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    What are pros and cons of flats on 19th floor or 1st floor in 21 floor building?

    Confused between staying on the first follow or the top floor of a highrise? Looking out for the detailed list of pros and cons for a healthy living? Check out this page and get to know which is the best option to choose.

    Different people have different opinions. For instance some people say to have flat on first floor to avoid issues in case of lift not working where as having flat on 19th floor gives you a city view.
    So what is best option for healthy living?
    Consider building has 21 floors.
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  • It is basically the personal liking and one can choose any floor in the building. Some people like the view from the top floors and they want to live in top floors only. It is true that it gives a panoromic view around the building.

    Other factor is convenience of going out to ground floor quickly from which angle staying in lower floors is preferable otherwise you will have to wait for lift every time.

    One more point is on the upper floors, generally dust will be less and attack of mosquitoes and other insects will be very less.

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  • 1. If the flat is in 1st-floor privacy will be a factor. Interference of people will be there as many people will be coming and going. People going up and down sounds will be creating problems.
    2. Noise will be more if you are on the first floor. The street vehicle sounds will be more. The people walking and lift opening and closing noises will be disturbing you.
    3. Energy consumption may be less on the first floor.
    4. Time consumption may be more to commute to and from the flat based on the availability of lift. Generally, the high rise buildings will have to fail back arrangements for power failures.
    5. With children and old parents it is always better to have a flat on the ist floor.
    6. Another point we have to see is the water seepage and drainage problems will be more for lower apartments.
    7. Ventilation will be better in upper apartments.
    These are the point s that are coming to my mind. Based on the condition of the family and other consideration we have to decide which is better. We can't say that this floor is better and the other is not better. This will vary from individual to individual and family to family.

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  • Your query is about which floor would be ideal for healthy living. I do not think the floor on which the flat is would determine whether or not the residents in it would have a healthy life! Surely one's lifestyle, nutrition and taking care of one's health generally would determine this.

    You mention a 21-storey building. In that case, it is highly likely that the builder would have made provisions for parking. Nowadays parking options have increased, with not just spaces in the compound or the basement but even tiered multi-leval parking with the flats starting at a higher level. Hence, if one is residing on the floor immediately above, one is likely to be disturbed by the constant going and coming of vehicles. Those who are totally averse to noise should then opt for at least the second floor or higher.

    With regard to higher floors, especially above the 10th floor, I have had input from those who bought flats on the 14th and 18th floors about the horrendous rattling of windows and doors, even when tightly shut, during strong winds, especially during the monsoon season. Just the noise of the howling wind and the heavy rain is also unbelievably high. One person even told me how the window's glass cracked because of the wind's velocity. Then there is the problem of the lift breaking down. If there is no back-up automatic generator, then it will be a major problem. It is very tiring for most people to climb up stairs beyond, say, the fifth floor, and if there are senior citizens, then it is really tough. Most important are the difficulties faced during an emergency, such as when there is a fire. Even if the building has received a green signal from local fire officials, there is the possibility that the installed fire system does not function due to non-maintenance or a sudden break-down. One is not supposed to use the lift at such times due to the possibility of being trapped in it. There may be other such possible hazards which one should consider before selecting a flat on the upper floors.

    Basically, the residents of upper floors need to keep in mind that while they have the advantage of a superb view and are away from most noises as well as less likely to have a mosquito menace if this is common in the location, there are more disadvantages actually.

    Looking beyond the floor level, there are other dimensions as well. For example, one could also consider whether the flat has front-facing windows or these open on the rear or corner/sides. I know of people who, when they went house-hunting, specifically told the real estate broker that they would like a front-facing flat so that when they looked out they could see the main road and people around, thus not feeling that they were totally cut off.

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  • There are pros and cons of living on the top floor:

    1. Noise and privacy: Those who dislike street noise of traffic and other things then it's better to choose the flat on the top floors as on top floors you do not hear such noises. Also, the crime rate on the top floors is likely to be less on top floors compared to the first and second floor.
    2. Energy consumption: Energy consumption is higher on the top floor as one has to use AC on them for 24hours especially in summer compared to the floors near to the ground.
    3. Family consideration: If you have kids and elderly people then it's better to choose the ground or first floor as when the lift goes in breakdown it becomes tough to go down and up.
    4. Rental returns are more on the floors near to the ground than on the top floor.
    5. Light and ventilation: light and ventilation are better on the top floors than on the ground floors and one can have a view of the location from the top floors.

    Hope these tips are helpful for you to decidee which floor should you purchase..


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  • Most of the people like to live in upper floors. The reasons are many. There is less dust and pollen grains coming to upper floors. These are the cause of allergies and other ailments in human beings. These floors are away from the traffic noise on the roads. There is great view from the upper floors and one can just sit in the balcony and enjoy the scenery outside. Due to these positive aspects some builders are also charging slightly more price for the upper floors.

    Some people may like to occupy the lower floors in view of its quick approach to the park and shops below. Some people are frequently going out of the house multiple times in a day. They may not like to wait for the lift and also may not like to use staircases in emergency. Especially if old people are in the house it may be desirable to have lower floors.

    So the pros and cons are there and one has to take a decision as per ones requirement and family setup.

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  • There are certain advantages in living the lower floors and some of the favouring points for liking the same are-
    1) We would not face inconvenience in case the lift is out of order/ under maintenance. We can straight way reach the destination with a lesser effort in case, the residence is is on the lower floors such as first or ground one.
    2) Normally we don't allow the minor children to use lifts since they can mishandle the same. So for them lower floors or still better the ground floors can be the preferred destination.
    3) Higher the altitude of the floors, higher would be the prevalence of heat in the rooms calling for installation of AC's.
    4) The occupants would be less independent on the usage of lifts because of enjoying the lower floors.
    5) There is much demand for the lower floors apartment and such this becomes saleable in a more convenient way.
    However, there are other factors for the likeness of the top floors such as arresting noise pollution, maintenance of privacy, safety angle is comparatively better on top floors.

  • I would think of calamities first. If its an earthquake prone state I would avoid higher floors. The lower you stay, the easier it is to get out. If its a very windy state I would like to live in lower floors. If it is a coastal state I would like to occupy higher floors for better view and safety. That is just my paranoia speaking. Ideally a flat with 21 stories or 19 floors have atleast four lifts. So lifts being out of order is out of concern. Even if it was, then you could use the "emergency stairs" that these flats have. These stairs often are shorter and are made to climb right vertically along with the elevators. So they get you to your floor faster than the regular stairs. But again that is an extreme scenario. I don't know about healthy living, but for lavish living choose the higher floors. Walk more. Take the house that is farther away from the lift. You are safe from dust and pollution in higher floors.
    Vehicles disturb you in lower floors and winds at higher, so noise is always there. Summers and rains can be quiet inconvenient though at higher floors. Higher floors are often costlier, aren't they?

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  • There are a few factors which have to be analysed for their pros and cons in this regard.

    1. The relative cost:
    There may be some escalation of cost on the floor rise . In that case a flat on 19 th floor is costlier. and a flat in Ist floor is cheaper. It can be reverse also in some cases. So that point has to be evaluated.

    2. Ascending and descending issues:
    There can be emergencies, (God forbid that), like (a) serious and critical sickness needing fast transfer to hospital(b) situation needing speedy evacuation (c) power failure and back up failure etc. In such cases a flat on 19 th floor can be a handicap and risky. The one on Ist floor can be more beneficial.

    3. Ventilation and scenic view
    In this regard a flat on 19th floor is like living on the sky and looking downward.. You get such a lovely view of the world around and you will feel as"lord of all that I see". The breeze and ventilation especially if you are near the sea cost or riverbank will be just to be experienced.
    However, there is also chance of wind shear sound and vibrations caused by wind.
    In areas prone to lightning and thunder, the disturbance is more on top floors. Hence the building needs strong and secure earthing and suitable lightning protection.

    4. Water supply from overhead tank
    The pressure of water flow from overhead tank will be more in a flat on Ist floor than on 19 th floor. It can be good generally; and bad at some times like when the tap is leaking or faulty.

    5. Clogging and choking of drains.
    If all residents are not properly following community living principles, and if the maintenance is not good, there are chances that the drains get clogged and choked. Sometimes these cause problems like back flow from the drains and even closets. In such situations, back flow can happen not just in ground floor flat, but even in first floor.

    6. Lighting, and Noise and dust pollution
    Generally flats on higher floors have lesser noise and dust pollution. The flats may look far newer and cleaner in comparison to a first floor flat. They will have more light coming in because of lack of hindrances.

    7. Mobile signal:
    Though this depends on many factors,in general, if the signals are strong, then a flat on 19 th floor will have better reception than a flat on first floor.

    8 Repairs and maintenance
    Repairs to external portions like windows,sills balcony grills and painting etc are more difficult on a flat on 19th floor than on first floor.

    9. Servants, service providers, delivery boys,guests:
    In many cases it is experience that people in the above category have less preference for flats on higher floors for the reasons mentioned in point 2. Elder members and guests also do not prefer floors in such high rise floor. Elders like to meet and talk with residents and this necessitates their going up and down. So naturally they will feel handicapped on the 19 th floor than in first floor.

    10. Contact with other residents
    Generally the residents in first floor will have more contact and friends with other residents. This is because they can easily come down to the ground or climb up o their flats . This makes them stand on the ground or entrance and meet others coming out and going in. Moreover, they will be more sensitive to the movement sounds around and can view what is happening around better.

    11. Mosquitoes and other general pests
    Flat on 19th floor will have much less or even nil mosquito problem. Even the rat and cockroach problem also will be less at least in early years and if the complex/building properly maintained with pest control.

    The above are the general factors one has to consider and choose as per one's own and other family members'age., cost affordability, reliability of facilities, one's own aesthetic sense and available free time etc.

  • Well its completely up to you which floor would you like to prefer. There are both advantages or disadvantage of floors as every thing has two sides -

    Ground Floor - Positive Impact -
    Ground floor flats have lower power consumption.
    It is easy to get out of the lift or in case of an accident. However, those living on the ground floor have to face the noise of noise and pollution.
    Ground floor - Negative -
    More noise and more air pollution would be there as compare to 19th floor.
    In rainy season many insects can be entered in lower floors.
    Getting more disturbance by the vehicles sounds.

    19th Floor - Positive -
    Closer to the nature as you can walk on the terrace.
    Pure air feel when you sit on the Balcony.
    No insects issue and you will be more safe from mosquitoes when compared with ground floor.
    19th Floor - Negative -
    Lift issue is always there if any problem in lift it would be hard for you to manage.
    When you buy some new household products which is larger in size it could be a problem to reach them at 19th floor.

    So there are both Pros and cons of both floor, so take your decision as per your liking with a discussion of your family and do not worry too much about the floors just be aware about the environment of near people with whom you may interacted on daily basis.

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