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    What are Docker Containers? Are they really useful?

    Do you know what Docker Containers are and whether they are useful for general computer users? Keep in touch with this thread to know the details from our experts.

    I came across the term Docker Containers in the web of late and was wondering what exactly they are? I would like to understand it further. I also want to know where I can use them in my regular project? Any real-life scenarios or examples would be much appreciated.
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  • Docker is a containerization platform. it packages your application and all other requirements together in the form of a docker container. It will ensure that your application works without any difficulty in any kind of environment. Docker Container is a standardized unit. It will be created on the fly to deploy a particular application.
    An example is;
    If a Java application is to be developed, there will be three stages in the process.
    1. Development
    3. Production.

    If the development is done with tomcat server installed environment. Once the development is over the tester also has to install tomcat environment and after that when it goes to production there also tomcat environment is to be set up.
    By doing so we will be losing some time and there may be a difference in the versions used by different people which will be a problem again. So to avoid this problem if the developer creates a tomcat docker image, the same image can be used by the tester, developer as well as the system admin which will save time and there will not be any confusion. A Docker Image is a blueprint to deploy multiple containers of the same configurations

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  • A container is nothing but software's standard unit. All it does is to pack up code which is very much needed for the reliable and smooth running of applications when subjected from one kind of computing world to another. Similarly, a docker container is also a platform and is characterized by package that is relatively light in weight and executable. This container includes everything that becomes necessary to run system tools, code, settings, system libraries etc. Docker containers are relatively small and run instantly. Sharing is easy via Docker Hub.

    Docker is responsible for performing containerization. It is a unique way that results in offering a grip on various software. It runs software packages also called as containers. These containers are separated from one another. They intercommunicate with channels. They are created from images which in turn show the content they carry.

  • Docker is a software which was developed by Docker Inc. and was released in the year 2013. It is a relatively new thing and people are not much aware about it. Now Docker Inc. has collaboration with the leading computer companies and is integrating their cloud with the Docker Containers. Docker is developed mainly for Linux and uses the Linux kernel's virtualization features either directly using it's own library libcontainer or indirectly via LXC (Linux Containers).

    Container is also a software package. Each container bundles its own applications, tools, libraries and other utilities. Docker is the main program which runs a number of containers at a time. Containers are isolated from each other but can communicate among themselves. Containers gain data as standard images from everywhere including the public repositories.

    As all the containers are run from the same docker the system becomes lightweight and effective. As it is a new system it will take time to understand the concept but it is claimed that this is a very good technique for the software developers and system architects to design effective but simple systems where different channels of data flow can be distinguished and identified.

    Docker is claimed to be of immense help for developers and software architects as it gives them ease of designing new applications and they can market it fast in the business arena. For understanding this subject more clearly one has to have some knowledge of software platforms and designing of new software and applications. If you have the background knowledge of computers and software areas then you can get detailed knowledge by going through the free tutorials which are now a days available in the net as Docket containerisation is taking the front position in enterprise level solutions including cloud solutions.

    I can suggest you one such tutorial site for this basic understanding of Docker things. With your computer and software knowledge you can definitely take advantage of the same. The link of the site is

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Docker container is a new terminology used by Docker Inc. to denote its software platform which is being claimed to improve the working of different groups of application under one master Docker.

    The different groups of applications and associated tools are said to be kept under different containers which are also software programs made for this specific purpose.

    As per the strategy of the Docker Inc., they have a plan to introduce this concept everywhere in the enterprise where software engineers are busy in devising new software.

    Docker takes advantage of the upper levels of the Linux operating system and utilizes it for its functioning of collaborating with the containers and doing the task much more efficiently as compared to earlier virtual systems.

    It is difficult to comment about the effectiveness of Docker as it is just in implementation stage in the world's leading computer and cloud computing companies and we will know its exact status and effectiveness only after the report of projects using Docker are made public.

    Anyway, till that time the software personnel are learning it to incorporate in their enterprise solutions as well as new software project execution and testing.

    As this is a comparatively new area there is a lot of excitement for its use and help in the software building tasks and also a lot of information about it is available in the internet for the technical people seriously interested in it to adopt it to reap the said benefits.

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  • I would love to explain this question as I am part of the team that works with Docker. I'll try my best to explain what Docker is, in the simplest terms.

    How was it before Docker?
    The developers would build the code and the generated output i.e. artifacts are packaged and available for download and execution. This package would not be independent, if you will try to run it in another platform you will have to install all the needed libraries and functions.

    So, what changed after Docker?
    With Docker, you can define all the libraries and functions that you require in a docker file. During the build, it will create an image which will push itself to a Docker registry. Now this image is also called as Docker container, as now you can run this application independently anywhere because it has all the dependencies in the container itself.

    So, in short, an instance of a Docker image is called a Docker container.

    Yes, you can use it in your project. But if your project is very small and if there isn't much configuration or environments to define, you need not to use Docker containers. But if you use so many environments and lot many dependencies to define then it is advised that you use Docker along with Kubernetes. There is also, Microservices that you can use which incorporates, kubernetes and docker.
    Tutorial points are the best place to start to learn the basics of any new technologies, once you get a hang of theoretic, you can check with gives you predefined playground which you can use for learning the commands and how to use the latest tool.

    Good Luck!

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