. Send a link to your various WhatsApp groups and ask them to forward it to the other groups in which they are there. Then it will get more clicks.
    3. Send an email to all your contacts by giving a link to your submission so that they will see and if they like it they may forward it to their friends.
    4. Send WhatsApp messages to all of your contacts requesting them to have a click on your videos which will give you a better chance of having more clicks fast.
    5. If you have a separate blog or website you can give a link in these places for your Video in Youtube.

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  • Youtube has become a crowded place. People have made so many channels there. Enormous data has been uploaded.

    In this scenario, the subscribers have also become choosy. They only like to go to top channels in terms of the quality. No one visits the mediocre sites or channels having seen the samples there.

    There are many techniques for increasing the traffic to your channel like linking it to the Facebook or Google+ or other such places but the fact is that until unless the quality of the content and the uniqueness of the content is there we can not hope for a phenomenal increase in the traffic.

    In each area or field or subject, there are thousands of channels covering the same things in different depictions. Only those who are good in their content and good in the audio-visual presentations will survive the commercial market.

    Once I was searching for a small video as an introduction to my lecture on Geophysical Well Logging Survey in Oil Wells to the IIT first year students. I did not get a good one as per my expectation and only after struggling for quite some time I was able to get one which was all right for me. It made a good impact and everyone was asking me its source after the lecture was over.

    So you have to think in the direction of improvement of the quality of your content or start a channel which has a unique theme.

    Recently, I have seen a channel which gives an analysis of various edible materials and cosmetic items available in the market and as it is a interesting subject it has attracted a lot of visitors in a short time.

    Knowledge is power.

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