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    How to overcome mistake which are done while submit form

    Forgot some details in filling OFRC recruitment form? Wondering what to do if not selected? Check out this page for responses from our ISC experts who will provide you with guidance to resolve this issue.

    I had made a mistake while filling form for OFRC's (Ministry of Defence ) semi skilled technician recruitment by filling OBC creamy layer status instead of OBC non creamy layer .
    And for this reason I was not selected for final selection.
    I am OBC non creamy layer candidate and I have certificate . Can you help me and give me suggestions to overcome my mistake.
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  • You have done a serious mistake while giving your category in the application form and accordingly your assessment was carried out and you could not make it in the exam.

    If you had known this earlier then probably you could edit it in time but now everything is over and results have been announced so in my opinion nothing at this juncture can be done.

    So it is only a learning for your future that you must check and recheck an application form before submitting so that such grave mistakes or rather I will say blunders, should not be repeated.

    Please note that our career is a very important thing in our life and anything related to it is to be taken very seriously and sincerely.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The result has been declared and the candidates have been selected. So, the recruitment process is over. Even if we assume that if you declared your caste correctly you would get selected, the recruitment process cannot be challenged in any court of law because it was your own mistake which you never pointed out during the recruitment process.

    So, nothing can be done at this stage. I would advise you to learn the lesson from this painful episode and in future fill up the form correctly on your own, check it minutely at least twice and only then submit the same. Keep a copy of the submitted form and in case of any mistake detected subsequently, contact the authority immediately before the entire process is over.

    I wish you all the very best.

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

  • A serious mistake is committed by you. One should be very careful when you are applying for a government job. If it is a private job the issued is different. But in the case of government posts, we can't do anything. Already another candidate has been selected and you have lost the chance. So as far as my knowledge goes, nothing can be done at this juncture. You have to wait for a chance again. Be careful in such cases always.

    always confident

  • Since the process of selection is over, nothing can be done at this stage. Your wrong declaration in respect of creamy layer OBC has cost you deer and even if you start the process of recorrecting the same, the same would not give any fruitful result.
    However, the error once Commited has to be corrected so that you may clear the examination next time without any scope of discrepancy.

  • Its a great mistake you have done. Its difficult to overcome this especially in caste because later you will face legal issues. like how come its changed after submission and rejection. Even marks can be changed especially caste correction is difficult. But as per my knowledge you can give a try since you have certificate.
    1) Write a mail to the board of directors under selection committee and state your problem. Even attach a scanned copy of certificate.
    2) Have a telephonic talk with the concerned person stating your issue and the mistake that was done by you while submitting the form.
    3) If the selection is done then have legal advice by an adviser.
    Its better you follow in legal procedure because later there should not be a problem even if you get an appointment there.

  • According to what you have described, I think, the only way out left is contacting the concerned authority over email, phone and if possible in person.
    I hope there will be some way to re-submit your application, but that only a responsible staff in the selection committee can guide you.
    I would suggest to visit the office in person, and pursue the entire process of application thoroughly. Even if its costs you some money and effort, I think you should give it a try.

    Next you can try applying the next year once again, if nothing works.

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