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    Is it worth doing PhD from Amity Manesar?

    Confused about taking up a PhD offer from Amity Manesar by signing a bond? Looking out for advice to resolve this confusion? Check out this Ask Expert page where the responses can help you to decide whether this offer is worth it.

    I recently get connected to one of the professor at RCB, Faridabad for the position in his lab. By seeing my profile he is interested in offering one of the project as PhD student but I have to register for PhD at Amity Manesar not at RCB Faridabad.
    As the project is collaborative one, there are four institutions involved Amity, RCB, NII Delhi, and AIMS.
    My question is whether Amity Manesar is good for doing PhD and he also asked me to fill the bond for 5 years that I wont leave the project. Kindly guide regarding this.
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  • 1. Amity University, Manesar is a good and UGC recognised University. The university had all the required recognitions. The degrees they award are recognised and considered for appointment by the government and private organisations and institutions. So you can register for your PhD at this University. There is no problem.

    but the problem is

    2. The execution of a bond for 5 years is not a wise step. There is no guarantee that after 5 years they provide you with any job. Generally, many people will try for a job while working for their PhD and once they get the job they will join and try to complete their PhD degree. So waiting for 5 years without searching for a job is a little risky.
    3. Many of these bonds may not stand in the courts.
    So I suggest you take the format of the bond and show it to a good practising lawyer and take his opinion regarding signing on the bond for this fellowship.
    If I have to take up this, I will say no to bond. Without the bond, I will accept this offer.

    always confident

  • There is no issue in undertaking your project work in the Amity University, Manesar as it is approved one under the UGC. If they are giving you scholarship or stipend then they will seek bond from you.

    If you are really interested in doing the PhD in the particular subject then it is a good proposition. The positive side is the collaborative project so you will have access to the facilities in the other institutions and in fact it will help you in enhancing your academic networking which helps in seeking teaching or fellow jobs in these institutions or the affiliated ones.

    I suggest you to go for the bond and with hard work and focussed approach you will not only be able to complete your PhD in time but they may suitably absorb you in some fellowship or other engagement till you get a main stream job.

    You may be well aware that today the job position in our country is awfully bad and one must take up the earliest opportunity of enhancing ones academic strength and if you are getting a chance to do PhD with a grant, avail it.

    Knowledge is power.

  • As the Amity Manesar University is a UGC recognized one, there is no harm in registering yourself as a Ph.D student there. But I would suggest you the following before you take the final decision.

    1. Visit the University website and read about the Ph.D rules and regulations carefully .
    2. If there is no mention of such bonds in the written rules and regulations of the University, it indicates, that this is a bond only the Professor is asking you to sign for his own benefits.
    3. In that case, avoid this deal.
    4, Simultaneously, look for Ph.D courses offered in other Universities as well.
    5. Read the UGC norms on Ph.D and as per my personal knowledge goes, there isn't any such bond mentioned as a regulationby UGC.
    6. Currently an Admission Test has been compulsory for getting Admission for a Ph.D course. If your Professor is not talking about this, better avoid this entire deal and try in other places, from where you feel like studying.

  • Amity University Manesar is a recognised university having its affiliation with UGC and as far as faculties within the same campus is concerned, they maintain the pull of experienced professors capable of directing the fellow students in the most amicable ways.
    Hence to persue a doctorate degree from the university such as Amity would prove to be benificial one in your teaching - career.
    However, the part where you need to submit a bond indicating your retention for five years is beyond my comprehension and you need to approach the university - officials how relevant it could be if the doctorate degree is opted for from the same university. It would be a way of discouraging you from undertaking any employment with any agency in course of undertaking the doctorate - programme.
    Such a deal does not sound healthy while the other parameters such as faculty, campus and other infrastructure appear to be healthy.
    You may look out for the doctorate - programme from the other universities as well where you get the experienced faculties to sustain your research - work and you may ignore Amity University if they are rigid on furnishing a bond.

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