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    To prepare a website for the school

    Are you interested to design a website for your own institute? Go through this ISC page to learn from our experts how to start with.

    I am going to prepare a website for my school. I have some knowledge of computer. I want to know which sites provide cheap domain or server. Can I be able to prepare a website myself or should I have to hire a professional developer? I contacted few of developer but they want almost 15000 INR for developing a site.

    The members are requested to guide me, Which should be better for me? If I want to prepare a site myself, how can I go ahead? From where can I purchase domain and server? Would they provide me with the tools to develop my site?
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  • You can surely build up your own school website, as nowadays, GoDaddy and other sites are having in-built apps that help you design one. As you said you are not aware of how to get the domain and hosting, but this information you can get online. There are many "How to..." articles you will find to setup your website after buying hosting and domain. The usual companies from where most Indian bloggers buy their domains is GoDaddy or BigRock. When you go to buy their services, make sure you search for coupons codes. Usually, for the first year, the prices are quite cheap. Only later on, you will have to pay full price.

    The other thing coming in your way is the technicalities. That will restrict the functionalities of your website and won't give you the desired effect for the way in which you want it. For example, setting up, emails, online forms, loading content updates will pose a problem for you.

    If you think the price the website developers are asking is too high, let me enlighten you, that you can get it done in much cheaper rates - in as good rates as 3500 INR and even below. You can even post your requirement on Facebook groups and state your budget if you have any. There you won't have to spend a penny to get in touch with several website designers, and you can choose the one which suits your budget. You can also look at some Freelancer websites for hiring people.

  • Designing a website requires the knowledge of some software tools like HTML, Dreamweaver etc and it is also an imaginative work as how to keep your different elements on the web page so that the surfer has a convenient surfing in your site. The menu and buttons for going deeper into the webpage are to be conspicuously and distinguishably placed on the home page.

    The easiest way to create a website is go to some of the sites in the internet which help in selecting the tailor-made web templates and designs to choose from. There are free options as well as premium plans. To begin with you can even go with a free design and if required go for the premium version. Some of these sites provide 1 year free domain name ( with .com, .in, .org and other extensions ) also which is renewal for about Rs 2000 - 3000/ year afterwards.

    The advantage of using these sites for website building is that one need not to know the programming languages or other tools as the site will do it for you in a step by step procedure.
    You can select the various design temples and menu placements from the various options available.

    I found that is one of the best out of the lot. You can also asses the other sites like,,, web etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The following are the steps involved in making your website.
    A.. Select a domain name.: It is the address of your website. Generally for businesses, one can have domain names that are the same as their business names. One can pick a domain name to include any text phrase as long as it is not already taken.
    There are two costs associated with getting your own domain name:
    1. The cost to buy a domain name
    2. Cost to keep your domain name registered every year.
    Godaddy and Namecheap are very popular in providing the domain name.
    B. Make an email address that is specific for your website: The most common business email addresses format actually uses the business domain name.
    To Get a custom business email address is easy, fast and cheap these days. I recommend using G Suite which is powered by Google.
    The cost per month per email address is a very reasonable price to pay to get your own customized email address. If you go for G Suite, Google manages everything.
    C. Select a business website builder: It is an important step. you have to choose a right website builder software based on the needs, There are many website builders. But they all have their own sets of pros and cons. You can select any one which suits you. The following four are very famous.
    3. Squarespace
    4. Wordpress.
    D. Website template design: It is a pre-made website design that can be added to your website to instantly create a professional looking website without the need of hiring a website designer.
    you can find good WordPress templates at WooThemes and Mojo Marketplace.D rag & drop web builders offer free templates to choose.
    E. Inserting content and images into your website.: This is an important part of your web building and a lot of time will be spent on this. What that content depends on what you do. You'll need 'About' and 'Contact' pages. Beyond that, there are things like homepage copy, blog posts images, and descriptions to think about.
    This entire process will not cost you much and can be done easily.

    always confident

  • There are many websites which provide a domain name as well as guide in designing a website. They charge some money on yearly basis and you can keep the domain for your use.

    As the competition in providing the web design and domain hosting has been steadily increasing the rates are also coming down. You can have a better deal if you visit some such sites and compare their facilities etc. Hiring a computer professional for the task will be a costly affair though that will be a smooth ride for you.

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  • Its nice that you want to prepare a site. But I think you can prepare on your own if you have knowledge on computer as you mentioned in query. Before creating a site you need to decide two things.
    1) Whether you want a independent site named on your school and even if you don't think if its costly. Then you can hire a developer for a handsome site.
    2) Other wise you can create a site by blogging in e blogger. Its very simple for your basic school advertising site. This is actually handled by google. You can create links within the page. But you will not have a site instead blog, where you can advertise that blog link in different ad sites for your publicity of school. If you need more details you can just login to your gmail and just go to eblogger at right hand which represents like E with orange background. For detail information regarding this you can just check in you tube for e blogging in blogger.
    I think this will help you initially for your school. Even it works out at no cost.

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