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    Which is the best animation course in India?

    Interested in creating animated short stories and rhymes using animation software? Confused about choosing the best animation software? Here, on this Ask Expert page check out the responses which will enable you to take a judicious decision.

    I am very much interested in creating animated short stories. There are several ready animation softwares available, but it is little difficult to follow. I have a plan to take a short term course in animation.
    Which is the best animation course in India?
    My aim is to create short animation stories and animated rhymes.
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  • The following are some of the short term animation courses you can think about.
    1. Animation Prime Animation Film Design (AFD)
    2. VFX Prime VFX Film Making.
    3. Graphics, Web Design & Development Web Design Print & Publishing.
    4. UI-UX Design.
    5, Digital Advertising Design & Marketing Digital Marketing.
    6. Broadcast Prime.
    7. Web Design & Development Program Multimedia Design Program Design & Publishing Program.
    There are many institutes offering these courses.

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  • There are many applications with the help of which one can learn the animation but that is a cumbersome process and best course of action is go for some short term course and learn it there.

    There are many computer institutes which are conducting short term courses in animation and animation related skills. Some of them are as follows -

    (1) Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) - It is an Aptech group company and has got centres all across the country in major cities. It offers courses in 3D animation, VFX, Multimedia & Design, Gaming Design etc.

    (2) ADMEC Multimedia Institute - They have centres at some select places and offer online training also. Their courses cover Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Video Editing, Multimedia, 3D Animation, Architecture Designing, Interior Designing, AutoCAD etc.

    (3) Arena Animation - They also have centres in many places and also have online mode. Their courses cover Animation, VFX & Post Production, Web Design & Development, Architectural Design & Visualisation etc.

    (4) Compufield Computer Institute, Mumbai - They are available in Mumbai and offer courses in 3D Animation, Digital Graphics, Video Editing etc.

    Apart from above there are many computer institutes in the towns and cities where one can gain this knowledge. Please note that the instructors will only guide you how to do it but rest depends on your imagination and hard work.

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  • Here is a list of the best Institutions that provide several courses of Animation along with their websites. Please visit them one by one to find the course that suits you the best. But I would suggest you to get enrolled in a chain of courses that will make your foundation stronger. One isolated course will not allow your skills to develop and mature. If you have decided on this stream, you need to make it as much mainstream as possible. Today, a career in Animation and Graphics is ever-increasing spread all over the world. Hence choose your course carefully.

    1. National Institute of Film And Fine Arts

    2. St. Xavier's College

    3. Maya Institute Of Advanced Cinematic (MAAC)

    4. Arena Animation

    5. F X School

    6. Picasso Animation College

    7. Mayabious Academy

    8. Toonz Academy

    9. Zee Institute of Creative Art (ZICA)

    10. Whistling Woods International Institute

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