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  • How to use black cumin seeds for hair growth?

    Are you experiencing loss of hair after recovery from a fever? Would you like to know whether cumin seeds can help in controlling hair fall and promote hair growth? Listen to what our experts have to say about this query.

    I am experiencing heavy hair loss after recovering from typhoid fever. My friend suggested me to use black cumin seeds with coconut oil to stop hair fall and promote fast hair growth. What is the correct proportion and method to use black cumin seeds with coconut oil?
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  • As per Ayurveda, the black cumin (kala jeera/ meridian fennel/ black caraway) is having many health benefits including hair growth. In earlier times it was orally taken by the women after giving birth to child for maintaining the digestion and internal systems of the body in good shape and conditions.

    Black cumin has many other benefits and is claimed to relieve the dental pain, improve the intelligence, useful in controlling Asthma, reduce blood pressure and diabetes, improve digestion etc.

    Black cumin oil (known as nigella sativa oil in many places in the world) is claimed to help in hair growth and is being used by people all around the globe.

    It is generally used for hair growth by applying and massaging it in the hairs as well as bald patches. The usual combination is 1 part of black cumin oil and 2 parts of coconut oil or olive oil.

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  • Black -cumin oil is known for its innumerable health benifits and it is the belief of Unani Doctors that it can alleviate any health problem excluding death. The external usage of this oil are as follows -
    1) If this oil is applied on the body by mixing the same in 50 - 50 ratio with Coconut - oil, this can alleviate the pain of the nerves as a result of improved blood - circulation.
    2) Supposing that there is abundant hair fall and in order to arrest the same, we may take the combination of Coconut - oil and Black - cumin oil by mixing the same in equal amount. If the combination is slightly heated so that its penetration property beneath the skin could improve and could offer us better result in the arrest of hair fall. This combination of oil is gently massaged on the surface of scalp for at least minutes on alternate days to reverse the trend of hair - fall.
    3) This oil can be ingested for the overhaul improvement of your health such as for issues relating to Indigestion, liver - problems, Cough and Cold, Asthama, Blood - sugar problems, Hair - fall problems etc. However to get a permanent effect one must take half tea- spoon of Black - cumin oil regularly for at least two months.

  • Black seeds have good medicinal benefits if used regularly. Black seed oil is made up of tiny black coloured seeds that are commonly called black cumin and are scientifically called Nigella sativa.

    Because black seed oil is anti-inflammatory, it is good to use when diluted with other oil help in scalp conditions that cause inflammation, flakiness, and sensitivity. It also kills viruses and fungal infections, so those with lice can be benefited with its use.

    Black seed oil is good for people who are having hair loss. Below is the remedy by which it can be used on the scalp:

    1. Add 2 handfuls of black cumin seeds and dip in 5 cups of water.
    2. Boil it for 10 minutes and let it cool down.
    3. Strain the seeds.
    4. Pour the black cumin water into a glass.
    5. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
    6. Massage this mixture to your scalp at least twice a week.
    7. Let it stay on your scalp for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then wash your hair.
    8. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator for 2 weeks maximum which can be used further.

    There are lots of black cumin seeds oil products readily available in the market. You may buy them as they will help you to protect from the hair loss.


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  • Both black cumin seeds and coconut oil have antifungal properties and nourish the scalp and hair. Thus, they prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.

    Either you can take freshly grinded cumin seeds or else cumin oil. Take half a tablespoon of cumin oil and around one tablespoon of pure coconut oil. Coconut oil will act as a carrier. If desirable, you can add some honey. Apply this freshly prepared mixture on the head and cover the hair completely from root to tip. Concentrate on those areas which are experiencing more hair fall. Cover the head with a warm towel. Let the oils penetrate the scalp and thus leave the mixture at least 20-25 minutes. You can clean off and shampoo. Repeat this procedure twice a week to see better results. It will not only prevent hair fall but promote new hair growth and nourish the hair from within.

  • Usually, when we recover from some type of illnesses, there is a loss of hair. Its because of the medicine that we take during our illness. I will suggest some tips which will help you recover your lost hair.
    1. Take lot of leafy vegetables, sprouts and fruits in addition to external applications. External application will help you but will not stop hair fall completely.
    2) Just heat coconut oil along with half cup castor oil, Neem oil, with few Menthi (fenugreek) leaves, Hibiscus leaves and Brahmi leaves and apply it on your hair and scalp.
    3) Before head bath just apply Aloevera with little coconut oil. This is the best treatment for hair fall.

  • You have just recovered from an illness and your hair loss is linked to that. This type of temporary hair loss is called Telogen Effluvium (TE) and is nothing to worry about. Your hair will grow back, naturally, within 4-6 months, but the hair follicles can also be stimulated into growing faster by eating right and applying topical solutions that promote hair growth.

    Soak around 50 grams of black cumin seeds in 2 cups of coconut oil, and let it stand for 6-8 hours. This makes it easier to draw out the properties of the seed. Next heat the seeds and the oil, on a low flame, until the oil begins to smoke, cool, strain and apply on hair, leave overnight, and shampoo the next morning. Do this at least twice a week.

    You can also use other commonly available ingredients to promote hair growth, such as fenugreek seeds (methi seeds), hibiscus flowers and leaves (jabakusum), curry leaves (curry patta/meethi neem) and nigella satvia (kalonji). Cook these in coconut oil as explained above and use as advised above.

    Another home remedy that restores hair is the use of onion juice. Grate or grind an onion, squeeze its juice and apply on the scalp. You can leave it overnight and this treatment can be used as often as desired. To avoid the eyes burning, discard the white part near its stem.

    Include the following foods in your diet –
    1. Pomegranate – it contains punicic acid that helps with hair growth. Punicic acid can also be found in snake gourd. Have one pomegranate a day
    2. Munakka – these are like raisins (dried grapes), but have a seed inside. Take 4 of this every day
    3. Almonds – 4 a day
    4. Eggs – 2 a day
    5. Fig – 1 dried ring a day
    6. Palak/spinach
    7. Biotin supplement 10mg capsules twice a day, after advice from a doctor
    8. Multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, after doctors' advice
    This diet will provide you with the right nutrition that will control hair loss and promote regrowth.

    The above is based on personal consultation with a dermatologist. I would advise you to visit a dermatologist who can assess the condition and suggest treatment accordingly. There are topical treatments available too, such as Racine Hair Lotion and Juene Hair Oil and crème and La-Matisse hair serum and shampoo.

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