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  • Doubt about obtaining sealed Transcript

    Preparing to go abroad and have a query about transcript? Searching for infromation about how to get transcript from an institution which does not exist now? On this Ask Expert page check out responses and decide how to proceed for immigration.

    I completed 2 years ITI diploma 14 years ago from a private institute. Now, for a an immigration purpose, I need a sealed transcript from the university. Unfortunately, the institution, where I studied is not existing now.
    So, what can I do to obtain a sealed transcript from university?
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  • The institution is closed but the university is there and generally when an institution closes they deposit the data of students in the university.

    You can try by applying to the university office for the sealed transcript which is nothing but a copy of your certificate and mark sheet kept inside a cover which is sealed by the university. The purpose is that no one can alter it and present to the foreign countries. Many countries require this sealed cover containing credentials to combat the forgery and other such malpractices.

    There are some agencies also doing this job by charging a fee and they personally approach the university office and get it done and mailed to you or mailed to the authority directly who is asking you to submit this.

    If the university is not able to provide you this sealed thing then you can try the other alternative and that is to approach a lawyer and ask him to get a notary certificate in this regard verifying the credentials from your original certificates and sealing it under the notary seal. The authorised Notary Public will sign and seal it. You have to find with the immigration authorities or the other authorities there, whether it is acceptable to them.

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  • Your ITI certificate should be from the Technical Education Board of the State in which you have studied. If the college you have studied is closed, you have to approach the concerned Technical Education Board. There will be an application form for the request.

    1 That form should be filled properly. All the entries in the application form must be written neatly and legibly by the candidate.

    2. Original certificates for which transcripts required must be enclosed with the application. After verification, the original certificates will be returned. and return. A self-addressed envelope is to be attached for the return of original certificates by Registered post.

    3. After verification, transcripts will be attested by the concerned authority and sent directly to the institutions, as desired by the candidate. For this purpose, duly addressed envelopes should be enclosed for affixing the concerned authority's signature on the cover after sealing.

    4. It is the responsibility of the candidate to obtain the original certificates and transcripts from the section after due acknowledgement.

    5. The required fee is to be paid as decided by the Board.

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  • According to your query its difficult but you can give a try. As you mentioned that you have completed ITI from a university and it is not existing now it is very difficult to have transcript seal. But still there is hope, if your university was recognized for the board then you can try writing a mail to the board addressing to The director stating that you have completed such a course and your marks obtained with admission ID or student ID. Requesting them for transcript seal for immigration purpose. This you can do by mailing them as a soft copy reference and even you can post them a letter of same as registered post because you will get a acknowledgement of the same. Even you can contact the board office and mention about your mail and about registered post sent to the board. This will work only if your institution was recognized under a board. Other wise you will face a problem with the recognition of your degree.

  • Duplicate.

  • As the institute is closed you can try to get it from the university office where this record may be available. If record is not available then you can take your original certificates and mark sheet and present to them. If they are convinced they will make a copy of that and seal it and give it to you. In that case you deposit the requisite fee for this service there.

    You may have to meet the dean or director or registrar of the university and request him to help you in the matter. As so many students are going out there will be some procedure to give them a sealed transcript. I think you can get one with that approach.

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  • Even if the institute is closed and you need the transcripts from the university with which your institute was attached, you can do the same by writing an application and enclosing the prescribed fee for this purpose. You would need some reference no in order to trace the identity of your certificate. The university must have records of the individuals having passed out this certification( ITI course) and hence you will get your job done once your credential is verified.
    You can clarify the officials that you need the same in transcript - seal so this will help immigration- officials in the verification- process.

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