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    Is it safe for my hair to do permanent hair straightening in beauty salon, once a year?

    Have a query about permanent hair straightening? Worried if it results in any negative impact like dryness, dandruff or hairball? No worries, you can scroll through this page where our ISC Experts have provided advice regarding whether it is good to opt for permanent hair straightening.

    Hello, I had already done permanent hair straightening for my hair and in last month (Dec 2018)was my third time to do the same. But now I am observing some changes to my hair like dryness, heavy dandruff, hairfall while washing my hair and later on as time passes heavy hairfall while combing my hair too. I just wanted suggestions regarding all this, whether I should continue maintaining my straight hair by permanent hair straightening or I should quit this and live with my curly hair?
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  • Any type of modification to natural hair is often risky and will damage your hair to an extent. Heat from straightening can damage your follicles. Proper hair care must be taken after straightening. Don't straighten your hair often. Use lukewarm water to shower. Oil your hair once every three to four days. Condition it frequently to escape frizzes, which can damage your hair. And also always try not to brush wet hair. Wet hair must always be combed. Escape tangles basically to avoid damaging your hair.

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  • Hair straightening is now a days a common cosmetic measure adopted by people but it has some inherent risks and side effects also.

    During the straightening procedure the moisture of hairs is reduced due to heating and ironing and that makes the hairs dull and dry. So one should not go for straightening procedure frequently.

    The dryness in the hairs leads to the weakness in them and they start to have problems like split end and hair fall.

    Once in six months or may be one year seems to be a safe option but more sessions than that is going to harm the hairs and should be avoided. We should not compromise the well being of our body and body parts just to meet the fashion demands in the society.

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  • Hair straightening involves some procedure of heating and pressing the hairs and is an unnatural way of dealing with them. It is definitely harmful especially if the frequency of doing it is more.

    I remember there was a time when people wanted to have curly hairs and they went to the saloons for making them curly by tieing them for a long time etc.

    The fashion is changing and in that blind race we are unnecessarily harming our hairs with artificial methods.

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  • Artificial hair straightening of hair very frequently is not advisable. It will increase the rate of hair falling down. So I recommend not to go for it regularly. You may go once in a year which will make your hair better. Actually for many people curved hair looks much better than straightened hair.
    In earlier days people used to have long hairs and always trying to have curved hair. Special combs were used to be available. In the same now by using combs and clips by your own you van try to make the hair straight.

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  • Hair - straightening is the process in which the hair is subjected to intense pressure in an artificial manner for a duration where is the process of straightening of hair takes place under the condition of heating and pressing of the hairs. This process damages the follicles and as a result hair - fall will take place later.
    The natural moisturiser of the scalp is lost during the process of straightening causing dryness of the hair.
    If you want to have this result, the best way would be to try at home. After the shampoo, conditioner is to be applied, rinse it thoroughly. After five minutes, combing of the hairs can be done. Prior to shampoo, you may apply Almond - oil in night with the gentle massage for roughly ten minutes providing strength to your hair thereby arresting hair - fall.

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