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    Is a post graduate degree through distant education valid for teaching jobs?

    Are you in doubt whether an LLM degree obtained through distant education mode would be sufficient to make you eligible for a teaching job? Just check out the opinion of our experts in this thread.

    One of my friends has completed LLM course through distance education from the Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh. Is he eligible for getting a teaching position in either government or private law colleges? Does he have to pass some other tests? Please advice.
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  • For getting a lecturer job one has to qualify the national level NET test and only after that one can apply for it in various universities or colleges.

    There are some private colleges and coaching centres who are not particular about this and engage people without NET also but they may not give a good salary.

    It is better to go for NET and try to score as much as possible because that has got a merit at the time of applying for lecturer job.

    Alternatively one can even think of doing some research work and complete a PhD after which NET is not required and one can apply directly for the lecturer post.

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  • As far as I know, LLB degree acquired through correspondence is not recognized in India. But I am not very sure about LLM degree. If your friend acquires the LLB degree in regular mode and then he acquires LLM degree through correspondence, then he will be eligible to appear in the NET provided he secures more than 50% marks in LLM degree examination (assuming he is a General Category candidate). The University (Acharya Nagarjuna University) is UGC-recognized.

    I would suggest your friend to get the status of his degree checked from the UGC (Helpline Nos.: 011-23604446, 011-23604200 )

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  • Acharya Nagarjuna University is a UGC recognised University and the degrees awarded by this University are recognised for all practical purposes. So you are eligible for lecturer post provided you qualify in the NET examination. Once you are qualified you will get lecturer post with UGC scales. There are many private colleges where they will offer you lecturer post but the payment may be very less. Otherwise, you have to complete PhD in the concerned subject and then you will be eligible for lecturer post and there is no need for you to write the NET examination. Again if you want to get a scholarship during your PhD you have to get qualified in the NET. Otherwise, you can join in a private college as a lecturer and while working there you can work for your PhD so that you will get qualified for UGC scales lecturer post in any government colleges also.

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  • The open universities have been established with the sole intention of providing oppurtunities to the aspirants interested for acquiring a qualification involving less cost and to have freedom in persuing studies in their convenient time.
    However, before one proceeds to undertake a degre from an open university, the status of its UGC affiliation has to be verified in order to avoid unnecessary harassment later on. Acharya Nagarjun University is a recognised university having its affiliation through UGC.
    Hence you can go ahead for the degree LLM from the same university and ensure that your aggregate mark should not fall less than 55 percent in agreegate so that you become eligible for NET examination.
    Once you qualify the test of NET, yo will considered for the post of Lecturership in a government college as per your merit. You should concentrate on your studies with full devotion so as to clear both your LLM degree and NET for your permanent career in the Lecturership..

  • Its good your friend has acquired the degree LLM, through correspondence course from the Acharya Nagarjuna University.There are lot of private institutes, private coaching centers offering job for LLM if the marks obtained is good, more than average. The salary is also competitive if knowledge is good in the subject and especially with experience in the field of education. If you are looking for job in the public college or university, they will be looking for a full time education with good marks and percentage in LLM. Even Part time from the higher institutes are often considered after a thorough interview and the candidate for that job should be suitable with knowledge and experience in order to provide a good package. Some private colleges, universities like deemed universities requires NET to provide a good package according to the government scale.

  • Institutions which are approved under the criterion laid down by the apex organisation UGC, are allowed to conduct the different courses and award degrees to the students. UGC, time to time, checks the functioning of these institutions physically as well as online audit by questionnaire and document verification and if finds anything adverse, blacklists such institutions and posts it in its site and anyone can check the credentials there if there is any doubt in that respect.

    LLM course through distance education from the Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh is an approved program by UGC and there is no problem on that account.

    Now, doing a masters is not sufficient for a lecturers job and one has to qualify NET test for it. NET is a national level test and one has to de adequate preparation to qualify for that. After qualifying NET, one can apply against the post of lecturer in any place in India.

    Some private institution, coaching centres and donation colleges do not insist for NET and appoint the lecturers on ad hoc basis but then the associated risk of getting shunted out anytime plus relatively lesser salary is a matter of concern.

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