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    List of posting under secretary post in railways

    Interested in taking up a government job in the railways? Searching for information about the equivalence of various posts? Here, on this Ask Expert page check out the detailed list of posts and the rules and provisions of the Railway Board Act.

    Which post is equivalent to under secretary in railway department?
    Is Assistant personal officer (APO) is equivalent to under secretary grade?

    I need a list of category posts in railway in a detailed manner.

    Give me a suggestion and if it's possible give a rules and provision of railway board act.
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  • The post of Under Secretary in the Govt. is generally present in the Ministries under the Minister. This is an executive post and is occupied by either the fresh IAS officer or officers promoted from the Group A or Group B administrative stream under Govt. of India. In almost all the Ministries this post is available and these people directly report to the Minister concerned.

    The post of Assistant Personnel Officer (APO) in context of Railways is a group B post and not exactly equivalent to Under Secretary. APO is recruited through a different route that is Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS) which is the agency to hire executive personnels for managing the human resource management in the Indian Railways.

    IAS officers wherever they are posted have a uniform pay structure and as per the latest pay revision their basic starting salary is Rs 56100. All other allowances and benefits will also be there.

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  • In Railway Board (Ministry of Railways), Directorate system is being followed. In the Railway Board, the equivalent rank of Under Secretary is Deputy Director.

    So far as Zonal Railways are concerned, APO (in Indian Railway Personnel Service). Similar equivalents ranks are there in IRTS, IRAS, IRES, etc.

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  • An Under Secretary is in charge of the Branch in a Ministry consisting of two or more Sections. He has to control of works and maintenance of discipline in the section under him. All the employees working in his sections will report to him. As Branch Officer, he disposes of some cases.
    In railways, there is no undersecretary post. The Deputy Director in railways is an equivalent post.

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