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    Can I get IT related job after doing MCA through correspondence?

    Are you interested to know about the career prospects after completing MCA through correspondence? Check this ISC page to know from our experts.

    I have completed B.Com with Computer Applications in Regular College studies and Now I am doing MCA in Distance education. Because I am interested in IT Sector. What are the career opportunities for me and can I get a job abroad?
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  • In MCA you are supposed to learn a lot of things related to Computer areas like Financial Management, Accounting, Mathematics, Programming Languages like C, Java, ASP.Net, Web Development, Database Management System etc etc. You already have a commercial background in your graduation with emphasis in computer applications. With this in your academic portfolio, there should not be difficulty in securing a good job.

    Private companies as well as Govt organisations are hiring the MCA people for various functions and these are the people who run the major projects in these organisations. Some of the important jobs and roles a MCA will be handling are -

    1. Software Developer/Programmer/Engineer - These people are responsible for designing, installing, testing and maintaining the software systems used in an organisation or required by a client. They will interact with the clients to understand their needs and accordingly design the system for them. This has immense potential for creativity and imagination.

    2. System Analyst - These people work out the innovative solutions for increasing the efficiency of a business process. Their main task is to understand the present system and analyse it for suitable modifications to design better IT platform.

    3. Troubleshooter - These are the very important persons in the organisation and are instrumental in resolving the issues which crop up time to time in a particular project. They will check the work flow and find out the weak areas or bottlenecks in the system and take remedial measures so that no delay occurs in the project delivery.

    4. Software Consultant - A software consultant can be self employed or working in a consultancy company. His job is to evaluate a business process and suggest and advise suitable software solution for its growth. There is a good scope in this field.

    5. Software Application Architect - This is a slightly higher level work related to taking decisions in design of IT products or services. These persons are responsible to develop technical guidelines for tools and platforms.

    6. Hardware Engineer - This job is related to the hardware side and one has to work with the hard disk, PCBs, computer chips, connectors and wiring, printer, keyboard, router etc. This is a challenging job as each of the hardware part of a system should work properly and is to be installed effectively to give the requisite service. They are also involved in the testing of new hardware designed and produced for a specific purpose.

    7. Technical Writer - This job is for them who have a interest for writing technical materials. They are supposed to write the technical documents like user manual, specification, project plan etc related to various gadget. This area requires accurate and precise writing skills for creating high quality technical documents.

    8. Systems Developer/Engineer - They are the people engaged in writing codes and designing programs for operating system and other software. They are on their toes to develop more and more efficient codes and programs.

    9. Web Designer and Developer - This job pertains to designing and developing websites. These people should have imaginative thinking in their project work to create attractive and efficient websites and portals using softwares such as HTML, Dreamweaver, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash etc.

    So there are vast opportunities in IT area after MCA and one has to focus and choose the line as per one's interest.

    Regarding your query to get a job abroad, I will suggest that you first gain some experience here and then only apply in outside companies. There may be some requirement of English Language Proficiency Certificate which you can acquire online. In case, you can financially afford to do some computer course from a foreign university then it will give you opportunity to get job there itself after completion of the course.

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  • You can do MCA by correspondence course. Before deciding on the institute you firsts see that the university offering the course is recognised and the degree given that institute is valid by UGC. Then only you select the institute. Some Institutes give certificates but they are not valid if the UGC recognition is not there.
    Once you complete MCA, you will get many good positions related to software.
    Another advantage you have is your commerce background. That will also come in handy for procuring a good job.
    Computer Applications is nothing but using a computer for solving problems. This course will help you in meeting with the demand of qualified professionals in the IT field.
    The MCA course will have four contents
    1. The mathematics behind Computer Science,
    2. concepts in core computers and systems science,
    3. non-core computer courses,
    4. software development or design.

    Career & Jobs

    A lot of Job opportunities are available for MCAs. They will have great employment opportunities in top IT companies.
    At present people with good computer application skills are highly demanded in the IT sector. They can find jobs in government and the private sector.
    You can work in various areas such as banking, networking, IT companies, desktop publishing, etc.
    Initially, candidates will be given a few months of training. Thereafter, they can be taken into a regular job. They can start their career as an entry-level trainee programmer. Responsibilities of an IT professional is to develop, test and maintain software/applications.
    Candidates with MCA degree can also get jobs in the teaching field. They can also work as a lecturer in educational institutes.
    If you have an interest in web designing field, then you have to focus on languages like PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. If you want to go to the networking field, you have to skilled in SQL, LINUX, etc. Apart from studying subjects during the course, interested candidates can also get certification in CCNA, CCNP, CCIE to get a good position in the organization.
    Job Profiles:
    After completing MCA, the following jobs can be obtained
    1. Software Developer
    2. Computer System Analyst
    3. Software Engineer or Programmer
    4. Database Administrator
    5. Software Publisher
    6. Software Application Architect
    7. Software Consultant
    8. Hardware Engineer
    9; Web Designer/Web Developer
    10.Senior Technical Consultant
    11. Project Manager

    The following are some of the organisation who recruit MCAs.

    The postgraduates in MCA are hired by the private IT companies as well as government organizations. The recruiters are as follows:

    American Express

    These are only a few. There are many other organisations who will be employing MCAS.

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  • By acquiring MCA course through correspondance will certainly widen your career prospects if you could understand the application of different tools taught in MCA level and since your degree will be through the correspondance course, you need to compete with the aspirants doing the same course from a premier institution in the regular mode since they get a better exposure in terms of understanding the different tools by the learned faculties apart from excellent infrastructure relating to libraries and computers of high resolutions helping them to understand the basics of the course.
    You need to specialise certain area in other to get a gainful employment and you may choose one of the following for a better employability.
    1) Software testing - In this area, they will promptly deliver their service to the clients and suggest remedial steps to make the system effective in a given environment. They would be required to interact with the customers of the different levels for the upgradation of the system.
    2) Hard ware Engineers - They are the part of the software system offering maintenance in case it is required in a system. They will undertake the maintenance jobs of routers, connectors, key board or any part being defective in the system.
    3) To work in a college as a lecturer - You can sustain your career as a lecturer if you have passion for teaching.
    In the following IT companies, you may be hired provided you could outperform in the interview-
    1) TCS
    2) Infossys
    3) Wipro
    4) IBM
    5) Cognizant
    6) HCL etc.

  • Opportunities for MCA student -
    1. Almost all Software service based company hires MCA because of their technical skills. Look for jobs in jobs site like naukri ,indeed and monste.
    2. If you don't get job immediately then prefer to do any specialized courses from recommended institute which offers placements as well.

    Can I get a job abroad?
    This depends on which country you are preferring ? Almost all developed countries like UK and USA needs work permit which is employer dependent. So you see it is not that simple.

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