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    Is registration with the Pharmacy Council mandatory for applying for jobs?

    Is it mandatory to hold a license from the Pharmacy Council of India in addition to the University certificate that one holds to apply for jobs in the sector? Follow this thread to know more about the same.

    It is well known that in India all pharmacy owners must have a license for dispensing medicine. But there are many people employed in a pharmacy/ medical stores who does not possess a pharmacist license or certificate. Some companies are demanding pharmacist license for an employee. In that case, what is the value of university certificate or Health care certificate? Why ask for registration with the Pharmacy Council of India or State Pharmacy Councils when we are holding a university certificate while applying for a job in the related field? I am confused. Please guide me.
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  • No registration is required for other jobs if you have all other required qualifications. But if you want to practice and if you want to have a medical shop the registration is mandatory.
    Previously all the students who passed diploma examination are applying and getting the registration done. But now the council is thinking of conducting an examination and give registration to only those candidates we secured minimum set marks in that examination. Many pharmacy students take these registrations and give to somebody who wants to have a medical shop.
    But other jobs the decision will be with the employer. Whatever qualifications he thinks are required will be asked for. We can't question them as they are the employers and they know what they want.
    After passing intermediate why one should write entrance for admission to BE. This condition is also put to test the knowledge of the candidate in the required field. Same is the case here also, I think.

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  • License or registration with Pharmacy Council of India is only necessary if one needs to open a medical store. All the employees working in that store need not possess a pharmacy degree. As far as other jobs are concerned such as Pharmacist assistant or technician, Pharmacy clerk, Pharmacy Intern, Pharmacy Manager, Pharmacy Dispenser, Pharmacy Technician Trainee and other jobs, no license is required. Only degree or post graduation in pharmacy is the eligibility criteria to secure a job.

    To register a medical store, at least one of the employees should be a qualified pharmacist. Only then a pharmacy license to open a drug store will be given. Or at least the owner of the drug store should know someone who has a graduate or post graduate degree in pharmacy and is willing to lend their name to open a medical store.

    To open a medical store there is no necessity for any educational qualification. Refer Drugs and Cosmetics Act issued in the year 1940 and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules which came in the year 1945. Even a person who has never gone to school can open a medical store. However, if he wants to sell medicines in wholesale, he needs to appoint someone who has a minimum high school educational qualification and should also have an experience of four years in the sale of medicines. Or else he can appoint a person who is graduate and has a one year experience in the sale of medicines.

    If a person wants to sell medicines on a retail basis then the whole criteria changes. He needs to recruit a person who has a B Pharma or D Pharma degree. Also, a person who possesses a degree in pharmacy cannot allow his name to be used in more than one medical store. He should be present on the counter when the prescription drugs are sold to the people.

  • What I got from your question is that, you are not being able to apply for many jobs, since they are asking for pharmacist license for many of their jobs.
    But as we could see, depending upon the level of job you are applying, will determine, if you need a pharmacist license. for example, if you are going to take a franchisee of a medical store brand, you will require a license, but if you simply applying for any job that won't have to deal with the decision making procedure about selling or handing over a drug to the consumers, you won't need it.
    What I gathered from various sources of information, that there are different levels of job with their own sets of requirement. A University Degree in Pharmacy will make you eligible to be in this stream of profession yes, but a license will enhance your eligibility in certain areas.
    It is just the same way, we need an extra level of qualification to apply for other jobs in addition to our basic one. In every profession, this is to choose the more eligible people from the lesser ones.

  • The diploma or degree in Pharmacy is mandatory for running a drugstore. At least one person who is checking the prescription and giving the correct medicines should be present to serve the customer in the shop. Depending on the work load in the shop more qualified people can be hired.

    The basic idea behind all these regulations is to protect the customer from any eventuality in case a wrong drug is supplied by the unqualified person in the drugstore. There is a very large number of drugstores in our country and we do not know whether all the people employed there are qualified to handle the medicines and their sale to the prospective customers.

    Govt. may time to time impose some licensing or other severe measures to address this problem. Presently a diploma or degree holder in Pharmacy is eligible to work in the front counter of the drugstore. There are other positions in the drugstore like the cash counter clerk or the back office clerk managing the receipts of the consignments and their storage in the drug store etc and they need not to be the qualified pharmacists.

    Now Pharmacy Council of India or State Pharmacy Councils are insisting to the pharmacist to register themselves which is similar to the medical students registering as RMP after passing their medical degree. This registration can be done online also and is not a cumbersome process. The idea behind this move is to curb the employment of the non qualified persons in the pharmacy trade specifically the drugstore employment. I think one should not hesitate for this registration as it is in favour of the qualified pharmacist community only.

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  • To run a medical soap, it is necessary to have a diploma or a degree in Pharmacy and this has been made mandatory in order to safeguard the health of the consumers. Even we can see some board appearing before the soap where it is mentioned that owner of the soap is chemist and druggist. This indicates that he must be familiar with the reaction mechanism of the different medicines or drugs being stored in his soap.
    Once a prescription is produced before him for the dispensing a medicine, it would be better for him to know the the constituent of the medicine prescribed to a patient and its probable side effect on its prolonged administration. At times, hand - writing of the prescribing doctor is illegible and it cannot be read properly and so the chemist chooses the right drug with the knowledge earned by his diploma or degree.
    Hence a better scrutiny of pharmacy staff is essential for the protection of health of the patients. Hence it is better for the pharmacy staff to have a registration being covered by state pharmacy council prior to opening a shop in order to avoid any harassment in the event of the raid of the soap.

  • A degree or diploma in Pharmacy is a mandatory requirement for working in a drugstore especially drug dispensation. There are many drugstores where simply high school or intermediate passed people are working at the counter.

    Govt wants to curb this practice and desires to streamline the employment in drugstores so that only qualified people should be available for such an important job.

    The registration requirement is the offshoot of such a direction from the regulatory authorities.

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  • I have checked the position. Registration from Pharmacy Council is not necessary for working in the Pharmaceutical industry. The registration from the Pharmacy Council is required for opening a medical store. A proposal is being considered that for selling medicines over the counter, this registration will be made compulsory.

    But for working in the Pharmaceutical industry in different positions, this is absolutely not essential.

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