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    The correct procedure to change the surname

    Need to change the surname in the records of important documents? Get quick expert suggestions on the correct procedure to do so.

    I am Prashant Agarwal. My wife Jyoti Gupta wants to apply for government jobs. Since all her education certificates have her name as Jyoti Gupta and all her IDs ie PAN, ADHAR etc have her name as Jyoti Agarwal, we need to now change her surname from Gupta to Agarwal. What is the procedure to get the surname changed? Kindly suggest options.
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  • It is not mandatory to change the surname after marriage. But most of the women do it. In order to get it valid, the changed name needs to be corrected in all her records thereafter. The following is the procedure.

    1. The first step is to obtain a marriage certificate. The procedure of obtaining a marriage certificate will vary from state to state. You have to follow the formalities as per the state you are residing in. The certificate would be obtained anywhere between 7 days to 3 months from applying. In Telangana, we will get it in 7 days.

    2. Once you obtained the marriage certification you need to apply for a name change at the office of the State Government Gazette. They will make the changed named official publishing it in newspapers. A copy of this advertisement could serve as a legal document for a name change.
    3. Another method is obtaining an affidavit. This will also serve the purpose.
    4. The name in PAN Card, Bank Documents, Passport, Driving license, Loans, Insurance etc. can be changed using the above.
    Though it is not mandatory to change names after marriage if you have decided to change names, it is better to get it changed in all for uniformity and it is the best way to avoid future troubles.

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  • In your case as some of the important documents are already having the name of your wife as traditionally followed in our society and only the educational documents are in the old name then it becomes necessary to make it consistent everywhere.

    It is good that the important document like PAN and Aadhar are already as per new surname. That will help you in the matter much.

    I hope you must have acquired the marriage certificate by now. If not, then apply for it in the office of Sub Divisional Magistrate under whose jurisdiction your present residence is falling. Please fill the application form and both of you have to sign it and attach the required document with it. They will call you one day in the office of the concerned SDM/ ADM and you have to take a marriage witness and if available your marriage invitation card also with you. After checking and verification of the documents they will issue a marriage certificate in a few days. Some places they are giving it on the same day also.

    Now next thing is to go for a marriage affidavit by consulting a lawyer who will draft it with all the necessary details mentioning about both of you and the details of the documents where the surname of your wife is reflecting as the old surname and where it is the new surname as per the practice in our society. Once this affidavit is prepared both of you have to sign it in presence of a first class magistrate under his seal and then keep this affidavit with you and present the copies of it wherever the documents of your wife are required to be verified.

    In some states they may ask you to publish the brief of your marriage along with the marriage date in a local newspaper and keep the cutting of same with you in case such a reference is asked by them.

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  • Respected All's
    My wife have not any Id in new name and address yet. We want to change her surname but also valid for government jobs.Please help me in that issue.

  • So far as Government recruitment examinations are concerned, I can assure you that your wife won't face any problem. She can write her name as 'Jyoti Agarwal' (nee Gupta) and submit a copy of the marriage invitation card or a copy of marriage registration certificate along with other certificates. There will be no problem on this account.

    However, to avoid difficulty in some other cases, your wife can sign an affidavit before a Magistrate in your city. She can publish two advertisements in two newspapers also. The wording will be like this: I, Jyoti Agarwal, hereby declare that I have changed my name from Jyoti Gupta to Jyoti Agarwal after my marriage with Prashant Agarwal. From now, I will be known as Mrs. Jyoti Agarwal'. The affidavit and original advertisements must be preserved permanently

    There is nothing to worry. This is a completely normal procedure.

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