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    What are the advantages of conducting JEE Mains twice a year?

    What are the benefits of conducting JEE Main exams twice a year other than providing another chance to those who had scored fewer marks in the first attempt? Would it really help? Let us know the views of our experts in this connection.

    From this year onward, JEE Main exam is being conducted twice a year. Though it will provide one more chance for the low scorers to score more, will the high scorer skip the exam? He may definitely try once more to better his score. Will this not put extra pressure on the students? What are the other benefits of conducting JEE Mains twice a year?
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  • Many students will be under pressure when they attend the JEE mains. They will be studying in Intermediate final year. They have to concentrate on that as well on this exam also. This exam will serve two purposes. This is the qualifier for IIT main examination and it is the final examination for NIT. As they have to get qualified definitely in this examination their anxiety will be more. Even though the student is very intelligent and prepared well also, because of the pressure he may not farewell. As such the first exam what they are writing may be like a practice test. Once they finished this test, they will get a fair idea about the exam. Their pressure will come down and they will have some time to get prepared for the second examination where they can definitely fare well. That way having two examination will be very useful to the students for improving their score. Students who are sick and who are not able to attend the first exam can utilise this examination,

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  • Govt has formed a new entity called National Testing Agency (NTA) which will now take the JEE and NEET exams twice a year.

    Now CBSE will be free to concentrate for its own academic exams as it will be free from the responsibility of conducting JEE.

    This decision will burden the students in the sense that they will always have to be preparing for the exams as by the time the first is over one has to continue the studies to take a chance in the second attempt if the first attempt is going to be unsuccessful. At the same time they will get more opportunities in the same year to work hard and get through in the next attempt.

    Some students who are in class XII can now give this exam quite earlier subject to their qualifying in XII. For bright students it is an opportunity.

    This is also going to make more business for coaching and private tuitions as students will be available almost all the times for coaching.

    Another aspect is that in some of the engineering colleges the seats are not fully utilised and they are craving for candidates. After this change they may get some candidates to fill the vacant place.

    In fact NTA is planning to space these exams in such a way that students get ample opportunity and can not make an excuse that their one year has been wasted and they will be able to appear for it next year only. As per the present information the first JEE exam will be held in January and second will be in April month.

    Just for reference I want to mention here that the other important exam NEET will be held in February and May month.

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  • From 2019 onwards, the JEE and NEET are being held twice every year. I welcome this move. I think that at least some examinees will get a fair chance to improve their rankings during the second time. Not only that, if an examinee performs excellently during the first attempt and gets a very good rank, he/she will be able to appear in the Board examination in a tension-free manner.

    I think that the change of rule is a blessing for the examinees. I welcome this.

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  • Waiting one full year is too much for an aspirant for the next attempt and from that perspective, it is an advantageous move by the Govt.

    The students should take this as an opportunity to prove themselves.

    Now an independent agency is being enacted for this job so that is also a welcome move as the new agency can conduct in more novel ways with new ideas.

    I think in overall respect it is going to be a beneficial thing for all involved in the process.

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  • Apart from the fact that the student will get another chance to improve his/her score. Also sometimes it happens that a student may not appear in the first exam due to any reason he or she may appear in the second attempt. It's a fair move by the government as a student starts preparing for the exam for 3-4 years so it's good that he or she may get a second chance for the same.


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  • NTA a newly formed agency has been entrusted with the jobs of conducting tests for both aspirants either interested to clear IIT mains or NEET having opted the Biology group and since NTA will conduct examination twice in year for both Engineering and Medical streams, the task with NTA is enormous. However, the following are the advantages for the candidates appearing for IIT mains. Some of points going in favour of aspirants are as follows -
    1) The aspirants can save a precious year by clearing mains in either of the tests. The tests would be conducted bi yearly ie in January and April. Only the best slot would be taken into account to assess ones final result.
    2) They can modify their preparation - pattern by going through these tests.
    3) Since they would remain in touch with their prescribed text books and with the teachers of the coaching institutes , they would get sustained inspiration while preparing for the tests.
    4) They can eliminate different tests conducted by different agencies for the admission in Engineering in any premier college since different engineering colleges would absorb aspirants from the pool of successful candidates having cleared JEE mains.
    5) Since IIT attracts most of the aspirants, they would try their best to perform well so that they could be ahead of others. This offers them chance in being competitive.

  • The following points would be helpful for aspirants preparing for IIT mains-
    1) Strengthen your fundamental - concept of all the theories in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics prescribed in your class eleven and twelve NCERT text - books.
    2) In case of confusion, doubts are to resolved by your class teacher or the faculties of tye subjects taught in your Coaching Institute.
    3) In relation to Mathematical - problems, you may refer to Sri M.L Khanna helpful books incorporating numerous problems. This would strenghen your solving skills.
    You may follow Physics written by H.C . Verma sincerely for the clear concept. Solution to Irodov may be referred at a later stage.
    4) In respect of Chemistry, follow sincerely the texts books of class eleven and twelve prescribed in CBSE. You may secure impressive marks with the strict adherence to these text books.
    5) Don't be nervous with the exhaustive volumes. Cover the portions with which you are fully confident. Even scorings of 200/ 360 may fetch you a respectable position in IIT, mains.

  • So that one student can attempt this exam twice in a single year. This line may be simple but it is important also. In the conventional system student who had failed in first attempt had to wait for the long period of one year and if he failed again than he would have to loss two educational sessions but new system changed this.

  • Government has assigned National Testing Agency (NTA) to conduct JEE and NEET. Earlier this responsibility of conducting these competitive entrance exams was carried by CBSE board. 2019 onward the JEE and NEET exams will be conducted by NTA twice a year.

    This new system will have many pros and cons for the students. Such as :
    * Some students may miss the exam dates due to unavoidable situations. In such cases students get a fair chance to attempt the JEE/NEET without wasting a year.
    * If an intelligent student could not perform and score good due to some health issue or other exam's burden; this new system gives the student an opportunity to re-appear without missing a precious year from their life.
    * Students can also take up an examination attempt as a practice or mock test. This will help the student to know where he/she stands in the race of admissions. Then after this practical self analysis students can focus more on their weak areas.
    *On the negative side, students may face increased pressure of competition. It is quite possible that students scoring good marks may also reappear to improve their score. This will increase the burden on the weaker students to perform comparatively more to secure admission in engineering or medical institutes.

    I wish all the IIT admission aspirants and government medical college admission aspirants a very successful life ahead.

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