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    Procedure for Interstate transfer of private vehicles

    Have a query about inter state transfer of vehicles? Looking out for the detailed procedure to carry out the transfer? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the detailed procedure, list of agencies who can help you in this regard.

    I am having a four wheeler registered in Bangalore. I would like to transfer this vehicle to Chennai.
    Please let me know whether I have to do to register the vehicle in Chennai by paying road tax there? I paid 10 years road tax in Karnataka while buying the Car. If I have to pay road tax in TN, will the tax paid at Karnataka be reimbursed? How long it will take for all these transfer procedure? Is any agency providing this service in Bangalore?
    How long I can use this vehicle in Chennai with Karnataka registration number?
    Also, I heard no need of registration of the private vehicles if the vehicle is more than 2 years old?
    I think, people having transferable jobs like Bank employees face this problem frequently.
    Anybody having personal experience and knowledge about this, please answer.
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  • The following are the steps involved in the transfer of a vehicle from one State to another State.
    1. A no objection certificate is to be obtained from the State you are staying presently. Earlier days you had to contact the concerned RTO and obtain it. But these days you can get it online also.
    2. Then you have to re-register it in your new State. The procedure to be followed is like a fresh registration only. But recently the central government decided that re-registration is not required for vehicles which are older by more than 2 years.
    3. The road taxes are not the same in all the States. Whatever you have paid in the old state can be taken back and in new State, you have to pay as per the rules there. The reimbursement may not come immediately. You will get it back only after shifting and paying your tax there .
    4. The vehicles which are older than 2 years are exempted from payment of road tax again. You are also exempted from paying the tax if the tax difference between the state from where you are shifting and the state you are shifting to is less than 2%.

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  • You can follow the steps described below to transfer your vehicle from one State to another.
    1. You have to obtain a no objection certificate from the Department of Transport of the State you are right now staying at. You can do this online through the concerned website of state transport permissions.
    2. Next you have to register your vehicle in the new State you are going to shift. But according to the recently announced rules and regulations from the central government you can skip this process, if the age of your vehicle is more than 2 years.
    3. For the road taxes, the rules are however not the same between the States. You have to pay the taxes according to the rules of that state .
    Though you can file for the reimbursement from the earlier state it might take some time to get processed.

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