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    What to do when a request for correction is denied by the authorities.

    What are the options available when the authorities refuse to correct a mistake in your parent's name in your certificate? Read on to know the suggestions/ opinion of our experienced members.

    There is a difference in my mother's name in the 10th and 12th document. All the graduation mark sheets are according to the 10th class details. Now after 7 years, when we tried to correct the mistake, the Board does not agree and is denying to make the necessary correction as per our application.
    What should I, as a student, do in this situation?
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  • The best course of action is to go for an affidavit. You can consult a good lawyer in your area. You explain him the problem and ask him to arrange for an affidavit. He will arrange for the same. He will contact the Magistrate and arrange for the needful. This documents should be with you always. Don't give original to anybody. Publish about the change of name in two newspapers. One in Local paper and another English paper. Keep these paper cuttings also always with you.
    This is the procedure one has to follow if the concerned institute is not ready to accept any changes due to the lapse of time. This Affidavit is having validity forever and will be useful for all requirements

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  • If you had approached to your board office within 1-2 years of passing class XII then they might had agreed to correct and issue the corrected document. As the time elapsed is more they will refuse it on the excuse of old record not available or other administrative reasons. So you can not insist or pursue with them further.

    In such cases the usual procedure is that you have to get an legal affidavit made in this matter. You have to hire a lawyer who will draft this for you and guide you. The affidavit should contain the details of your educational credentials where such a mistake has been observed and should be clearly brought out with other details like name, date of birth, mother's correct name etc etc.

    Once the affidavit is prepared it has to be signed by you in presence of a first class magistrate who will countersign it under his seal. Please remember that affidavit is the document in the nature of oath taking and any wrong information in it will be a matter of inconvenience to you. So, you must check the affidavit that all the things are correctly mentioned there and there are no typing or other mistakes. Do not be in a hurry and do this patiently.

    You can ask the lawyer for publishing the gyst of this in local newspaper also if it is a legal requirement and keep the cutting of that newspaper with you.

    The affidavit will have certain enclosures like copies of document in support of your mother's correct name ( it could be Aadhar card or Voter card or PAN card etc. ), copies of your relevant certificates/ mark sheets etc. In this context, please note that anything mentioned in the affidavit should have a direct referable link to the attached documents and then only the affidavit becomes a complete authentic document for you to use it at the time of any document verification session or during interview etc. Insist your lawyer to check this aspect before presenting it to the magistrate.

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  • The concerned Examination Board has not acceded to your request to rectify your mother's name in your educational certificates. So, the next course available for you to go for an affidavit. You have to draft a suitably-worded affidavit indication the correct name of your mother (as per her AADHAR Card/PAN Card) and sign it in presence of a Magistrate of your city. In addition, you have to give classified advertisement in an English newspaper and a vernacular newspaper with a similar statement.

    You have to preserve the original affidavit and the original advertisements permanently.

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  • All you need to do is to approach a lawyer so that the process of affidavit can be initiated. Submit the supporting documents such as photocopies of Aadhar- card, PAN card etc indicating her correct name. The lawyer would assist you in this process. After making a final draft, this is to be signed by the First - class Magistrate. This affidavit would also include your name at the bottom of the certificate and the same is to be countersigned by the Magistrate.
    The same is to be published in a local news - paper and in a leading English - news paper. Preserve the cutting of the same notification and in course of any official verification, the same should be produced as your ocular proof.

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